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Good Humor


If you’re reading this on Thursday, we’re probably already on our way to Cedars-Sinai, where Sophia is having a second surgery for the DCIS they found in her breast.  

We heard that laughter is good for healing, so tonight, we went to the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach to see Jay Leno perform.  I found the comedian much more entertaining — and real — in person than he seems on the Tonight Show.

Two weeks ago, before Sophia’s last surgery, the surgeon at Cedars-Sinai asked Sophia to write the word “Yes” on the right side of her chest, so everyone would be on the same page (or boob) during the surgery, and so no one would get sued.  

During the comedy show, Sophia had an idea.  When we first entered the club, the bouncer had stamped the back of our hands to show that we paid.   On the way out, Sophia asked him to stamp her again, but this time — in a very special place.   The bouncer seemed quite bewildered by the request, but Sophia was charmingly persistent, and so he went back to the office to retrieve the stamp.  I think the staff at Cedars should get a kick out of it.   

 At least they won’t forget which boob to work on.


Wish Sophia good luck… and quick healing…


  1. Beautiful!

    Prayers and warm thoughts for you both today. God bless.

  2. I wish Sophia well today….I hope the sirgery goes well and that everything will be more than okay! Prayers, my dears.

  3. Sophia is an amazing woman! Good luck, Sophia and quick healing. You are in my thoughts, as are you, Neil.

  4. i liked jay leno before he got his current gig.
    good luck to sophia, i’ll be thinking of you today.

  5. Good luck and speedy recovery!

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with y’all today. Healing vibes coming at you through the ether! Peace.

  7. Good luck. Take care.

  8. All my prayers today!

  9. Good Luck Sophia! You’re in my prayers!

  10. Blessings, Prayers, Namaste, Good Wishes and most of all, may you be laughing together again tonight.

  11. She is so smart to keep positive and offer the doctor a laugh.

    Good Luck and God Bless

  12. prayers for you both all day!

  13. I saw Conan O’brien at his show and he was much funnier than on air. Sending well wishes today to the Mrs.

  14. Laughter is the best Medicine next to prayer….I am thinking of you both right now and praying that you get through this with stregnth and a speedy recovery. I rememeber having surgery and having to write the same’s funny that she stamped it!

  15. The best of luck. You’re in our thoughts.

  16. Only in LA.

    Sophia, you’re in my prayers.

  17. Best wishes for good health and quick healing!

  18. I wish I owned that stamp. It’s like the “easy” button, only I’d stamp “comedy” on everything around me. Sophia has the right attitude, and a guy who’s not afraid to thinly veil his attempts to show us her goods. 😉

  19. Good luck Sophia! Stay positive and visualize a perfect surgery and quick recovery!

  20. Hugs to you BOTH. Love that sense of humor.

  21. love you and sophia. what a woman!

  22. love to you and sophia. what a woman!

  23. Perfect!

    Good luck today, Sophia darling, and heal quickly. xoxo

  24. Prayers for Sophia!

  25. All my best to you and Sophia, Neil. Hang in there, & take good care of yourselves!

  26. you are both aware that they didn’t mark the orientation last time because the surgeon wanted an excuse for another look at that cleavage, right?

  27. That was brilliant, going to the comedy club for a good laugh the night before surgery. I’ve been sending you good vibes all week.

  28. i love that she did that. she’s such a firecracker. thinking of you both today.

  29. Best of luck. You are both in our thoughts and prayers.

  30. Sophie is one smart gal. Good for her. I never knew that comedy and breasts were associated.
    I hope the doctor manages to keep his raucous laughter in check, and thus his hand steady.
    Good luck, and let’s hope for good news and quick healing.

  31. I bet the guy at the comedy club was thrilled to stamp such a nice rack.

    Good luck to Sophia. My prayers are with you guys.

  32. Best of luck! My thoughts are with you.

    (You know someone is going out to register “” this very day, don’t you?)

  33. Good luck Sophia! I’m sure that it’ll go well 🙂

  34. Hehe, Sophia is wicked. I am sending my best wishes to her and to you. Good luck,it’ll all go well, i am sure of it.

  35. My prayers are with you both. Not that I am in good stead with the Big Guy, but it is worth a shot.

  36. Good luck Sophia!

    And that stamp? Yikes!

  37. I’m thinking of you Sophia. You too, Neil. You’ll need your strength for all that cooking…

  38. You’re both in my thoughts!

  39. hope things are or did go alright 🙂

  40. Now, with an attitude like that- and a cheeky surgeon to boot- how could things go anything but well?

  41. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It seems I’m only praying for you guys these days because I only pray when I think of you!!

  42. GOOD LUCK!!! A swift recovery to you, Sophia.

  43. How gracious of Sophia to think of something witty like that when she must be scared and still angry at the uh, boobs at the hospital who didn’t mark her right the first time. Too bad you didn’t have stamps that said “This End Up” (for orientation) and “Fragile, Handle With Care.” Best wishes for quick recovery and putting these episodes behind you.

  44. Sophia rocks, obviously.

    Thinking of you both today…will be out this evening so I hope there’s an update later!

  45. Good Luck & a Speedy Recovery to you Sophia. (Neil – best of luck to you on developing those cooking skills. Us ladies like the guys that can cook – it means they can take care of themselves. We won’t be forever tied to the kitchen, nor will we have to worry that you’d starve if we went out of town for the day.)

  46. Wishing you all the best & I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  47. Ditto the majority vox.

    Much luck and godspeedy-like recovery. Sending you both my warmest, most healing thoughts.

  48. That’ll learn’em! I just said a little prayer for Sophia. Hope you’re both OK.

  49. Hope everything went great today. LOVE the stamp. Much love to both of you!

  50. Sorry that I haven’t been around much lately…life. Just reading and catching up on everything.

    Much luck and love to you, Sophia! I wish you a speedy recovery and not too horrible home-cooked meals prepared by Neil.

  51. Best of luck and many healing wishes to you, dear Sophia!! … and Neil, thinking about you too … it’s hard being in your shoes right now. Peace & love to you both, JP

  52. LOL What a great idea!! Hope the day went smoothly!

  53. I wish you both peace throughout all of this tsoris.

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