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Give In

Do you remember two weeks ago I wrote about this “YouTube for Pornography?” My conclusion: I wasn’t very impressed with this site. Who wants to see those robotic men pounding away at the woman on the kitchen table? It’s also like watching some other guy’s slideshow of his trip to the Bahamas. It’s more interesting to HIM than me.

OK, I’ll admit it. I felt a little lonely tonight. Sunday nights are like that. What is a separated husband supposed to do?

I know this is probably sharing too much, even for a blog, but would you like to see something that REALLY turned me on? I mean A LOT. I mean I WANT this woman. NOW. I must have watched this 25 times in a row —

(Don’t worry, it is safe for work — but not for me)

(the song is from “Damn Yankees” a musical revival I saw today at City Center, but this rendition is NOTHING like the one in the show)


  1. Bec

    Wow, how does she do that thing with her hands… that is ridiculous.

    You go ahead and enjoy – it’s what Lola would want!

  2. Non-Highlighted Heather


  3. Dagny

    Well of course, it isn’t the same version you saw on stage. They wanted to use this version but then realized that they would have too many men trying to rush the stage.

  4. piglet

    you have good taste in women 🙂

  5. JP/deb

    My hubby & I watched “lola” together and he said he would be a little nervous getting a hand job from her!

  6. Fiesty Charlie

    Good Grief man, do we need to start a fund for you? The “Get Neil Some” fund…

    Would you put a Paypal button on your blog already, I would contribute for a “High Class Hooker” to ease your condition….

    SOMETHING already!!


  7. Rosa

    Very talented hands. Someone else can comment on stomach thing, that was a little creepy.

    You must be wondering if she has the same muscle abilities in her boobs as she does in her stomach. ;0

  8. Jane

    Somebody forgot to iron the backdrop.

  9. John

    I need to be 1:10’ed to 1:20’ed for about 8 hours. A day.

  10. Neil

    Jane — the backdrop? Those are her sheets!

  11. V-Grrrl

    Di photographed a wedding that included belly dancers at the reception. A male bellydancer. I begged her to send me photos and well, he was LARGE and VERY HAIRY and wearing a leather outfit with cutouts that fat was squeezing through. He was also gay. What a let down.

    What V-Grrrl wants, V-Grrrl doesn’t get!

  12. Black Hockey Jesus

    Neil. I think you’re a very interesting man.

  13. All Adither

    The stomach thing just made me think of all her internal organs sloshing around in there. Yeah, Zexy.

  14. Memarie Lane

    I don’t get it. 🙁

    Makes me think of those guys that make their pecs twitch and think it’s sexy, or the ones that make their bellies “talk.”

  15. Danny

    Scary…but hot. How was “Damn Yankees”? Were Jane Krakowski and Sean Hayes any good? Have you seen “August: Osage County” yet? That orgy of family dysfunction should not be missed.

  16. cruisin-mom

    Neil, does your mom know you’re watching this?

  17. churlita

    Hey, whatever works for you. It makes more sense than real porn to me.

  18. anymommy

    She has a lovely body, Neil. I had a friend in high school who could flip a quarter over with just her stomach muscles. (It’s harder than it sounds, go ahead and try.) I bet this girl could flip a silver dollar.

  19. Miss Britt

    I have that outfit.

  20. Neil

    Danny — Well, Jane Krakowski is no Gwen Verdon. Sean Hayes was funny. But the real standout was Cheyenne Jackson at Joe Hardy (from Xandadu). He has a beautiful voice and a real presence.

    But I can tell why this musical never became a classic, despite the good songs. The story falls apart at the end.

  21. Neil

    Memarie — Didn’t you ever read “A Thousand and One Nights”

  22. HeyJoe

    I saw a college production of Damn Yankees when I was in high school. I had fantasies about Lola for a long, long time.

  23. kate

    That makes my stomach hurt. And when you forget the sound is off, a little bit creepy

  24. miguelina

    I’d love to see the two of you out on the town; she in her belly dancer garb and you in your nehru jacket.

  25. wendy

    So, You’re a hand man….I mean you like hands…..I mean womens hands….

    oh you know what i mean.

    I always wonder how they keep a straight face. I have some moves..but I would burst out laughing…

    She is very SERIOUS about being sexy…
    I could never pull that more power to her!

  26. V-Grrrl

    ha, ha, ha. Wendy and Miguelina are TOO FUNNY.

  27. Memarie Lane

    Neil- no, are there clif notes?

  28. Christine

    She has to have the longest torso I’ve ever seen.

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