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The Great Interview Experiment


Note:  If you are interested in the 2009 version of the Great Interview Experiment, please go here.

This was V-Grrrl‘s recent comment on my last post about blogging awards, blogrolls, blah blah blah.

i am nobody
who are you
are you nobody too?

I know she was riffing on the somebody vs. nobody idea that I was writing about in the post, but I’m sure a lot of us think this way. For me, the Blogosphere was supposed to erase this old school, hierarchical type of thinking. It’s the reason I started to blog. I’m not a nobody online. The minute I posted my first post, I was a “published” writer. Even if my writing sucked. Even if my audience was one crazy guy from Ohio and my mother.

Gimmicks like Blog Awards are fun because it gives people a chance to socialize with each other, but the concept is mostly for old farts. It is as meaningful as the Oscars, mostly good only for self-promotion. The really best blogs will never be nominated because you don’t even know they exist. Besides, blogging is so much bigger than that, and works on a whole different level. The fascinating part of the medium is that I can write about my talking Penis and have some guy in Iran read my blog, and soon his Penis wants to talk, too! And then, his wife, hearing the sound of love, wants to overthrow the government! And because of one blog post, the whole world is filled with freedom and love and happiness! Now that’s inspiring. I’m all for your personal blog being all about you. That’s how I view my blog. But blogging is more than your own blog. It is the thrill of the freedom of expression, and the random and unlikely connections that we make with each other. And who can forget the importance of comments? Comments alone can MAKE a post interesting.

For two years now, ever since my brief stint writing about personal bloggers on Blogebrity, I’ve been complaining about how a combination of hierarchy, elitism, advertising, and plain old human insecurity will make the internet a less interesting place, especially to be a personal blogger lost in the loudmouth world of politics, celebrities, and product placement. Of course, as the blogosphere matures and becomes fragmented and cliquish, it is a losing battle. But, like the last Spartan warrior, I keep on fighting.

Did you ever notice that whenever some expert is being interviewed on Oprah or the Today show, the person just happens to have a book coming out the following week? It’s as it wasn’t important to tell us the cure for cancer until the guy’s book comes out, and then they don’t even tell you the cure so you have to buy the book. I’ve seen some bloggers being interviewed by other bloggers. It’s usually the same as it is on TV. Those interviewed are persons deemed “worthy” of being asked important questions about the world. They have a popular blog, a project coming out, or a specific expertise. We instantly find these people even MORE interesting because someone took the time to interview them. It’s like Obama’s campaign didn’t even start until Oprah sat down to talk with him. All of a sudden, everyone went, “Wow, she finds him interesting. He MUST be interesting.” I know most of you won’t agree with me, but I think anyone who decides to write about their life online is interesting, even those who may not do the best job yet of conveying that on paper. We all should be interviewed, at least once.

Here’s how it is going to work. The first person who comments on this post, will get interviewed by me. I will read the person’s blog, then email him ten or so specific questions, hopefully more about his life (what makes them tick) than their favorite blogger (too obvious! — me). I’ll give my interviewee as much time as necessary to answer the questions, but hopefully he’ll finish it by next week. There might be a back-and-forth if the person feel uncomfortable with a question, etc. or if I want to explore a topic further. Finally, when it is all written up, I will polish the draft, send it back, and the interviewee can proudly publish the interview on their own blog.

It doesn’t end there. While I am interviewing the first commenter, he will be interviewing the second commenter. The second commenter will be interviewing the third commenter. Each person should then put their own interview on their own blog, or on the interviewer’s blog, or both (your choice!), answering the questions as openly and honestly as he chooses. Not only will this give others a new way to know you, but we will sabotage the idea of an interview only being for “somebody.” Everyone is somebody.


If you leave a comment, you’re in…

I will keep on adding to the list of interviewers/interviewees. Theoretically, the list can just keep on going perpetually… There really is no specific deadline. Just think of me as the Jewish mother who will guilt you into doing it ASAP, so as not to be rude to the next guy.

Email me with any questions or if your interviewer flakes out, so we can re-assign you.

Here is a list of the completed interviews.

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  1. wow

    i am somebody!

    editor’s note:

    I will be interviewing V-grrrl via email some time, either this weekend, or at least before Tuesday. I will read her blog to get a better sense of her. I will get her email address from her blog (you can also contact me). V-grrrl will interview Finn, etc… I will contact everyone next week to nudge you to do it, in case you forget over the weekend.

  2. I’m somebody too!

  3. You have such a gift for creating community within this medium!

  4. That’s a beautiful concept, it’s true that EVERYBODY is SOMEBODY. I love that you’re trying to help the blogging community embrace that. I can’t wait to meet new people!

  5. you my man, are a do’er – not a sitter.

  6. everybody IS somebody. true!

    way to pay it forward, neil. 🙂

  7. what a fabulous idea!!

  8. I’m going to de-lurk on the strength of this fabulous idea! As terrifying as the thought of it is…can I play too? :o)
    PS. Now I have “Everybody…needs somebody…” stuck in my head!

  9. Okay, so Penelope interviews me, and I interview the next commenter?

  10. Very interesting. I guess this means I must actually WRITE somthing on my dusty blog….

    Very cool….very Neil.

  11. Cool! So who do I get to interview?

  12. This sounds like a cool idea. So, MARRIAGE-101, I guess you’re interviewing me. 🙂

  13. OK, let me jump in for just a sec. Ignore me as an interviewer in this spot.

    If your comment goes into spam, don’t worry, I’ll get it later. Just check back later.

  14. I’m in! What a freaking excellent idea, Neil.
    Who wants to be interviewed by me? Comment now.

  15. What a fantastic idea! I would love to interview someone! Count me in please.

  16. I’m totally in! Great idea, Neil.

  17. Neil you are totally Awesome!! I’m In

  18. I’ve read your blog before and just starting following you on twitter where I found this link. What a great idea, I would love to interview someone.

  19. Throwing my hat in the ring…

  20. What a great idea Neil! Everyone is something, and everyone is special.I’m in…to be an interview and do an interview.

  21. I actually had this idea as well but you beat me to it! :0 But it;s a fun ideA! Wait, who dO i interview?? MelodY?

  22. I nominated you for a big-time Blog Award recently. I hope you don’t mind. I also hope you win.

    This is a fabulous conceptual idea you’ve dreamed up, and it also illustrates a multitude of the reasons *why* I decided to nominate you for said award.

    Interesting being relative, I am most interested in what types of questions I might potentially ask and be asked.

    Which might make me a lousy interview, but what the hell. 😉

  23. Oooh, look how everybody wants to be famous! Neil, you should be proud of the community you’ve created. Clearly, more than a crazy guy in Ohio, and your mom.

  24. Do I dare? I don’t know if I even commented here before but I like the idea and I love reading your blog.

    My plan is to shut my blog down in March but until then it might be fun to post like crazy!

  25. You’re such a genius, Neil. I love this idea to bits and pieces.

  26. Neil, thanks for sticking up for the little guys!

  27. Um, no one has yet noticed (cited) that “I’m nobody, who are you?” is actually a poem by Emily Dickinson. I’m sure y’all knew that already though.

  28. I remember that Dickinson poem in A Child’s Garden of Verse or some similar book from my childhood.

  29. Hey Katie! I was just going to mention that!!

    OK, Neilochka, this is another of your brilliant ideas. xoxo

  30. Ok, I’m in. But Neil, it’s only because of my secret crush on you.

  31. “And who can forget the importance of comments? Comments alone can MAKE a post interesting”

    So true! I look forward to the comment section just as much as the post!

    …awaiting next commenter for my interviewing possibility! 🙂

  32. I would love to join up! I’m off to meet Btyna!


  33. Yet ANOTHER great idea, Neil! I’m in!

  34. Neiochka, you’re heading for bloggerstardom, along side Dooce, et al. Sign me up for this…I interview Shash????

  35. But I dont want to be somebody! I LIKE being nobody, dammit!

  36. The ladies LOVE Neil. Karl excluded.

    (Don’t count this comment, I’m already in queue for an interview… speaking of, is there a deadline?)

  37. Not really. It’s up to you. I just thought it would be good to do it by the end of next week before you forget.

  38. My little blog & I are still newbies in blog-world…so I think the Bloggies should make an award for most unknown blogger…I nominate myself. hehe.

    Modest aren’t I?

  39. Of course not.

    Akaky interviews Shannon.

    Shannon interviews Alison.

    Alison interviews…

    Gee, I probably could just keep this post going forever on the sidebar until everyone on the blogosphere has interviewed each other.

  40. …ME! alison can interview me!
    now…who comes next? i wonder…

  41. Don’t leave me out of the party, yo!
    (Did I just say “Yo”? Why yes. Yes I did. Sigh.)


    Hey Neil! Count me in! Hurray! I am somebody too! Yay!

  43. I’m nobody, who are you?

    Emily Dickinson

    Emily and I are in

  44. am i too late for this party??

  45. Wait, wait, I can’t do this by next Friday unless I do before the weekend is over. How lame is that? So I AM too late for this party. How sad.

  46. not too late at all, pammy!

    neil, you are a blog community genius. someone should make you Mayor of Blogville.

    (i think i just did).

    congrats, mayor.

  47. My goodness! First, I adore “But blogging is more than your own blog.” because it really hits at just the right time for me. I needed to hear that.

    Second, you started a little revolution, hmm?

  48. No WAIT! I’m in, I’M IN. I haven’t had enough coffee. Ascender, email me, wink wink.

  49. The line between journalism and PR is very, very blurred… especially when it comes to the goggle box! Funny you should mention Oprah – I sat through a gruelling 20 minutes of quite probably an ancient rerun yesterday featuring ‘The Secret’ (about which you blogged at some stage I think) and how it can fix your life, from losing weight to sorting out debts etc… It made me wonder quite how gullible the media think the audience is sometimes, especially on your side of the pond. Worse still, all those shows are exported to our side of the pond! Urgh.

  50. You’re paying it forward except at the end, hopefully, you won’t be a dead Hayley Joel Osment.

  51. I’m game, if there’s anyone left to pair up with. Hope so!

  52. Hmmm… I wonder if I started blogging just because I was hoping someone would notice that I’m somebody too!? Because I’m so new to this, and the sort of person who desperately needs to be graded the idea of awards is extremely attractive to me. But, I would love to be interviewed and interview someone in return. And just for the record, I interview people professionally so maybe I could bring a level of bitterness to the interview that others don’t possess.

  53. Julia interviewa me? God help you Julia!

  54. Ooh, I love this idea. Bravo, Neil. Am I too late?

  55. Wow, there’s a series of 60 interviews already!

    It’s true, sometimes when I receive these blog awards, I thought to myself “uh oh, who am I going to offend now?”

    We’re all somebody when somebody reads our blog.

  56. Neil, you have the best ideas! I’m in.

  57. who doesn’t want random people to know more about them? hell, i know that’s why i started my blog.

  58. Did I arrive too late? Another superb idea. And I thought you were very ‘somebody’ … just by the way.

  59. My interview of Nerd Eye View is today as Pam; world traveler, is on her way out of the country early next week

  60. Mazel tov, Ascenderrisesabove! You’re the first one done. I bet you were the teacher’s pet in school.

    I haven’t even sent my questions yet to V-grrrl. I’m still debating whether or not it is appropriate to ask her if her husband is the best lover she ever had, or if it is that bearded jazz musician she dated in college?

  61. Oooh, that’s a very thoughtful post. About a year ago, I started a blog called “Interview with a Nobody” which was supposed to become a blog of interviews with “non-popular” bloggers. I got too busy and never did it. I like this idea though.

  62. Yooo hooo, how about a badge for the posts from one of your supergenius contacts?

  63. Oooohhh…I love this idea. I wanna play!

  64. Aha… ok but what if…your list of questions (and you) become more famous (or infamous) on the blogging scene than you can handle?

    You may have spawned a beast Neil!

  65. I’m in….if I’m not too late.

  66. How do you get so many babes to comment?
    You Neil are a chick magnet.
    You have made this medium a chick magnet.
    Way to go man.

  67. Well, I MUST be interesting because you happen to be linking to me as a current crush. 😉

    Cool! I’m flattered. Thank you and nice blog you have here!

  68. Listening is an act of love. I look forward to being a link in this chain.

  69. How egalitarian of you!! Seriously, very cool idea, Neil. Count me in 🙂 Peace, JP/deb

  70. Neil, I adore you. You always bring something different to the table, something that includes everyone. I feel as though you would have picked me in Duck Duck Goose in Kindergarten because no one else would.

    Count me in!

  71. I loved this post and would love to be counted in as well.. (hope it’s not too late.) 🙂

  72. I think this is a terrific idea and I would like to be included as well.

  73. ooh, yes, count me in!

  74. The list is being updated on the post.

  75. Oui ! Oui! Can I play too?

  76. What a fantastic idea! Woo!

  77. “I know most of you won’t agree with me, but I think anyone who decides to write about their life online is interesting, even those who may not do the best job yet of conveying that on paper.”

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you.
    Neil rocks.

    I am a TERRIBLE interviewer AND interviewee, so I pity the fool who gets stuck with me either way.

  78. OOooOOO Pick Me, Pick Me!!!

    Yay, I love your idea, I love writing, I love interviewing, and I certainly enjoy being interviewed and written about 🙂

  79. [skip]
    Is there some way we (by we I guess by default I mean you, Neil) can keep track of completed interviews? I want to read them all!

  80. [skip]
    Good idea. I will keep track and post it.

  81. hey am i too late? excellent idea!

  82. Hey Neil, I’m in! Who do I get to interview?

  83. You’re so sexy when you buck against the system… Inspired idea. Putting my hand up too.

  84. Neil, I will participate if I live long enough for my name to come up.

  85. French/English blogger here! I can be part of the French thread, and would be happy to translate the interviews into English too.

  86. I definitely can pass an interview in English (and interview some in English too), but I thought it was unfair to the potential interviewer if she/he could not have a look at my blog – which unfortunately enough is in French only.

    Hence my request about at least a French reader (not even need to be a French-lover, uh?)

  87. Cool idea Neil. I think you should be nominated for President.
    If this is still going on, I’d love to do it. It will be fun to get to know another blogger too.

  88. wasn’t there a song about 98 girls i love…???

    can’t remember who recorded it.

  89. I think that was 99 balloons.

  90. 88 Lines about 44 women

  91. I love this idea! Count me in. 🙂

  92. how fun is it that my interviewee knew the answer to the question!!!

    this is going to seriously be festiva!

  93. I wasn’t going to get involved but Neil just challenged my manhood over it so I have to. Count me in.

  94. sounds scary…intriguing…challenging…and basically worth my while. i’m in.

  95. I agree with Natalie. Please let me in.

  96. oh! amazing. brilliant. thanks to okaycity for pointing me here, i’m excited to get started!

  97. is it too late???? 🙂

  98. I would like to be involved in this!

  99. This is scary-in-the-good-way and foolhardy.

    Sign me up.

    I’d love to be interviewed by someone with a header image like that.

  100. Sent out my interview questions…now who’s interviewing me???

  101. LvGurl interviews you, Abigail.

  102. I’d love to be interviewed (and to interview).

  103. The latest somebody has posted.. Oh that sounded a little cocky. 🙂

  104. I am SO counting in on this one! How fun.

  105. I would like to play!

  106. I’m up for a challenge, and there’s no way I’m letting Annika sit there hanging. Especially not with all those cool polka dots on her page!

  107. I love this, I want to play!

  108. Me me me! Oh goodie I am not too late.

  109. Ohh, this sounds like fun. I hope you don’t mind that I am sort of ganking the idea and using it on my personal forums.

  110. Can I still participate? I love interviews!!

  111. I’ve never done this before, what a brilliant idea!
    Can I be part of it too?

  112. fabulous idea! me too please!

  113. I would very much like to interview someone and be interviewed.

  114. This is a fabulous idea, and please count me in.

  115. OK, I’m late to this party, but I’d love to play too!

    Neil, I’m always impressed with your creativity – reading Citizen of the Month is like going to a big blogger cocktail party. Thanks for keeping blogging fun.

  116. I’m late as well, but I’m in. If you’ll have me.

  117. I hope it’s not too late, but I want in!

  118. I’d love to participate too!

  119. I’d like to interview and be interviewed.

  120. What a great idea!! I am looking forward to reading all of them!

  121. I’m in too, both as interviewee and interviewer

  122. I’m down to participate. Sounds like fun so partner me up!

  123. Cool idea, Neil. I’m in.

  124. Is it too late to join in and play. I would love to meet someone new and be met by someone. Let me know.

  125. What a great idea! And how fun. I found you through another blog of course, but I love your article here and can’t wait to read through your blog. Sign me up for your interview chain, please.


  126. I’m fairly new to blogging,so this will be fun! Sign me up too!

  127. Okay, sounds like something interesting to do. Sign me up.

  128. Yes, I concur, good idea.

    That’s sort of a joke in our house, the “I concur” thing. I’m not really that formal.

  129. This sounds great! I want in!

  130. I wanna play! Please say it’s not too late!

  131. This looks interesting, I found it through

  132. What a brill idea! Not too late to the party I hope!

  133. Did I just read that it’s not too late!?
    well, can I play!?

  134. Spectacular idea! Can I play, too?

  135. I’m precoffee, so while my brain still can’t quite function, I’m going to go ahead and join in! Hopefully I didn’t just sign away a spleen…or worse, one of my livers.

  136. I’m so nervous! Interviews are scary, but I want in.

  137. I just saw this today and am signing up!

  138. How fun! I’d love to interview someone.

  139. I’m a dork, so I’ll ask the dork question…just to be certain, I interview sparkliesunshine, right?=]

  140. Victoria, yes! I put everyone on a list above…

    And dorks like me DON’T ask questions!

  141. Sure why not; can’t win if yoa don’t play. 😉

  142. Oooh! Oooh! I’d like to play.


  143. What a great idea. Count me in too please.

  144. I’ve seen this circulating around bloggoland. Usually I don’t jump on the bandwagon of anything but this sounds interesting. Count me in!

  145. What a cool idea! I’d love to meet somebody’s!!

  146. Count me in! I would love to interview and be interviewed!

  147. This is too great an idea to pass up. Count me in!

  148. Is it too late for this?

    I wish I would have came over and read this when I first saw the link. I assumed it was just… y’know… another “internet thing”.

    But your reasoning behind it is beautiful. And something I very much want to be a part of.

  149. I just have to try it because it sounds like fun, plus it appeals to the narcissistic side of myself. What? I have to interview someone as well? Oh alright. If I must.

  150. I’ll do the interview, but no flash photography, please. ahahahahaha.

  151. Can I be a somebody? My sister and I share a blog, can it be a 2 for one perhaps? God, I’m demanding…

  152. Hey Neil, my interview of Blackbird is now complete and online. on her site and on mine

    Oh! Now I wanna answer some questions too!

  153. I LOVE this idea. Count me in.

  154. finally! an opportunity to show, once again and publicly, my deep love of the inappropriate answer. i’m so in i’m almost out again. yay!

  155. I want in! Please tell me I’m not too late.

  156. hey, I’m a random nobody. can I get in on this?

  157. late to the ball. as usual. has my coach already turned back into a pumpkin?


  158. Yes, please! Count me in.

  159. oooh give me a pal 😉

  160. I’d like in too please 🙂

  161. How many interviews can be done? I am SO IN. PleasE??

  162. After reading that article, I’m in too. What a great way to circumvent the miles between us!

  163. Whoops, I hit “Say It!” before I realized that was blackbird’s url. Not mine.

    Maybe you’d better not pick me. Apparently, I will send everyone to the wrong website. Or interview the wrong person. Or something equally idiotic.

  164. I wanna join! This is way cool. 🙂

  165. Is cursing allowed? ‘Cause this is fucking fascinating 🙂

    I am somebody too.

  166. Okay, I’m in. (Although interview questions will most likely not go out this-very-second.)

  167. Hey there,
    I’d love to take part!

  168. i just pissed myself reading cookiebitch’s interview. now i wanna play too!

  169. oh, I wanna play! And looksy! mammaloves is above me. Do we get to play footsie or something?

  170. Or maybe a pillowfight!

  171. Banana interviews Rosa. She already interviewed someone.

    I am adding Jenn here to interview the next person.

  172. my 2nd blog is new – am i still allowed to play?

  173. If I’m not too late to the party, I’d love to come. I’ll even bring dessert.

  174. No, don’t put up ads, let’s turn this into the largest, ad-free internet site ever!

    I’m in.

  175. I would love to interview and be interviewed! Janie

  176. Just posted my interview with Angela from SparlieSunShine… =]

  177. OK, I can’t resist a good internet experiment. Does this mean I interview Janie?

  178. No, Janie interviews you! You interview the next person.

  179. Well, somebody’s got to get the short straw and interview me. Sorry in advance, and all that.

  180. Got it. Thanks, Neil.

  181. Delurking to become part of this fun project. I just love talking about myself. Oh, and asking others about themselves too.

  182. (SKIP — Cool comment, but not blog)

    You certianly have won the voice of the people. What an excellent concept… another old saying is – everyone loves their 5 minutes of fame… but to sustain it – yuo need talent. Yuo obviously have talent in the blogging sphere if you have been going for 2 years now. Well done to you!!

    I’m new to all this… but always love a good read. Keep it up xxc

  183. oooh! I’m new but please count me in!

  184. I found this great idea through Will of Be The Boy fame and I’d like in on the action.

  185. What a great idea. Lets keep it going.

  186. This is a great idea – *snaps* to neil!

  187. What a great idea. I’d love to do this!

  188. Mrs. Dymund interviews Victoria is up.

  189. Okay I throw my hat in this ring.. the comments have gotten jumbled though so how to do we confirm how who’s interviewing who?

  190. Aimee interviews you. You interview the next person.

  191. People interviewing people? That is a truly excellent idea. Sure, I’ll do it. Power in numbers, and all that.

  192. Hey, who do I interview? Who wants to be somebody? Next!

  193. I am someone (or so my momma tells me) and would very much like to interview another someone.

    (PS – Referred by fatboyfat)

  194. Ok, I’m new to this whole blog thing, but I’m game! 🙂

  195. I’d love to participate — please count me in!

  196. OK, OK, Neil. You guilted me into playing. (Which you didn’t, at all. But why didn’t you try? A girl needs guilt, you know. And peanut butter cookies.)

    I’m SO in.

  197. i like what you’re sayin, what is it with people’s ego?

  198. This sounds cool, I want to be interviewed!

  199. This is a great idea! Count me in also!

  200. Freaking Awesome. I want to play.

  201. A little late to the party, but I’ll put on my dancing shoes…

  202. My interview of GB is up.

  203. Sounds fun and very enlightening. I’m in.

  204. Oooh oooh ooh pick me pick me! :o)

  205. **Ignore this comment folks, I’m already done**

    My interview of Robin, and Kristen’s interview of me, are both online now.

  206. Read my interview with Kristen from My Back Pages

  207. Ok, I’m a dork, this is my actual blog.

  208. I hesitated for a bit because I thought I was not cool enough, but then the idea sunk in that that is maybe the point. Cheers.

  209. The very fact that you are a “wordnerd” makes you cool enough.

  210. New reader who would love to play along! Though, I’m a bit confused as to who I interview and who interviews me, ‘cuz there’s just so many comments and trackbacks now! Will I get some sort of confirmation?

  211. This is very neat. Count me in.

  212. Count me in. It’s time for some serious Q & A.

  213. Hey, what a great idea! Sign me up!

  214. Caught wind of this via Blogging L.A. Count me in, please. Fabulous idea and clearly it’s resonating based on the number of enthusiastic comments.

  215. Ooh, I love to interview people, though I don’t think I’ve ever been interviewed. Is it too late?

  216. Jen —

    RA interviews you
    you interview Sara

    I add everyone to a list above…

  217. Wow. Um…I am nervous, but it should be fun- Right?

  218. Sounds good to me, I’m in.

  219. what happens if you want to interview someone, but can’t find the person that you’re supposed to be interviewing?

  220. This looks like a great idea. I’m in.

  221. This is a really cool idea. I want in!

  222. This is SO COOL. I want to play!

  223. OK..I’m in! GREAT idea!!

  224. Count me in – great idea!

  225. Great idea – I’d love to participate!

  226. Saw this mentioned over on Carver’s Dog. I would so like to participate!

  227. Wow, am I late to the game, or what?! I would love to participate if there are still folks out there. Thanks!

  228. This:
    i am nobody
    who are you
    are you nobody too?

    Is an Emily Dickinson poem about, it has been theorized, Emerson:

    I’m nobody! Who are you?
    Are you nobody, too?
    Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!
    They’d banish us, you know.

    How dreary to be somebody!
    How public, like a frog
    To tell your name the livelong day
    To an admiring bog!

  229. ok. this makes me all sweaty and nervous, but i’m willing to dip my toe in the water. i think. oh god. what i have i done.

  230. If you don’t forward this comment immediately to ten people you know, you will die in a fortnight, or in two weeks time (whichever comes first).

  231. Hi Neil! Its been a while since I’ve been around. I’d love to play.. (and I’ve got a podcast, can I do the interviewing by phone and put the audio up? or only by blog post writing? )… Heck I better go read the rules… sigh…

  232. I’m totally down with the interviews! Sign me up!

  233. I’d love to play!

  234. I want in on the action! Sign me up!

  235. You wore me down. I need something to get my mind off of the impending jaw surgery, so I’m in, too.

  236. I’m in. Nothing this exciting has happened to me since I read the back of some guys’ t-shirt and realized I’d be in Seattle on the same date that All was playing. That was fifteen years ago on my way to Alaska. I’ve been here ever since. What can I say, I like it slow and boring.

  237. I’ve read some of the interviews and they are fascinating.

    I’d love to join in!

  238. What a clever idea – I’ve been trying to discover new blogs. Sign me up!

  239. Great idea! I’d love to be interviewed! Count me in!

  240. I’d love to participate too!

  241. Sigh, why am I always so late to the party?
    Better late than never. I wanna play.

  242. Am I too late to the party???

  243. Sounds like a great idea. I’d love to be interviewed.

  244. Count me in please!

  245. Better late than never, right?

    Count me in!

  246. I wanna play! So who interviews me, and who do I interview?

  247. i’ll bite.
    i’ll answer or ask questions. or both. just let me know what you need to balance things out.

  248. By the way, how do I know when my turn comes up? Will I get an email or something?

  249. Cool, can I play too?

  250. My interview with Tex and the City is up at:

  251. I am not nobody but I am Canadian and so it sometimes seems like I might be. This is an interesting project.

  252. Sounds like fun, count me in!

  253. genius! count me in.

  254. Blogger from Australia. Teacher, single Mum of 4, blah blah blah….
    Just love my blog and my cyber mates. Having so much fun with all of this. Heard about this…. what a great idea.

  255. Found my way here from DrivingTheFlies blog. Sounds like fun, so count me in! 🙂


  256. Hey Neil, what a great idea! I want my 15 minutes !!!! LOL, came by via Curiosity Killer and Whoorl. Can I join the party?

  257. Found this via Di Mackey. Found it quite inspiring. It may even lift me out of my current ambivalence about my own blog. Is it too late to join in?

  258. Ooo, I want to play! This is such a great idea!

  259. Sign me up. What do I do?

  260. This is a great idea. We are all somebody, let us not forget that

  261. I want to be somebody!
    Oh, right, I already am somebody, but nobody knows it!

  262. I heard about these from my friend Lauren at Maitresse. Is the interview pyramid scheme still running?
    -Badaude (

  263. so uhmmm, i can be a bit dense at times. who am i supposed to interview?

  264. This is the coolest thing I have seen all day. I want to play too!

  265. Sounds like a blast!

  266. Heather — interview the first Sarah under you. (sarahatlee)

  267. (skip)
    Neil, a question – do I need to wait for all the people ahead of me to get their interviews done, or can I go ahead and interview already the person who commented after me (Tiffany)? Wouldn’t want to mess up the sequence or anything, if that’s important…

  268. I had this idea months ago and didn’t jump on it. Now someone else has. Guess I’ll ride on the coat-tails. Sign me up!

  269. I’m interested in taking part. This sounds like it could be something fun.

  270. Oh, this looks fun!!! Sign me up! I’ll admit confusion, though, do I interview the next person that comments?

  271. Aaaaaaaand I bet the blog would help, huh? Same Dana as above!

  272. Dana, yes!

    Simon, no need to wait.

  273. well, I read about two interviewees who are stranded. If I add on here, do I get one?

    I’ve been reading a few of these. Pretty cool.


  274. Click here to read my interview with Frogdancer.

  275. Oh wow!!! cool idea. Heard about it via Frogdancers blog. Would LOVE to join in. 🙂

  276. Thanks to my lady feral, I am aware of the dare. Sounds like fun 🙂

  277. I’d love to be in. 🙂

  278. Interesting idea. I’d love to be involved.

  279. Ooh, looks like all the cool kids are doing it! Count me in!

  280. Please give me someone to interview, too. Great idea!

  281. Can I be somebody too?

  282. I’m Somebody. Pleased to meetcha!

  283. Can I play too, please?

  284. Awesome fun! Me too, please!

  285. Sign me up. Lets do this.

  286. I’d like to give it a go too, please. 🙂

  287. Click here to read Bri’s interview with me.

  288. Can’t believe I’m just hearing about this now, but I’d love to get in on it.

  289. I’ve read a lot of great posts as part of the Experiment. I’m in!

  290. Okay, I’ve sent my interview questions to Kerrianne. I can’t wait to hear back. :o)

  291. Hook me up! Obviously I’m slow to join group activities but I follow directions well…

  292. Count me in, who do I interview? Who interviews me?

  293. I would like to join the great interview experiment. How do I do that …….Help.

  294. Actually the last comment by Megan is actually me – the doofus who used the wrong name…….go figure. Still want to play though..

  295. Climbin’ aboard. Sign me up =)

  296. skip

    Hi – never received questions.

  297. Very cool idea.I turn many things in my life into experiments – it makes it more fun that way and easier to detach from the outcome.

  298. Hi, any chance that I could get an interviewer that would actually do the interview? Mine never came through.

  299. I so want in on this! 🙂

  300. I’m a little late to the game, but I’d definitely like to play along! Great idea.

  301. Well, since everybody else is doing it…how about me too?

  302. hey neil, still taking names? love to interview someone and be interviewed.

  303. I’d love to join. Count me in too!

  304. So… how do you get interviewed or interview somebody?

  305. I’d also love to join! Please count me in!

  306. My interview with Jen is up — right here.

  307. Can we swear in the interviews? If so, then I’m in.

  308. Someone else said this makes them all sweaty and nervous and it does me, too, but what the heck — I’m in. (Although I’m kind of in late, so….) Someone post after me!

  309. alright, I’m up for it – gimme your best shot!

  310. Should I? Or shouldn’t I?

    Yes. I should.

  311. I seem to have an issue. I have conducted my interview, but the blogger assigned to interview me never contacted me. I even left a comment on their blog with my email address, no go. Help? Thanks.

  312. YES, my 15 minutes, here I come!

  313. I would LOVE to participate. 🙂

  314. Let me think about it. Okay, yes.

  315. Ooh, I wanna join! Count me in!

  316. I’m in.

    Bring on the questions!

  317. My link should be right this time…

  318. Brilliant idea! Am I too late?

  319. Sweet! I heard about this from Jennfier’s blog and it sounds really cool. Count me in!

  320. By the way I meant to type Jeannette, not Jennifer. I’m pretty tired right now.

  321. Ok, sign me up! I’ve been a spactator too long.

  322. ahem – spectator that is.

  323. Please count me in. I can’t wait to see who I get for mutual interviewism – and as we know from sex, anticipation is half the fun.

  324. I’m in. Just clue me the hell in 🙂

  325. I may be somewhere else when you get to me. Or I may be there. Leave a comment, just in case.

  326. I already did my interview, but sadly the person who was going to interview me, bailed. Too many other commitments. Sigh.

  327. My problem is THIS, I was on vacation when you started this. I did tell two other friends about it but didn’t check back to see if they’d signed up!

    I wanna do it but it seems to have burnt itself out. However, I’ll volunteer to take up the slack if people have flaked out. Let me know 😉

  328. oh what the hell, i have the free time. how does this work again?

  329. Dan-E, ExpatJane should interview you.

    You should interview the next new commenter that isn’t a trackback.

  330. This perpetual interview string is fascinating! Sign me up.

  331. This is just really cool… I wanna be one of the cool kids! Sign me up too!

  332. Is it too late to play? I just discovered your site!

  333. JHS — Not too late at all. MissyBW will interview you. You interview the next commenter.

  334. Well I guess we can say this event has been a success! I want to play now.

  335. Once again, I’m late to the party! I want to play too.

  336. Totally late to the party – came here by Avitable. I’d like to play!

  337. Got here from Avi’s site too! I would love to play!

  338. My interviewer (Mitchell Blatt) seems to have gone AWOL. I haven’t heard from him and his blog appears to be down. What next?

  339. Yay! Whew! GEEZ. I’m exhausted from the linky links.

    See above.

    Thanks, Neil.

  340. i want to play! does this mean i’m interviewing mocha? ’cause that kind of rocks. 🙂

  341. No, Lara, you interview the next person.

  342. Came by way of Mocha Momma.

    I’ll bite.

  343. I would like to do this! May I still?

  344. I think I’m in. YES! I’m in! I think.

  345. I’d love to participate! Can I still get in?

  346. Throw us on the interview list!

  347. Throw me in if you can! x

  348. Neil,

    How did I miss this brilliant experiment in all our twittering? Throw me into the ring if there’s room.

  349. Great idea. If it’s still OK, count me in. Debra looks like a rather intriguing interrogator. (That’s how it works, not the other way around, no?)

    And I look forward to seeing whom I draw.

  350. Can I still join?? I mostly lurk here but I think that you are HILARIOUS and would love to interview someone!

  351. (SKIP)

    Callie and I are working on it. Promise. We have not forgotten. It should be up this week.

  352. I’m in! So who do I interview? Come on next commenter!

  353. Okay, Toni, that’d be me! And next is…?

  354. I’d love to interview and be interviewed if there are still enough interested folks?

  355. Okay, I’m done.

    My interview of Callie from Little Visions is up here

    Awesome idea!

  356. I’ve posted! is Egghead’s interview of me, and I see that Jen has also posted my questions to her.

  357. i’d like to get interviewed!!

  358. If it isn’t too late… count me in!

  359. This sounds like a great idea….count me in!

  360. (SKIP until I speak to writer)

    My curiosity is piqued. Sign me up!

  361. This project is awesome. I can’t wait to start crafting my questions, (and answers).

  362. I wouldn’t mind being a part of this project…it sounds really neat.

  363. i’m someone! me too me too!

  364. Holy. Trucker.


  365. Time to finally take that journalism degree off the shelf! Can I still play?

  366. (SKIP UNTIL I speak with Anita)

    Count me in – great idea, great work!


  367. Neil, this is the coolest idea since the idea got invented by the Fonz… I can’t wait to make someone’s acquiantance(?)!


    I think this sounds Amazing.

  369. What a great and interesting idea!

  370. I’d like to be part of this too, if it isn’t too late. 🙂

  371. Great idea. Is it still going? Would love to join in.

  372. what a great social experiment. i’m boring i’d like to participate.

  373. Okay, okay. I can’t resist any longer. Please count me in!

    And wow, what a Herculean task you’ve landed yourself with. What an amazing thing you’ve done. You rock!

  374. Count me in… this is a fabulous idea.

  375. SKIP

    a little cog in the little humming machine, my interviewee (Maggie) backed out of the little experiment. I guess I can take the person she was supposed to interview if you want?!?

  376. I just read Arjewtino’s interview with Sassy of I Heart Internet – fabulous. Please add me to the list.

  377. I’d love to be a part of this, if my jumping on isn’t too late for the bandwagon…

  378. Brilliant idea! Well done, Neil. Happy to interview and be interviewed still, if anyone’s up for it. Just let me know!

    Also, I hope you don’t mind of I create an adaptation of this experiment. Happy to give you attribute, of course. 🙂

  379. “…anyone who decides to write about their life online is interesting…”

    I agree! What a great way to meet other bloggers too. Count me in. 🙂

  380. Okay I’m in, let’s do this!

  381. Ooh, this sounds good, I definitely want in on the bandwagon!

  382. What a fantastic idea! If it’s not to late, I’d like to join the party.

  383. I was actually looking for the Good Interview Experiment. I think this is much, much better. Sign me up.

  384. Me, too! Excellent idea!

  385. I’m late to the party, but I’ve been seeing these interviews all over the place and I love it. I’m in!

  386. i’d love to be somebody too, please count me in!

  387. I’d love to be a part of this. So sign me up! Thanks…

  388. Consider me in! I yearn to be interviewed. I plan to wear sunglasses and sip an appletini around the pool whilst tossing bon mots to my fans (that would be actual fans, btw – it’s getting hot here in Arizona already).

  389. Is it too late to sign up?

  390. I’m interested if it’s still going… 🙂

  391. I’m In, can I still do it?!?!

  392. i may as well do something with that journalism undergrad degree i’ve never used. i love this clever idea. i’m in!

  393. Holy god that’s a long list.
    Make me on it, please.

  394. this is amazing, I wish I had caught on sooner. Can I join in still?

  395. […] I got lucky. My first interview subject was Liz, a mom from Richmond, Virginia, in the good-ol’ US of A. Just about the coolest mom I’ve ever met. […]

  396. Wow, what a great project! If it’s not too late, please count me in – I’d love to take part.

    Best wishes to all involved,


  397. Looks like fun. I’m in. Rosie interviews me and I’ll interview the next person who comments!

  398. Hi,
    I found your link via Katherine, one of your interviewees. Please count me in also. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  399. This sounds fascinating! Sometimes I’ve felt like the blogworld is kinda like finding a seat in the cafeteria on the first day of school. I look forward to finding some new blogs out there.

  400. Sounds like fun, Neil. Count me in.

  401. Sounds intriguing! Found you via the Unreliable Narrator.

    I am in! 🙂

  402. I want to play!!!!!

  403. I want to play, too! Sounds fun!

  404. (Hi, Very Heaven — I’m going to skip you right now until I get someone who reads German for your interview —

    exceptional.avvsome.* i´ll intervievv everybody. vvhat a thrill! i´ll promote yourexperiment on my blog.

    veryheavenly greetings TO ALL
    from germany

  405. Is it too late to get in on the interview experiment?

    I’d like to be interview and to interview someone.

    Thanks, Tami

  406. happy tax day, y’all… next project: interview!

  407. I am totally down with this interview experiment thing. I’d like to be added, please.

  408. This is a fantastic idea. Please count me in.

  409. I’d like to sign up for this. Cool idea.

  410. Very cool! If it’s still going, I’d love to take part.

  411. Count me in! I love all aspects of interviewing!

  412. I just started reading you and I love the idea of this. Can I join?

  413. If you are still taking applicants, I’m interested!

  414. Bzzzzgrrrl has been interviewed, and it’s up at her site and Bitterly Indifferent. It’s a frank, open discussion of May day dancing, emoticons, and a surprising lack of hillbillies.

  415. I like me some q-in’ and a-in’ and franks and beans.

  416. This is cool,wonder why i didn’t find it sooner,well all hope is not lost atleast i know that i am somebody.

  417. This is very cool – love it!!

  418. Dipping just my toe into the pool.

  419. In the bottomless sea of copycat ideas the internet has become, it is great to see (at least to me) an original idea bobbing around…

    I wish I would have thought of it myself…

  420. SKIP THIS

    Hey yo!

    I’m supposed to be interviewed by Scott and I’m supposed to interview Dan-E. So um, how do I find them. Maybe the comments, but er…well…hmmmm. Let me check the comments. nevermind…duh

  421. Holy crapamoley – I didn’t realize there was a list going on about this. After 626 names.. I’m uh – guessing it’s a little too late and I’ll just have to interview myself. I think that’s called a meme. pftz. Obviously everyone wanted to be interviewed. Go figger.

  422. This is a brilliantly simple idea, I’m so in!!! So who do I interview and who interviews me?

    And Neil, you had me at “I’m not a nobody online. The minute I posted my first post, I was a “published” writer. Even if my writing sucked.” My feelings exactly!!!

  423. Sign me up! I LOVE this….

  424. How the hell did I not sign up for this before? Maybe I really am a nobody.

  425. Are you even still doing this?

  426. Blair, yes indeed.

  427. Wish I found this earlier! I’m in.

  428. How the hell are you going to get through all those names? See you in about 12 years for an interview.


  429. Judging by the length of this list, looks like my job will be to write an exit interview and turn out the lights!

  430. Is it too late to do this?

    Anyhow this is Auds at Barking Mad and I’d love the chance to be interviewed or interview someone. Would finally make that partial journalism degree pay off. *lol*

  431. i’d like to participate, because i have a lot of free time at work to goof off.

  432. Very cautious woman here, treading slowly, looking for land mines. Keeping head down…..step one….read what you’re getting yourself into…..step two…..trying to figure out WHAT you’re getting yourself into….step three….forgetting to look UP….splat.

    OK. I’m in.

  433. I can be last – and would be especially fabulous at interviewing myself – you know, if it comes to that.

  434. Hey, sign me up for an interview. I figure you’ll get to me, when, like in 2025? By then maybe I’ll have optioned all of my books to HBO (don’t ask…been there, done that…the producer died…blah blah blah)..


  435. Wow. I’m in… but from the length of the list it looks like it will be 2015 before it’s my turn, eh?

  436. I want to be interviewed by Oh the Joys!

  437. ME! Redneck Mommy interviews ME!!!

  438. You can count me in.

  439. (skip)

    Girl in the Mirror interviews me, huh. Should I tell her I have a gorgeous rock star drummer son? I think not! (heh)

    I guess I’d better go back and read your instructions now. Are we supposed to contact each other and report back here or are you coordinating this? Gah! I hate reading instructions, which is why I’ve had a huge unopened box from IKEA in my bedroom for, hmmm, 3 years now? I should mention it’s actually my new bed…but I’ve kind of gotten used to just using a mattress and box spring and that box makes a hell of a spot to drape my t-shirts and sweaters…

  440. (skip)

    the rules: you don’t need to wait for me to contact you. Just contact the person in front of you and say you want to be interviewed. And then wait for the next person tontact you. Or contact that person also.

    If the person doesn’t get back to you within a week, just email me, and I’ll move ya.

  441. Me too! Add me to the thang…

  442. I’m in. Somebody interview me! 😛

  443. Room for one more?

  444. What a totally cool experiment. I’m in.

  445. Great idea. Add me to the interview list.

  446. Me too! I wanna play!

  447. Sure, why not!

    Sam, I’m on you like white on rice!

  448. I am totally in! Let’s rock!

  449. I requested to be on this list once before and I never heard back from anyone….

    I would like to participate in this event.


  450. I’m interested. I thought I had signed up, but I guess not. I just got one of those blogger awards, and I accepted it — but I felt kind of dirty. 🙂 So count me in.

  451. Ok so believe it or not I am new to this whole blogging thing. I am a firm believer in attracting things into your life and just 4 weeks ago I was clueless about blogging-now I have 3,, and funny thing is that I am hooked. I completely get a thrill out of writing things down and I have split my personality into my sex life as a mom, my travel addiction that hasn’t stopped since I became a mother and Frenchie mom is my every day shit, I mean life as a mom;) Now though my husband is busting my chops that I haven’t had one comment and quizing me on how to get traffic to my blog!!! I would love to have an interview and have someone notice me-that’s what life is all about right? Being noticed and appreciated by others-would love to chat

  452. I’d love to do this – count me in!

  453. Ok, ok, you got me, I’m in 🙂 just don’t forget to nag and tell me what to do step-by-step 🙂

  454. I’m signing up. I just read the NYT article about BlogHer and for some reason it creeped me out. Perhaps the mention of Katie Couric.

  455. This is a great idea. I’m in! And thanks to Backpacking Dad for directing me (and probably a bunch of others) over here!

  456. This is brilliant!!! I want in!!

  457. Backpacking dad sent me… i’m in!

    Let me know what I need to do!

  458. Backpacking Dad sent me, too! I’m happy to have Heather!!!!

  459. This fascinates me… particularly the reasons for doing it.

  460. I’d be interested in getting back in on this. Back when I signed up the first time, the person I interviewed only put hers up for a millisecond then took it back down. The person who was supposed to interview me never sent me any questions.

  461. Sounds great. I’d love to join in.

  462. I’d really like to be a part of it. Sounds like an awesome method of procrastination, and I’m always looking for those.

    Count me in.

  463. Ok, because all the other kids are doing it, I’ll totally throw myself under the bus too! Bring it on.

  464. Ditto — the bus, backpack dad and bring it!

  465. Why the hell not? I followed the link from Backpacking Dad, and viola! Here I am. 🙂

  466. So, who wants to take a chance and be interviewed by a SHRINK? (I promise not to ask about your mother.)

    Although it goes against my shrinky grain, I will certainly answer questions too, if anyone’s interested!

  467. Sounds fun. I’m in.

  468. I’m in. Tired, but in.

  469. This is so cool. I am in.

  470. It’s been quite a while since I interviewed anyone but this sounds like fun. Who gets to interview you?

  471. Definitely! But i’ve got a hard time following logic…
    So, I’m to wait until the person after me comments, then interview that person?
    Don’t answer. I’ll figure it out.

  472. (skip)

    yes san diego momma –

    contact the person above you to interview you. Hopefully the person below you will contact you. Or contact them first. Anyway you want. Any problems, contact me.

  473. Oh, the things I will do if a good looking guy tells me to… It is all BPD’s fault.

  474. I love this idea! i am so in. Contact me next person and let’s play!

  475. Wow! What an incredible idea! I can’t wait to get started!

  476. This is a brilliant idea! I’m in! Interviewer, interviewee… I’ll do it, just pair me up! (Genius, man. Seriously.)

  477. I think this idea is bangin’. I’m all for it! 🙂

    x x

  478. I’m in! Yeah! I’m most excited to see who signs up below me, who I get to meet and “hang out” with, tell their story.

  479. I can’t believe it took so long for me to hear about this – what a cool idea!

  480. Yes, please. I’ve interviewed others on my site, and frankly I want some of that action.

  481. Brilliant idea. I’m in…

  482. Pretty cool. I have not been interviewed before except for as a job candidate!

  483. oh I want to play!

  484. (skip)
    I don’t have time to read all 730 comments, but I wonder if anyone attributed the poem to Emily Dickinson, who wrote it. I’m a librarian. We think things like that are important.

  485. So THIS is what you are doing when I have to live my real life and run out to Target in the evening.

    I am SO late, but still want to get in on this, if possible. I will be gone to summer camp (I know, right?) all week long, but would love to pick up when I get back.

    let me know.


  486. Is this still continuing? If so, I´m game.

  487. This is the kind of stuff I live for! Oh, and loved the post on 3 course dessert. I was the official grapefruit sectioner in my family…that was the beginning of nearly every dinner. Where DID these 50’s moms get such fancy ideas, especially considering their parents were immigrants coming out of poverty in Europe.

  488. This is pretty much a dream come true. I want to feel cool so count me in.

  489. Fascinating. Would love the chance.

  490. Love this idea! I only just started blogging in late May, but I love it….. Interesting!

  491. Okay, I’m in! I love this idea.

  492. Ok, Marinka’s interview is now live.

  493. This looks like fun! I want in.

  494. Ooh, fun, count me in!

  495. this sounds fun…can i play too?

  496. Love this idea. Please count me in :o)

  497. Extraordinarily late, but in. If you’ll have me.

  498. I need an assignment, pleasssseeeee…

  499. Having read about this over on Redneck Mommy’s blog, I have to say “Yes! Interview me!”

  500. This sounds great! I’m in.

  501. Holy shit! That’s a lot of comments and people to be interviewed. That being said I’d love to be interviewed and maybe have a chance at interviewing someone else.

  502. Wow, looks like I may be interviewing myself. Is there anyone left?
    Bring it on…even if it’s 2009!

  503. PEER PRESSURE!!! I can’t take it anymore… I’m in.

  504. Sounds fun! Just started blogging, but have been lurking for a while on others’. But you said everybody is somebody here *sniff* so I wanna be somebody.

  505. I’m in Neil. *do it, do it, she says to herself*

    You’re the best.

  506. This is incredible! I found you through Oh The Joys and I’m totally intrigued!!

  507. I play well with others.

    Count me in.

  508. Well, I’m in.

    I’ve heard about this (and just read an interview tonight). Very cool.

  509. Love this idea! Can’t wait.

  510. late to the party, but count me in too!

  511. hope i’m not too late!

  512. Is it too late to join in? This looks like fun…

  513. Heck, I think I wanna do this too!

  514. Oh, bring it on! I’m in. Definitely in.

  515. This sounds like fun, count me in too.

  516. I’m totally a joiner. 🙂

  517. Me too! This looks fun, plus it’s kind of genius.

  518. Sounds kind of cheesy, but I just read Carmen’s (Mom to the Screaming Masses) blog and so, can I play too???

  519. Can’t wait for the questions!

  520. can we do it a second time? or is that “forbidden?” I will go another round.

  521. See? *cough* Not too late to play.

  522. I’ll throw my hat into the ring….

  523. I’m here through Send Chocolate, and I love to have people ask me questions. I’m not so good at the asking of questions, but I’ll give it a whirl!

  524. What a cool experiment/ project! I’m interested in participating.

  525. I might have to throw my hat in the ring again because I’m really impatient and haven’t been contacted for an interview yet. And that means that I can interview again, right?? Schweet.

  526. I’m interested in interviewing (and being interviewed)! What a rad idea!

  527. This is a great idea. I would love to be interviewed as well as interview someone. Sign me up!

  528. Actually, this scares the crap out of me. So, sign me up!

  529. I’d love to get involved in this. Sounds like fun!

  530. fantastic idea! linked from Unmitigated and happy i followed the link!

  531. Very cool idea. I’d love to participate!

  532. I don’t know how I got here…
    Sign me up.

  533. Can I play? I promise I’ll be good. I promise.

  534. I would like to play too please.

  535. Look, I don’t get enough attention anymore. So interview me. I want it to be all about me right now!!!! Uh…please?

  536. I’d like to believe I’m somebody, so please add me to the list, thanks so much…

  537. Oooooooo, pick me, too, please. It’s a Self-Esteem Boost meets Pay-It-Forward double whammy. Love It.

  538. I would love to participate!
    Can I, Please?

  539. Brilliant. I can’t wait!

  540. Well, if Hope is still the last on the list, have at me!

    This is an amazing project.

  541. I would love to participate. Let me know if I am in 🙂

  542. Always late to the party, I’m just reading about this now. May I participate?

  543. better late than never? I hope. From the looks of that list, Bristol Palin will give birth before my name comes up.

  544. I’d love to participate.

  545. Is it too late to get in on this? Sounds like a blast!

  546. Me! Me! Me! (It will be years before it gets to me.) Me! Me! Me!

  547. Hey .. I want to jump on the bandwagon too and interview and be inteviewed!

    Great intiative Neil!

  548. Add me to the list! You know so like in 2050 I’ll get interviewed.

  549. Woah. How late am I?

    I’m in! See Brenda and the rest in 2050!

  550. Better late than never, right? My parents forbade me from majoring in Mass Communications, so this is my only shot at justice! Interview me and I’ll tell you what I ended up doing with my life!

  551. I like this alter ego. Talking penises…you’re funny.

  552. Why am I so nervous about this? And why do I feel the need both to apologize and to leave credentials?

    Count me in. Mostly I want to interview someone.

  553. I love this idea (and your blog), would really enjoy being part of it if it’s still going strong after all this time!

  554. This sounds like a lot of fun. i’m in.