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Celebrity Weekend Continues

Hollywood celebrities and supermodels across Los Angeles are quick to denounce a recent New York Times op-ed piece, which says that drinking fashionable bottled water is no better than tap water and is BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

Environment activist Cameron Diaz, recently featured on the Earth Day edition of Trippin’, an environmenal-conscious MTV show, is shown here hiding behind her bottled Norwegian water.



  1. Edgy Mama

    Come on, Neil, you don’t really expect Hollywooders to change their lifestyles out of environmental concerns, do you?

  2. a.m. griff

    I liked that article. You know I’ve never really considered the hidden cost of manufacturing and supplying bottle water, most consumer products I guess. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Interesting.

    I wonder if Ms. Diaz gives her pets water from the bottle or the noxious tap variety?

  3. Lauren

    Is she wearing a pair of Justin “trousersnake” Timberlake’s shorts? Those things are huge.

  4. Helena

    I worked on that show. And I’ve never seen an office waste SO much fucking paper. Totaly hypocrites.

  5. The Moviequill

    I see by the reflection in the vehicle she was braless that day

  6. sac

    She obviously has a drinking problem.

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