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Delurk 2009: Keep on Rolling

Hey, Reader, Jump Aboard
Come Aboard My Train
We Travel at the Speed of Light
In Snow and Mist and Rain

Woo-Hoo, Feel that Mighty Engine
Woo-Hoo, See that Hot Steam Rise
Nothin’ Stops this Baby
When This Locomotive Flies

You hear that Whistle Blowing?
The Wind Breezing through your Hair?
This Train Will Take You Places
Without Going Anywhere!

All Aboard the Citizen!
It’s Quite a Sight to See
So Tell Me Your Name, Darlin’
Cause the Ticket’s Always Free

Step aboard and introduce yourself to the other passengers and/or hobos. Monday will be the first sign-up day for The 2nd Annual Great Interview Experiment.


  1. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Hello! I’m Sarah.

    All Aboard!

  2. Bridget

    Hi, I’m Bridget & I’m afraid of hobos. Please don’t write about hobos again. I may have to stop reading.

  3. Jurgen Nation

    I’m Jurgen Nation, aka Stacy, aka Anastacia Campbell. Woot, woot! I like long walks on the beach, sunsets and small, shiny objects. I founded and run IndieInk, so if you like to write, why not submit something there? (DO IT.)

    I am also a hobo. Bridget, I promise you there is nothing to fear. We are a humble, homely bunch with big hearts and interest in Boone’s Farm Wineries.

  4. Chris

    Hi! I’m Chris and I’m a Gemini. My husband’s name is also Chris, which sometimes gives me an identity crisis, but we’re a hit at parties because everyone remembers our names.

    [Dub Taylor is an AWESOME name! (video)]

  5. akaMonty

    I like to lurk in the dark. It’s safer for all concerned.

  6. All Adither

    I’m Angie. And I thought you weren’t going to write about blogging anymore.

  7. kenju

    Hi, I’m kenju. I’m not a lurker, but I don’t comment all the time.

  8. Neil

    Angie — Writers lie.

  9. Neil

    Angie – And this post is about trains, not blogging.

  10. witchypoo

    Do I have to come back Monday to sign up for the GIE#2?

  11. Sarcastic Mom

    Hi there! My name is Lotus.

    I don’t actually read your website, but I wanted to come here and leave a comment just to get attention.

  12. mommymae

    hi. i’m jenny. also known as mommymae. happy to see you on this fine day. (i did not mean for that to rhyme, but i’m not gonna change it ’cause i have no time. {that was on purpose, but there’s nothing that rhymes with purpose, so i quit.})

  13. But Why Mommy

    I’m Renee. I read this whole my daughter was watching Dinosaur Train. Yours was way more interesting.

  14. Juli Ryan

    I spent many years lurking on blogs. 2009 has been my year to jump that train.

  15. Neil

    Witchypoo – Yes, you need to come back. It is an old SEO trick I learned at BlogHer. Make people come back again so they have to click more. $$$$

  16. Jane Lively

    Hi, I’m Jane. I’m kinda new here so please don’t throw me under the train.

  17. Jack

    Does this train serve cocktails?

  18. ingrid

    hi. i’m ingrid. 🙂 i adore neil because he’s creative, obsessive, funny, caring and delightful. oh yeah. all of that and a bag of chips. 😉

  19. uncouthheathen

    I hate trains.

  20. mamatulip

    I also hate trains. I was fine with them until my mother rented us this movie about a little girl from a poor family whose body was severed in half by a train on the track that ran behind their house. It was game over for me and trains after that.

    But I sure do enjoy your blog, Neil.

  21. Neil

    Who hates trains? That is like hating America?

  22. Neil

    Mamatulip — that always happens in those movies. Whenever someone is crossing tracks, they always get caught on one of the rails as the train is approaching.

  23. uncouthheathen

    Did you just call me a terrorist?

  24. Karen Sugarpants

    We live near a lot of trains. Hi, I’m Karen Sugarpants and I’ll be the one trying to throw Mama from the train. not your Mama tho. I like her.

  25. Neil

    Uncouth Heathen — How would you have gotten to Seattle in the old days without a train over the Donner Pass?

  26. uncouthheathen

    Covered wagon, of course. Me, my oxen and all the dysentery I could want. Didn’t you ever play Oregon Trail?

  27. Angella

    Hello, Neil. Happy! Delurking. 🙂

  28. Kim Tracy Prince

    Please to explain WTF you are talking about? I’m new here. Well, not really new, just inconsistent.

  29. lizardek

    Hi Neil! It’s Liz: *waves at you from Sweden*

  30. wench

    ola monsieur! I have en-tered it en my cal – en – dure.

    cheeky grin

  31. Susan

    Hi Neil! It’s Susan and I live in Missouri.

    Isn’t it uncanny how much alike Alan Hale and Alan Hale Jr look?

  32. Heather

    WOW! Awesome!
    I’m Heather. Hi Everyone! Hi Neil! This is so very positive and uplifting of you!

  33. Mel

    I’m Melissa and I’m delurking to tell you how wonderful you are.

  34. slouchy

    Not a lurker. Yet here I am.

  35. DiaryofWhy

    Might as well jump on the bandwagon… Here I am! Hi! I’m Rachel.

  36. alejna

    Oh cool! I missed the boat on the interview experiment last time. Or the train, apparently.

    I’m Alejna, occasional lurker. I like trains. (Also planes. And automobiles. But I’ve never seen the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”)

  37. Lisa

    Hi Neil! Delurking. I love your blog! I don’t have one, tho, not creative enough!

  38. Bill

    Well, I’m flattered that you’d call me “darlin'” and all, but, well, sorry.

    I’m Bill (see signature below), occasional commenter, big fan here and especially on Twitter. I blog as Daddy Is Tired, but I’m saving all my good writing for future posts.

  39. Momo Fali

    Hello, my name is Momo. Thanks for callin’ me darlin’, darlin’.

  40. Deidre

    Hi, I am Deidre. Except not. My real name is…something else.

    I like you’re blog though, Neil.

  41. Deidre

    er your blog. le sigh.

  42. Twenty Four At Heart

    Do I delurk if you already know me and love me and I comment all the time? How was that for a run on sentence? I’m the one who leaves all the sexually suggestive comments just to see if you really read them or not. Also? I’m glad I’m commenting right after Momo because I lurve her!

  43. Artful Kisser

    I prefer the word “voyeur”, or even better, “pervert”.

  44. Emma

    Hi I’m Emma. I sort of pointed my finger at you at BlogHer in a lame attempt to say hi without actually saying anything. If there’s a next time I promise to act more like a normal human being and speak, particularly as I have been reading and de-lurking more lately.

  45. kateanon

    Hi. I’m Kate. Been here more than a year – love Neil, don’t comment as often as I should.

  46. Long Story Longer

    Wow, a poem! I liked that.

    You know me, but I thought I’d say hi anyway : )

  47. Velvet Verbosity

    Velvet Verbosity here. 🙂

    p.s. Wow, I’m honored on the blog crush thing! Now I’m blog blushing.

  48. Ellie Quale

    Hey, I’m Ellie. Hopped aboard at the Mouthy Housewives Train Station and still enjoying the ride.

  49. Michelle

    delurking to say….wait, I delurked already once this week didn’t I?

  50. Heather

    I’ve only lurked once or twice. Am i on the right train?

  51. Headless Mom

    Delurking. *waves* Hi Neil!

  52. sassy

    Bonjour Neil, est-ce que ça a trop l’air snob si je delurk en français?

  53. The Bombshell

    I’m still here. I’m always here.

  54. headbang8

    I’m headbang8. I advise Neil on aftershave and affairs of the heart.

  55. SciFi Dad

    Private SciFi, reporting for duty.

    (Heh… I said duty.)

  56. Carla

    I am more of a beserker than a lurker.

    That is… I rant a lot then slink back to the lurker’s corner for a xanax and a nice lie down.

  57. magpie

    Morning, dear. I come and go, talking of Michelangelo.

  58. maggie, dammit

    Delurking implies that I normally lurk, which I do not. Unless you post every day, in which case I can’t keep up with comments and just stay safely inside my reader, where the world outside my window moves as slowly as I want. I am from Wisconsin, you know.

  59. NeCole@Eclectic Ecstasy

    I’m not a blurker and I don’t play one on TV. Hey, isn’t a train a metaphor for…just saying! (waggles eyebrows sleazily)

  60. always home and uncool

    Why am I in New Jersey? I thought this train when the other way.

  61. mamie

    hi neil and his reading public. i am mamies, aka amiee and it is obligatory that i love trains as i have two small twin boys obsessed with the world of trains. looking forward to the all of your blog experiments, neil.

  62. The Mom(aka Amy)

    I am Amy, but I blog as The Mom. I have commented a couple of times. But like whatever.

  63. melissa

    I AM delurking. Just a reader who enjoys people who write well. I also follow you on twitter. Found you after Blogher 09. Enjoyed your writing class. If only I couls write…sigh


  64. Casey

    Yeah, I lurk here. This site is ok.

    Attractive women sometimes comment. That is also ok.

  65. barbetti

    I lurk here because I love your attitude.

    And I also loved the Great Interview Experiment! That was a lot of fun!

  66. kimberlee

    everything is better in france. including lurking, delurking and trains. just the way we say train in french is sexier… je ne suis pas un lurker, mais je ne suis pas un commenter extraordinaire non plus. Mais bon, de temps en temps je vais ici pour un petit rire. Alors, aussi parce-que je pense que Neil et chaud. un peu.

  67. kimberlee

    eSt chaud, je pense que Neil eSt chaud. un peu.

  68. LZ @ My Messy Paradise

    I’m LZ. I sort of lurk, I chat with you on Twitter occasionally and think you are a hilarious writer. A couple comments thrown in, too…

  69. Darth-O

    Yo. I’m still kind of new here, but figured I should pop in since i’m going to be a regular reader, haha.

  70. 180|360

    Hello darling.

  71. Otir

    Hi there, I am an old faithful reader and I read Neil’s blog in a very disordely fashion, because I don’t like doing like everyone does. And this is how we travel by train in my family.

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