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Why does it have to be so complicated with women?

Enough already.


  1. whoorl

    Wito just rolled his eyes when I played the song. Apparently, Depeche Mode gives him attitude problems.

  2. Neil

    And from that video, I’m already getting ideas for my next hair style.

  3. deezee

    maybe your relationship woes stem from the fact that you seem to be stuck in a previous musical decade… πŸ˜‰

  4. LVGurl

    YES! Just what I needed this morning. Awe, I love D’Mode.

    And I love 80’s videos.

    “Okay, tighten the focus on the keyboard. Yep, yep, okay now pan over to the dancing legs. Good! Okay, now back to… the… keyboard… then flash to Dave Gahan. And BACK to the keyboard. Cue dancers.”

    Are things going okay with Sophia?

  5. Neil

    LVGurl — You’ll notice that I didn’t specify WHICH woman to avoid legal matters… I said “women” in general. This specific woman could be anyone — my mother, the checkout girl at the supermarket, or even YOU. I’m not mentioning names.

    Deezee — At least I moved out of the 70’s and ABBA. I’m getting closer to the present.

  6. chez bez

    I feel your pain. Now where’s my skinny tie?


  7. sizzle

    if you find the answer to that question- you will be a rich man!

  8. Ash

    It’s all the man’s fault (always). But I enjoyed the video πŸ™‚

  9. Dana

    Oh, David Gahan and Martin Gore. What hotties. Is it wrong that I know by heart the lyrics to every single Depeche Mode song ever written (except the ones from the new album, donÒ€ℒt even get me started on that mess of a recording).

    How I loves me some gay boys. They are gay, right? And who are those trampy women groping my lovely young men? Get off them, you bitches! Off!

  10. Dana

    (A quick wikipedia search reveals they are not gay. I always get English and gay confused.)

  11. Bre

    Pft! Women are simple, why are men so complex?

  12. Dagny

    Dana is mistaken. Those are my lovely young men.

    Also, Bre has it completely right.

  13. Neil

    Dana — Have you heard of Nouvelle Vague — this French female group that does mellow jazz versions of 80s songs, including this one —

  14. churlita

    I’m also on the “men have to make everything complex” bandwagon. I’m a straight shooter. I don’t lie, cheat or steal. I know what I want, and the guy I’m seeing is the one who doesn’t know what he wants. He’s not ready for a real relationship right now, but he wants me to wait and “hang-out” with him until he is. Huh?

  15. LisaBinDaCity

    Ah therapy…

  16. Mrs Mogul

    I loved them when I was in high school!! my friend Liz traveled with them all over their ROUTE 66 tour! She’s in the documentary!!

  17. liz elayne

    i. love. this. song.
    love it.

    (not going to say anything about the complicated bit. nope. just going to bop my head along with depeche mode.)

  18. V-Grrrl

    Neil, if only you had leather pants, your life would be perfect.

  19. psychomom

    I think I’ve had enough too!

  20. Sarah

    complicated but you blokes love us anyway πŸ˜›

  21. Dana

    Neil, so hating the Nouvelle Vague tune. And is that Moby? I do not like Moby. Also, in my first comment, I meant to call Depeche Mode “gay boys,” not “guy boys.” That will teach me to not underestimate the importance of proofreading in the future.

  22. Kay Dennison

    ‘Cause you guys wouldn’t love us any other way, that’s why?

  23. Jennifer

    We’re complicated?

  24. Lisa

    It’s part of our mystery!

  25. Hilly

    Because we don’t even know what WE want from one second to the other yet expect you to keep up. It’s not fair…it just “is”.

  26. wendy

    I sense some veiled sadness…I hope it’s nothin too deep…

    As for the’s a current lil fable from my own little life.

    Have a friend getting married on Saturday. She’s young..just graduated college..he’s a bit older.

    They have stopped having sex before the ceremony..I think for a month…They don’t live together.

    Yesterday when I saw the bride to be..she mentioned groom to be had been getting rather nippish with her…making some snide references to her “holding”out. Bride to be felt the need to justify…and quantify her position. She asked for advice.

    I thought for a moment..and replied as only a seasoned cougar can..

    “Sweetie, just bat your eyes, slide real close, and whisper in his ear…I’ll will most definately be worth the wait.”

    She looked at me as if I was a genius. Nope just a complicated, crafty woman.

    We can’t help ourselves Neil..sorry..genetic code.

  27. gorillabuns

    this song reminds me of a time when i was dating my long-time boyfriend after he went off to college. he popped this cassette tape into his white GTO’s tape player. i found my own personal jesus and broke up with him shortly thereafter.

    actually, the song had nothing to do with the situation and he soon realized, the female lot as a whole is quite a prickly species.

    i would concur, we are simply not worth the hassel most of the time.

  28. You can call me, 'Sir'

    You really need to warn people before you have them watch keyboard-heavy 80s-music videos early in the morning. That’s how heart-attacks and homicides happen.

  29. shortie


  30. an9ie

    Hooboy! That was a blast from the past! Whee! Yes, if I didn’t know better I’d have thought they were gay too, thank goodness Dave has lost the puppy chin fat and replaced it with heroin chic lines :p

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