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The Great Interview Experiment Returns


We’ve all seen interviews on blog posts.  The Great Interview Experiment (GIE) is different.   It is a celebration of blogging and a challenge to those who talk about community in abstract terms.   How often do we acknowledge the existence of the larger community, including those who are different?

Two years ago, when I first started this project, my view of blogging was more idealistic than it is today.   The GIE motto was “Everyone is Somebody,” and was a response to the hierarchies that were undermining the democratic nature of this modern form of personal expression.   Didn’t we all have unique stories to tell online, not just a select few?   Over time, as I began to focus more on “quality” writing, I became a snootier individual. everyone who opens a blogger account instantly tranforms into a Shakespeare.   Some just have more talent or a bigger personality.   This does not contradict the fundamental truth about the blogosphere.   We are all binary numbers zooming along the internet tubes, side by side, sharing the same home.   We are all individuals, pioneers in this new medium, expressing ourselves in a way unheard of in the previous generation.

So, like Don Quixote, I remain a sucker for unrealistic, impossible dreams.   In my mind, I visualize a permanent interview site where Dooce would interview a clueless newbie, a liberal would interview a conservative, and a religious fundamentalist would interview a feminist lesbian.   It wouldn’t matter if you liked or agreed with other person.  We would still be neighbors, in a Mister Rogers sense.

The interviews are random. You may be paired with a Nobel Laureate or an insane person — and it doesn’t matter.

Here’s how it will work —

The first commenter will interview me.

The second commenter will interview the first commenter.

The third commenter will interview the second commenter.

And so on.

I will send you an email confirming who you should interview, along with his contact information.

Contact that person and say hello.

Read that person’s blog.

Come up with five to ten creative questions and email it to him.

When you receive the answers back, post the interview on your own blog, introducing your readers to a new blogger.

Email me to say that the post is up so I can add you to the list.

Answer the questions you receive from the next commenter, your interviewer, and email it back.

Try to keep this entire process under two weeks from when you first sign up.

If you don’t hear back from your interviewee or interviewer within that time period, contact me and we’ll find you someone new.  Just remember, this is not a professional operation.  I’m just some guy doing this in my underwear.  So, be patient.

GIE was conceived mostly for personal blogggers.   I have the right to reject any blog that is too extreme or too commercial.

Wouldn’t it be cool, if for one day, we really did believe that everyone really did have an important story to tell online?

Here are the bloggers who participated last year.  Feel free to sign up again.



  1. Heather

    Oh I totally want in on this! What a fantastic idea, and what a great way to get different folks involved in the Greater Good. You’ve got a good soul–and it is emerging more and more…

  2. Mel

    Am I it? Do I get to interview you? Aaah, shitters… If only I hadn’t filled in my info, I could have been first.

  3. andrea

    I’m in!

  4. Velvet Verbosity

    Ok, I give, who’s my victim?

  5. Carla

    Hello! above me… and Hello! below me…

  6. Tatiana

    Was fun the first time around. Sign me up again!

  7. MamaKaren

    I’m in! I had a good time reading prior interviews, and look forward to participating this year.

  8. LZ @ My Messy Paradise

    I’m in!

  9. Michele

    Oh yes. I would love to participate. Thank you for your idealistic awesomeness, Neil.

  10. alejna

    I’m so glad to know you’re doing this in your underwear, Neil.

    And count me in! (For the interview. Which I may or may not do in my underwear.)

  11. Becky

    I saw/read/heard about it last year and missed the opportunity. I’m joining early this year.

    Sign me up and find me a victim interview subject

  12. Heather

    Sign me UP! I’d LOVE to do something like this! 🙂 What an excellent idea, Neil! 🙂

  13. Sheryl

    I’m in!

  14. kateanon

    Oh, yes please! I thought this was great, and can’t wait to continue it again this year.

  15. Nat

    I’m in again… 🙂 Love this thing.

  16. Jane

    So much to say and another place to say it… sign me up, too.

  17. ozma

    This is what I liked about the blogosphere when it was just getting started–that kind of random getting to know people. The intimacy plus anonymity. So I think I’d like to do this.

  18. flutter

    I’m in.

  19. Danielle Knotty Yarn

    Oh yeah, I want to try this!

  20. Cindy

    yes, please

  21. Sarah

    I’d love to try this!

  22. Piper of Love

    Oh boy!

  23. Vidalia

    skip until blog is verified. STILL WAITING ON THIS ONE – NEIL

    I’m in. I no longer keep a public blog but write for a music and entertainment blog and Twitter more than Courtney Love. I suggest not adding me to phone alerts.

  24. Erica M

    It was fun the first time around with my old blog. I’d love to try it again with my new one. Thanks!

  25. Headless Mom

    I’m in! Bring it, baby!

  26. Ginny

    I would like to get in on this. Because I NEVER miss an opportunity to talk about myself. Oh yeah, and meeting new people, cool experiment, etc., etc.

  27. Quadelle

    I’m completely in. I’ve been looking forward to it since you mentioned it a while ago, and I’m glad it’s finally here.

  28. Long Story Longer

    May I please?

  29. headbang8

    LSL, you look very interesting. I’m in.

  30. Artful Kisser

    Did it the first year, then slacked off, now in again!

  31. Hollis

    …I’m in also.

  32. Jack

    I’ll do it again.

  33. jess

    what the hell…

  34. Deidre

    can I play?

  35. ingrid

    yes please 🙂

  36. Otir

    Didn’t it drive you crazy last time? and it was two years ago, really? how time flies!! I really enjoyed reading those interviews. I think having a mediator to tell one’s story throughg someone else’s questions is a great storytelling tool!

  37. Vicki

    Would love to participate for the first time, cynicism or not 🙂

  38. Gayle

    Would love to join the fray! Thank you!!

  39. iamthediva

    YEEEAH!!! i love LOVE LOOOOVE the Great interview experiment! I am IN!

  40. Danny

    Count me in…

  41. NeCole@Eclectic Ecstasy

    I’m really looking forward to this, it should be great fun!

  42. wn

    please sign me up Sir!

  43. liv

    me, too!

  44. Jurgen Nation

    Sign me up, please! I will try to come up with the snazziest questions ever. 😉

  45. barbetti

    This was fun the first go-around! I’m in!

  46. sarah gilbert

    so excited to join this year!

  47. slouchy

    i’m in.

  48. mommymae

    totally in this year.

  49. -R-

    I’ll sign up.

  50. magpie

    I’ll play.

  51. TC

    Me too!

  52. mamie

    looking forward to finding out more about TC. 🙂

  53. Karen Sugarpants

    I’m in! 🙂

  54. Hilly

    Count me in!

  55. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    I’ll play.

  56. Natalie

    I’m in – sounds like a jolly good time

  57. Average Jane

    Count me in!

  58. SuburbanOblivion

    Sounds fun! I’ll play! 🙂

  59. Jill MacGregor

    I wanna do it!

  60. zeptimius

    I may have done this once before… but what the hell.

  61. abdpbt

    Oh Jeez, Neil, this sounds like a lot of work.

    Just kidding, count me in.

  62. Marinka

    let me at ’em!

  63. Denise

    I think I’m up for the challenge…

  64. Emma

    I’d like to play too.

  65. Erika

    Totally count me again. Looking forward to it!

  66. Michelle

    I”m in!! Yay!

  67. JanePoet ~ JP/deb

    Unlike Don Quixote, your dream may just come true!

    Love to join in.

  68. WackyMummy

    You and I are both Redneck Mommy stalkers, so Yay!

    I’m in.

  69. Cid

    Just read “drowning in kids” interview. Loved it, so bring it on.

  70. wench

    This sounds like fun! I’m in

  71. Tracy

    Count me in!

  72. Princess of the Universe

    What a wonderful idea, and a great way to get to know some new bloggers…

  73. abigailroad

    I loved doing this last time…so I want to play again! 🙂

  74. sarawr

    I’m definitely down for this again! I haven’t been feeling the blogging mojo lately; maybe this will even give me a kick-start.

  75. Chicky Chicky Baby

    Hell, why not? I’m in.

  76. Laurie

    Sure, I’ll do it. Hi there. 🙂

  77. jodifur

    I’m in

  78. SciFi Dad

    Oh sure. I’ll try it.

  79. Eliz

    Yes! Let’s shall.

  80. sweatpantsmom

    I’m in!

  81. The Glamorous Life Association

    Me. me. ooooo pick me Mr. Kotter!


  82. The Breeders' Digest

    I’ve just starting lurking around here but if you don’t mind a newcomer…I’m game!

  83. Lesley

    Me too!

  84. Blaiser

    This is the coolest! I’m new, too, and totally down with it.

  85. Kelly

    I am feeling too commercial, but I am in!

  86. But Why Mommy

    I had so much fun last year, I can’t wait to do it again.

  87. Ann's Rants

    Another Joiner!

  88. Jayne

    Too much fun! Sign me up!

  89. middle-aged-woman

    I’m in again…carried out my interviewing last time, but never got interviewed. Looking forward to talking about myself!

  90. Katherine

    Ooh, goody.

  91. Maria @BOREDmommy

    I’m In – Great idea!!

  92. Velma

    I failed miserably the last time I signed up. I’ll do better this time, I promise!

  93. Sassy

    Count me in!!

  94. Jenipurr

    Ooh, this could be fun. I’ll give it a whirl.

  95. uncouthheathen

    Yes. Okay.

  96. Corina

    YES! I am in this year! I am actually excited. Time to meet some new fantastic bloggers.

  97. Loukia

    I’ll play, sure! 🙂

  98. Miss Wisabus

    I’d love to play!

  99. Veach Glines

    I would like to interview and be interviewed. Please and thank you.

  100. Multi-Tasking Mommy

    Wow, I’m person #100! This is a popular even. Thanks for hosting it. I’d love to participate 🙂

  101. Elisa

    I loved my experience the last time I participated!! I’d love to do it again.

  102. kealan

    Great idea. I’m in!

  103. ballerinatoes


    I’m in if I can interview Gorillabuns.

  104. Avitable

    I’m in.

  105. rimarama

    Let’s do this.

  106. Tifani

    I think I should like to play, too!

  107. Mary (MPJ)

    I had an awesome time doing this last year, and made a new friend in the process. Thanks so much. I’m definitely up for it again!

  108. Gunfighter

    I am totally down!

  109. Aunt Becky

    Wait, is it too late? Because I’m late for every party I go to or throw because that is the way I party, motherfucker.

  110. Siera

    Count me in please!

  111. Alicia @ bethsix

    Dude. Do I really get to interview Aunt Becky? Because that would kick ass.

  112. joy

    What a creative idea Neil. Did you see Tanis Miller’s latest post? She catches you dancing around with a tiara and says she’d marry you, i guess if she weren’t already married.
    I’m interested. sounds like fun if I weren’t too busy staring at you dancing with the tiara on your head.

  113. Cissa Fireheart

    I’d like to participate, if there is still room for people…..

  114. Christine

    Pure genius Neil.

  115. Niqui

    I’d love to participate if you’re still accepting people.

  116. Andria

    Count me in!!!

  117. Kimberly

    Am I too late?

  118. schmutzie

    I am so IN!

  119. fatboyfat

    I’m in! Again. Who wants to interview me?

  120. natalie

    “and a religious fundamentalist would interview a feminist lesbian.” wow…i could pretty much interview myself if that’s the case.

    the old blog is still open, but the new blog is the one i want to make my home.

    so there you go.

    all right mr. de mille, i’m ready for my close up.

  121. Lindsey

    I love this idea, and would love to participate!

  122. Carmen

    I would love to do this again – it was so much fun last year!

  123. Alexa

    I’m in, if it’s not too late…

  124. palinode

    Sign me up and whatnot.

  125. Tumakhunter

    I’m in!

  126. monica

    i want in.

  127. Marie

    I’ll play, too!!

  128. Jennifer

    I’ll play!

  129. rhea

    I want to play too!

  130. Los Angelista

    Alright matchmaker! Match me up! 😉

  131. Kellz

    WOW! I came cross this via Ginny. Clever idea! Okay, hook me up with my buddy!

  132. Lewdmilla

    Aw, why not. 🙂

  133. thepsychobabble

    late to the party, per usual, but I’ll play, too:)

  134. Deb

    Very cool idea and I would LOVE to participate! Sign me up.

  135. Kim

    Throw me in with the rest if the laters…. : )

  136. ZDub

    I would like to play, if it isn’t too late!

  137. Monica Peters

    Count me in too, please 🙂 I manage a news blog about the events that are happening in my tiny community of Akwesasne.

  138. Stone Fox

    i’m in.

  139. TJ

    I would totally like to play.

  140. marymac

    I’m in but would like to apologize in advance to the next commenter who has to interview me, because I will probably be in my underwear like Neil.

  141. Karen Murphy

    Me, me, me! I’ll play!

  142. Jenifer

    I’m in! I’ve been a reader of this experiment but I was too chicken shit to participate. Guess who decided to come out of the excrement and be a participant?

  143. Laurina

    I love your slogan: “Everyone is Somebody”! I’d like to play, too.

  144. Rammi

    Is it too late to join in?

  145. A Free Man

    I’d love to join in if it is not too late.

  146. Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    Me too! Me too! I wanna play! Can I play?

  147. Rootietoot

    I’d love to do this!

  148. Nichole

    I’m in!

  149. Karl

    OK, please put me in the hat for an interview. Love this experiment.

  150. richard

    Having bumped into the GIE on a number of blogs, I am feeling a little left out and, if it is still open, I would like to throw my name / hat / blog (?) into the ring as well.

  151. Robin

    Throw my name in too!

  152. Gidge

    Oh I am so IN! Bring it! GREAT experiment!

  153. Lona - I am THAT mommy

    Fantastico idea!

  154. Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

    Okay. I’m in. The first round brought Anissa into my life. I can’t wait to see who gets stuck with me this time!

  155. amber

    Well, since there seem to be recent comments, I’m guessing it’s not too late? Count me in!

  156. mepsipax

    This is a great idea. I have done a guest post on a friends blog and am trying to get others involved. But this is epic. Can I get in?

  157. Elizabeth Kaylene

    This is a really neat idea. I’m down.

  158. Natalie

    Is it too late for me to sign up?

  159. Julianna

    Sign me up and count me in!

  160. Alecia Hoobing

    Am excited to participate!

  161. Fran

    Count me in!

  162. elizabeth

    I really don’t have enough to do and want to do this instead.

  163. Robin

    I’m in, sign me up Scotty!

  164. Jen

    I want to be part of this!

  165. Jess

    Count me in holmes!

  166. tysdaddy

    I’ve seen this around quite a bit lately, so sign me up . . .

  167. DaVe @ FupDuckTV

    Add me to the list…. if there is still room on the bottom.

  168. ByJane

    Just found out you were doing this again, so sign me up, Scotty.

  169. Laura

    My personal site is sort of vegetating but this one is active. I like the idea of a random interview, on both sides of it. 🙂

  170. Jenny

    Love this project! Can’t wait to participate! 🙂

  171. Kirsty

    This sounds like a lot of fun! I look forward to participating (there have been some great interviews!).

  172. Mad Woman

    Oh I’m in! I did this last year and had so much fun. I found one of my favourite bloggers this way. YAY! thanks for doing this again!

  173. Sus

    Loved it last year. I am in for sure!

  174. maya

    Definitely in! I’m so excited!

  175. Amanda


    I’m definitely interested! Count me in 🙂

  176. Lisa

    Oh, Pick me! Pick me! I wanna play. Ohhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh PICK ME!

  177. Minivan Soapbox

    I would love to give this another go!

  178. underOvr

    I’ve been reading Christine’s blog (at Strange Pilgram) and saw the post about the GIE. If possible, I’d like to participate.


  179. Queenie

    I think this sounds like a really cool project, and I’d like in.

  180. nonlineargirl

    This morning I am interested in talking to anyone who isn’t whining for more pancakes. That leaves things pretty open, thankfully, unless my daughter has a blog I don’t know about.

  181. Jill

    I want to play too!

  182. Jack

    I am jumping back in.

  183. Melissa

    in-like-flynn, sign me up!

  184. Alissa

    sounds fun, count me in.

  185. wendy

    This sounds very cool. I’m in.

  186. Barb

    Sure, I’ll do it.

  187. Supa Dupa Fresh

    Can I still do this? I would LOVE to!



  188. Elise

    I know I read this before but I can’t remeber if I signed up or not. So put me down. Love the idea!

  189. Sincerely, Jenni

    Count me in!

  190. amie

    This sounds like fun. I want to play.

  191. lynn @ human, being

    I’ve really loved reading the interviews I’ve stumbled upon and I want to play.

  192. dysfunctional mom

    I like this & I wanna play too.

  193. BugginWord

    Pick me! I just spent far too much time hopping from interview to interview and whiling away the daylight. What a fan-frickin-tastic idea!

  194. ggs_closet

    This sounds like so much fun :)…please sign me up.

  195. txtingmrdarcy

    Hi GG’s Closet! I’m your new bff!

  196. mosey along

    Yes, please. What a fabulous idea and nice to meet you. (saw this on Slouching Mom)

  197. Jade

    Please sign me up!

  198. GirlGriot

    Am I too late to get in the game? If not, please sign me up!

  199. JQ Brat

    I participated last year under another moniker and another blog. I’d like to do this again!

  200. stephanie

    Yes, hello. Me, too, please.

  201. Mo

    What the hell. Being semi-retired and all, I’ve got time on my hands.

  202. Emily

    Is it too late for me? If not, I’m in.

  203. Deb Rox

    Loving reading the interviews. Can I join in?

  204. Summer

    This sounds like fun, can we still join in?

  205. Jess

    I did this last year and loved it. I’m in!

  206. Karen


  207. Genie

    I’m now recovered from NaBloPoMo and would love to participate. Very fine idea, Neil!

  208. Krystle @snarkykisses

    Ooooo! I’ve been meaning to check this out! I’d love to join in on the fun!

  209. Blogging Mama Andrea

    I would like to give this a try. Weird, psycho or normal people are okay by me.

  210. auroradormita

    Heard about this from Velvet Verbosity and thought – why not?

  211. Ry Sal

    I love interviewing people…

  212. kelly

    Looks like it’s too late to sign up, but what a great idea. Everyone does indeed have a story to tell.

  213. Logtar

    Sign me up!

  214. Maria @BOREDmommy

    SIGN ME UP!! (again)

  215. He Who Laughs Last

    Is it to late to sign up…THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!

  216. Stephanie

    Hope I’m not too boring. Would love to participate. Great idea!

  217. vanessa

    Let’s do this thing.

  218. Thanksgivingmom

    Sounds mostly painless…I’m in?

  219. susie_book

    Sounds great–I’m in!

  220. Monica

    I would love to participate sounds like a blast

  221. Allie

    Is it too late to sign up? I’d love to join!

  222. Kanani

    Count me in if you’re still doing this, Neil.

  223. Rose

    This sounds like a wonderful idea! Are you carrying it over to 2010? I’d love to participate if you’re still doing it.

  224. Altme

    I would love to be in on this if its not too late 🙂

  225. drlori71

    Sounds like fun! If it’s not too late, sign me up.

  226. You can call me, 'Sir'

    Neil, I feel like a fool for not paying more attention to your site recently, because I love this idea in a slightly naughty way. I’d love to participate if it’s not too late.

  227. NakedInPublic

    I’d love to participate!

  228. wisdomunconventional

    I’d love to participate as well, I’ve seen a few people who have been a part of it and I think this is a brilliant idea! I’m just starting out, I hope that’s ok!

  229. Sarah Wood

    I’d like to participate if it is still going on. Please let me know – thanks!

  230. sas

    count me in 🙂

  231. pia

    OK Neil. I’ve always thought this a wonderful idea but last year was moving and this year had much non blogging things. Finally some time!

  232. Donna Lee Schillinger

    Hook me up! Sounds like fun.

  233. Tabitha

    I’d love to try this! How do I get started?

  234. Angela @ Lost In Splendor

    I’m totally in again!

  235. Titanium

    Count me in!

  236. Mojo,NC,USA

    Are you kidding? This could be fascinating. Besides, if I’m quick enough I get to interview Titanium.

  237. alyssa

    I would love to do this sign me up- let me know what I need to do to get started! Thanks

  238. Sarah

    i want it!!!!

  239. Jaime

    I would love to participate if this is still going.

  240. Karen Bannan

    Too late to get in on this? If not, please email!

  241. Amelia

    I would love to jump on board with this!

  242. lourdes

    I’m in. Thanks!

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