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The Mommyblogger Strikes Back


My mommyblogger parody was pretty funny a few days ago, wasn’t it? Sure put those mommybloggers in their place! I’m one funny guy.

OK, maybe not as funny as Dave at Blogography. He is terrific. And his illustrations are amazing. If you haven’t been to his blog, you need to check it out. I’m even wearing one of his cool t-shirts. So, I’m not surprised that his blog was ranked as the #1 humor blog by BlogLaughs, one of the best websites that reviews humor sites.

Hey, I’m in for a good laugh today. Since I already read Dave, let’s see who is at #2?


Hmmm. Some blog named Dooce. Dooce?! What?! The #2 funniest site on the blogosphere is the mommyblogger Dooce?!

Jesus Christ! Is there anything this woman can’t do? I thought I was joking about her running the internet! How much money IS she getting through advertising?

If she wins the Presidential Medal of Honor this year, I’m quitting blogging.

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  1. Hilly

    Wait, you wrote about Mommybloggers? Here I am, childless in Vegas and loving it so I must have missed it.

    Or is that just a lie so no one knows that I see mommyblogger and hit my back browser???

  2. Alexandra

    Your blog is infinitely funnier and more original than Dooce.

  3. Neil

    I can easily find fifteen people on my own blogroll who should be up there on that list!

    Daily Dump
    Mr. Fabulous
    Words for My Enjoyment
    Kill the Goat
    Make Mine Mike
    Melliferous Pants
    Not Yet a Wino
    Surgical Stripes
    Humanity Critic
    Ill Noise
    My Life is God’s Comic Strip
    Origin of Shoeism

  4. Dave2

    Oh sure… Blogography is #1 on the list NOW… but Citizen of the Month hasn’t been reviewed yet! I’m sure when BlogLaughs gets around to YOU, I’ll be kicked right off the list. How can I compete with Neilochka and his talking penis?

    What’s strange is that I’m not trying to be funny on my blog. I guess this means that people are laughing AT me rather than WITH me.

    That hurts a little bit.

    P.S. I hope you are prepared to face Dooce’s legion of Doocebag fans… I wrote about her once just for fun and ended up getting a hate mail.

    That hurt a little bit too.

  5. Melissa

    I will not ever read a mommyblog. Those are the women that raise children no one else will ever be good enough for. There’s a vast difference between folks that have kids and talk about them as part of their life and those friggin mommys that make their litte shit/snot factories their whole life.

  6. Margaret

    First: Dooce is funny, and she started out as a regular blog, pre-mommy.

    Second and foremost, (if second and foremost is allowable): You can’t tease me with quitting or withdrawing this post or I might die.

    Third: Citizen of the Month IS the funniest, most entertaining, most touching out there.

    Fourth: We need a catagory for you beyond “humor”.. and one for me especially, (this may need it’s own post) but what do you call the unpigeon-holeable grown-ups who blog?

  7. Jules

    Please don’t get me started with that girl…

  8. kristen

    Apparently Dooce is the valedictorian of everything so it’s no surprise that she has a stranglehold on most blogging categories. For the record, I think you are MUCH funnier than Dooce.

  9. Viscountess of Funk

    Nothing personal against Dooce – I’ve never read it – but I can’t stand Mommy blogs. And I AM a mommy! Why would I want to read about stuff that I live daily? I want to read about high-brow stuff like penises or Wolfgang Puck being overexposed! Non-Mommy Bloggers UNITE!!

  10. Hilly

    Neil – There are tons of us that just don’t get MommyBloggers nor do we enjoy reading about their new kid adventures of the month; it is like these otherwise terrific women lose who they are and talk only about their kids. I agree with whoever said that there is a huge diff between a mom who blogs and a “mommyblogger” ….hell, I have friends who are highly amusing and you would never guess they have kids. I hope that when and if I have them, my blogging stays the same.

    BTW, my half assed drunk self just got back from seeing Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding and it was hilarious…reminded me so much of a NY Italianoo wedding!

  11. plain jane

    I’m with Jules…

    Don’t worry about not being funny in person, there is “joke funny” and there is “blog funny”, besides you are better than funny, you’re witty.

  12. Scarlet

    I read this OTHER blog for awhile that I thought was Dooce and then one day I followed someone’s link to her and realized I had been reading the wrong blog all along. That other girl, though, she was really funny. I’m glad I had been reading it.

  13. wendy

    I thought the blog you refered to, Blogography, was funny…But he’s a bit COY… like you…as in “I wonder why women..ok girls would enlarge their breasts”…still very funny…Thanks for putting him on my Radar…

  14. Neil

    Wendy — ha ha, yes that Dave at Blogography is very funny. He is also very popular. Much more popular than I am. Not that I mind sending traffic his way. He deserves it. He is #1!! But like, I wouldn’t want you to go over there every day and forget about this blog. I mean just because he is funny doesn’t necessarily mean he is a nice person. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but remember when Mel Gibson said all those racist things in Malibu. Well, I’m not saying that Dave agrees with most of those statements, but hey, he is amusing — if you want to check out his site once or twice. It is YOUR moral compass…

  15. V-Grrrl

    I want to know who thinks the pin-headed middle school snark on The Superficial is funny?

    Go Fug YOurself? Amusing, often cleverly written–but really, how many ways can you say “I hate leggings” or “This outfit sucks.” Gets old. I just like to look at the pictures!

  16. CrankMama

    Hey Neil,
    I agree with the other peeps. You’re way funnier than Dooce. So THERE!

  17. Stefanie

    I thought dooce was amusing when I first read her. But then as time went by and I read other blogs I started to realize that she’s kind of boring. Nothing against her, I mean there are a ton of boring blogs but she’s so popular and I guess I don’t really get it. But that’s just my opinion. By the way, in reference to your other post above this one, I hate emoticons. I can’t believe I even wrote that word I hate them so much. I don’t like abbreviations much at all. Also, one more thing, I’d never even heard of “mommyblogs” when I started mine. I guess I’m in that catagory but I hate that too. I should never have put the word baby in my blog title because now I’m pidgeon holed and I talk about so much more! Plus, all the swearing!!

  18. deannie

    Yeah, Heather is pretty talented. I am glad she gets recognized for her talent.

    You are every bit on my ‘to read’ list when I get the time however. I am not sure what brings me back every time…you or your penis’ blogging though…it’s a tossup.


    Hi. Dude. Representing Mommyblogs. We’re not all assholes, I swear. Some of us have gangsigns and shit and I DO BELIEVE you have visited my blog yerself my fine fellow. Aha!

  20. Neil

    Girls — I really am a proud member of MILF-TBR (Mothers I Love to Find Their Blogs and Read)

  21. tiff

    OK – I am so very late to this party, but feel it necessary to add my small voice to the trhong of “who needs dooce anyhow?” because I’m all about representing for the underdogs. Yes, yes, I read some POPULAR and TOP TEN blogs because they’re pretty funny and they have a niche, but for people like Neil and the thousands of other like him who have no niche, we need a new category in which to hand out prizes.

    Something like” people who blog becuase they love it and have no other reason to do this thing that takes up so much of their time on a daily basis but can’t stop themselves”?

    Not really very acronym-able…as soon as I come up with something I shall start giving out the awards. Me first, of course.

  22. BlogLaughs

    Neil! I don’t know how I missed this post by 30 days! 🙂

    I’d be happy to let my reviewers loose on “Citizen of the Month,” but I’ve been real wary of doing that to people I consider “Internet friends.” I’m a long-time reader here and they can be pretty rough sometimes.

    I think your site would find a spot near the top, though, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

    I’d be happy to put the blogs you suggested on my review list too. I just finished my last list and will get busy on a new one in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

  23. melissa6

    just read your parody…it is hilarious…..i’ve just started a blog,i’m a mom but i don’t want it to just be about my kids!! I also belong to a bookclub but it dosn’t descend into lesbian orgies!!!!!

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