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When is it Our Turn, Katharine McPhee?


It’s nice to get the latest New Yorker in the mail (thank you Leesa!), but nothing is quite as exciting as receiving my Stuff Magazine fresh off the press. However, today, I received my August issue, and I was quite surprised (and disappointed) to find nice Valley girl and 2006 American Idol runner up, Katharine McPhee, splashed across the cover, wearing hardly any clothes.


This truly upset me because it is another example of the double standard that exists in this country. Why do half-undressed women ALWAYS get to be on magazine covers? When is it going to be OUR turn? I am ready and willing to appear on a magazine cover in my birthday suit if the price is right (at least $50 bucks and lunch at Wendy’s), but does anyone expect me to get any phone calls from Cosmopolitan or O or Saveur magazine or even Bloggers Weekly? Of course not. We men are virtually invisible as half-undressed individuals on magazine covers!

This is exactly why we need BlogHim — to discuss important issues concerning men. We will not rest until we get as much respect as mommybloggers ONLINE and get equal work as sexily-posed half-naked individuals on magazine covers.

Thank you, Taylor Hicks, for your support of BlogHim. We support you and your struggle to be accepted. We remember that it was YOU who won American Idol, not Katharine McPhee. We are honored that you are allowing us to show this recent photo of you, hoping that it will change stereotypes about our bodies, our selves, and our own need for exhibitionism and admiration. (salt and pepper chest hairs have been photoshopped out for that sleek “swimmer” look that is so popular with women and gay men)



  1. Catheroo

    This is so far from what I thought you meant when I read your title in my Google Reader.
    You slay me. So, tell us…how do we rule the world before we’re 30? I’m past the big 3-oh, but I’m curious to find out what the article said.
    By the way, Taylor is looking mighty fine these days!

  2. Dagny

    You’re a cheap date, Neil.

  3. Margaret

    when do we see you half-nekkid? let’s end the double standard

  4. plain jane

    You’re having waay too much fun here. Go do something unpleasant and punishing as penance.

  5. E

    sorry to get all english teachery on you, but it’s kathArine mcphee. you need to correct your blog title, your tags and your content.

    oh, and add your own picture, stuff photoshoot style at the same time.

  6. wendy

    Neil, Number one SPEEDOS ARE NOT SEXY! thie first and second picture of the girl are very alluring..but in the third one she looks a little like a broken dijointed barbie doll…

    I think everyone deserves a diva photoshoot day..would do us all some good feeling the magic of a good camera angle..and lighting…and make up ect…There’s a little sexy in all of us….just no least to appeal to women. Please.

  7. Neil

    Thanks, E! I knew I could trust you to catch misspellings of celebrities!

  8. kapgar

    The fact that you took the time to photoshop what’s his name’s head on the body of a guy in a Speedo makes me truly worry about you, Neil.

  9. pam

    Neil, I really wish you were coming to BlogHer. Though you’d probably be such an a-list celeb I wouldn’t be able to have lunch with you.

  10. Finn

    Please remove that head from that body. Eww.

  11. Jennifer

    It would depend on what you were ordering at Wendy’s. Would you be wanting the Biggie Fries with that?

  12. sputnik

    You forgot to airbrush-tan Taylor’s face. He’s looking a little ghostly. In her third picture, apparently Katharine fell off her impossible shoes. Oops.

  13. Bryna

    Not to be critical, but I don’t think ANY man will be on the cover of Stuff magazine in his skivvies. It just won’t happen. Now, Peoples sexiest guys, yes. Then you can have all the “men with no shirts on” that you can handle!

  14. shortie

    This is why I love the Dove adds. REAL people.

  15. melanie

    Ok, I am not so much turned on by half naked beautiful men, as much as men who look like they may have sex with me.

    do I sound like a guy? I should go to the Blog Him conference, not the Blog Her.


  16. maribeth

    There were some actual swimsuit photos of Taylor in a recent issue of People magazine. Not too shabby.

  17. Neil

    Maribeth — I knew some American Idol gossip would coax you into commenting!

  18. V-Grrrl

    I disagree with Wendy–Speedos ARE sexy and long, baggy knee length shorts in girly florals are NOT.

  19. E

    Neil, heehee 🙂 it might have had something to do with the magazine cover.

  20. E

    In Australia Speedos are called:

    1. “budgie smugglers”, or, more rudely
    2. “dick stickers”.

    Generally thought of as unattractive. Aussiebum swimmers are more popular, as are surf shorts!

  21. E

    Sorry for the serial commenting, but one more thing: Shortie, Dove ads are funny — the ads in Asia are vastly different from the ones for the western world. The women are about half the size, and pale as anything. For the West, it’s about a tan. In short, it’s all clever marketing.

  22. MammaLoves

    I have to say this “mommyblogger” falls into the column of fan of the knee-length girly floral bathing suits. No banana hammocks for me please. Leave something for the imagination please!!!

    And I’m sorry you’re jealous of us BlogHer attendees. We’ll be sure to let you know all about the swag we bring home. Guess it finally pays to be a gatherer rather than a hunter. FINALLY!

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