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BlogHim ’07: Who Needs Women?


BlogHer who?  Blog about being a Man — July 27-29!

Anything you can do, We can do better!

(nostalgic for BlogHim ’06?)


  1. Now THAT’s just scary. He should have nipple rings to complete the grossness of the pic. Not the least bit attractive. Just plain nasty.

  2. Someone needs a waxing…

  3. why do i want to add him to my blog?

  4. How do I sign up??? Not to be topless. But just to celebrate being a MAN!!!

  5. Geeze, talk about your square jaw!

  6. Oh great. Now for a whole friggin’ week we have to read about penises, farts, and favorite cartoons?

  7. Hey, the apostrophe is wrong. Nothing like reinforcing male stereotypes of hairy-chested, tattooed illiterate. ;–)

  8. I hate it when men have bigger breasts than me. Damnit.

  9. Can I get this on a t-shirt so I can wear it to BlogHer?

  10. Is your masculinity threatened after yesterday’s fashion post?

  11. Who needs women? MEN.

    Brettdl, where is the apostrophe wrong?

  12. Bwaha! You know what’s ironic? If men got together for a blog conference, all they’d do is talk about women. Heh. You know it’s true.

  13. neil, come now, smoking isn’t cool.


  14. That is one scary looking guy.

  15. But will there be women?

  16. This is perfect! If you’d like, we could probably work out an arrangement where you get your own exhibitor table. And, um, I guess…keg? Perhaps we could also coordinate a late-night wet t-shirt contest? I think it’d go over *really* well!

  17. What are the odds that this little fella looks anything like any of the male bloggers out there?

  18. Heather Anne – you are SO right!

    He kind of looks like his chest hair was shaved and now is stubbly growing in. And that 5:00 shadow is reaching into the next day! He would be no fun to cuddle with. Boo!

  19. “Who Needs Women?”— apparently you do. 🙂

  20. actually – I think I know him.

  21. Blog this beeyatch! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

    I’ve got a BlogHer badge and, you know, BlogHer was the first site to link to me when I started last July.

    But, then again, I was one of the first bloggers to react when North Korea fired off a missile last year. AND, get this, I was an American in Seoul -they linked well. What pissed me off about that was I was up watching a World Cup match!!!

    However, still, they linked to me first, so I’ve got much BlogHer loyalty even though, for the life of me, I still can’t figure out the logistics of their website.

    You know they DO have men at the conference too.

    LOL – Brettol got it right: “Hey, the apostrophe is wrong. Nothing like reinforcing male stereotypes of hairy-chested, tattooed illiterate. ;–)”

    Have fun at BlogHim. A bunch of dudes and no women. It will be so lonely for you guys.

  22. Teebopop — why is this photo “gross?” Imagine if I said that about one of your gender. I would be blacklisted.

    MEN, wear your chest hair proudly! What are you… pussies?

    Presented by Dove Campaign for Real Men

    And Kristy — I know you are an important force in organizing BlogHer — what are Stacy, Heather, and Kris doing “speaking” at the conference about women? What the hell do they know about women? Have any of them ever even SLEPT with a woman? Well, I have. I know women better than they do. And I’ve written more posts about bras than all of the speakers combined.

    Recruit Neilochka to speak at BlogHer 2008, his seminar titled: “Everything You Want to Know About Woman From the One who Knows More About Them Than Anyone in the Room (except for the lesbians)!

  23. And the Simpsons movie is opening on July 27 in honor of BlogHim.

  24. Hmm will there be ball scratching?

  25. less hair and more tattoos.. well, that is my only complaint here so.

    Women have conferences for everything don’t they? its all just another way for us to get together and talk about how superior we are to men. come on neil, you know that!

  26. Nice. I like reading what YOU MEN have to say. Especially my buddy Harry, who bogs at
    I’ll keep checking in…

  27. Omigod! Didn’t we date about 100 years ago? lol

  28. Hard pecs. As in…IMPLANTS!

  29. Wait…you have male readers?

  30. I will certainly pass along your suggested topic:

    “Everything You Want to Know About Woman From the One who Knows More About Them Than Anyone in the Room (except for the lesbians)!”

    It is very catchy! Plus, we do far too little to call out lesbianism in our session titles. Were you ever in marketing? Because wow!

    (I heart you.)

  31. I have the hair (the wife loves it) and the tats but not quite the square jaw thing going on.

    If all the guys did at the conference is talk sports, cars and women, I’d be bored.

  32. Oh, I’m done for the ball scratching though, it’s an innate thing we cannot help it!

  33. I’m sure they cannot wait for Neil’s seminars on bird capture and plumbing.

  34. Now THIS sounds like a conference I would like to attend. I think it sounds infinitely more interesting than blogging about poop and spitup.

  35. I can get behind a conference like this where there are hairy men with square jaws. I could speak at this conference if you like. Know why? Because I’ve slept with men like this. I know men better than you do.


  36. Mocha — Absolutely. Men are a complete blank to me. And if you would speak at this conference, I guarantee that ticket sales would go through the roof. You think men really want to see ME speak about blogging, or some hot woman like you?

  37. I suppose it was bound to happen sometime.

  38. Ha! Now that is funny.

  39. This has potential, real potential.

  40. Put a cowboy hat on him, and Voila! You have the Marlboro Man!

    Not a thing wrong with chesty-haired men. In fact, defrocked male chests jes’ ain’t natural (but, I am with the commentor who said toss the coffin nail).

    Great, hilarious post, Neil.

  41. Brettdl,
    I agree with you that in most cases that in front of the 07 should have been 180 degrees with the “tail” at the bottom instead of at the top as used here by Mr. Kramer.
    However, I believe, that the apostrophe was used with its “tail” in the “upward” position on purpose. Perhaps Mr. Kramer felt it seemed more manly to have the “tail” in a demonstrative preening position rather than its normally reluctant sagging position.

    Personally, I’m waiting to see what he does with the % symbol.

  42. Finally! SOMETHING for men.

    I’m with you, Neil. Fight the powers that be. The banner is on my site.

    And I like the apostrophe. Everyone else can just stick it.

  43. Can I go? I think I would fit in better than BlogHer. I mean, not with the whole genital and sports thing, but just overall.

  44. Well, I don’t wanna speak for the Grand Penis Potentate, but I think we should be inclusive. So, tentatively, yes.

    You just have to practice spittin’…

  45. You didn’t hear it from me, but I’m pretty sure Stacy would fit in with the genital thing too. The sports, not so much.

  46. Kris — Hmm… she does have a deep voice.

  47. LOVE it! Now, this is a conference where I know I would have a helluva good time. Can I go? I can talk sports, beer and cars.

    I am not a guest speaker at BlogHer, but I bet you I can come up with some kickass topics for BlogHim!

  48. The first BlogHim salvo has been fired! Ahoy!

  49. Heather B. of BlogHer just told me about this. I had some additional ideas for Blog? conferences:

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