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In the Doghouse


Because of the last two posts, which contain elements of real events and private conversations that I was not supposed to uh, blab about online, I am temporarily living in the doghouse.  Unfortunately, my doghouse does not have internet access, so this will probably be my last post of the day.   Thank you to all who commented on the earlier post, which has mysteriously disappeared from the blogosphere.

It was great having lunch with you today, Liz.

And Happy Easter to all.

I’m going back into the doghouse.   Please send blankets.


  1. Rebecca

    Yikes. I hope evertything works out for you.

  2. Dagny

    When that other post suddenly disappeared, I had the feeling that you were in the doghouse. Stupid server was down at work most of the day so I couldn’t do any real work; all I could do was read blogs.

  3. Jessica

    If it makes you feel any better, I met David Sedaris last night (just blogged about it, in fact) and I told him to ‘step-off’ from stealing anymore of your potential blog posts for his books.

  4. Wendy

    Keep your chin up, Neil.
    Have a macaroon…

  5. cruisin-mom

    oh crap I missed them…
    Neil, that’s a really cute picture of you in the doghouse. You have sexy bedroom eyes.

  6. Danny

    Hope it had nothing to do with Kendall’s matzah ball-boobs joke! You and Sophia were the perfect seder guests–you need to put more clips of Sophia’s singing on your blog!

  7. communicatrix

    Durn. I loved these last few posts. I thought you made everyone seem silly and charming and human.

    Ah, well. If you’d have been talking about me, I probably would’ve kicked your ass to the doghouse, too.

    Happy holidays!

  8. jackt

    well at least now you can claim the doghouse as your primary residence if you are stuck in it for 2 of the next 5 years, and get a capital gains exemption of $250,000/person when you sell it for well over the los angeles median home price of $506,000.

  9. kimananda

    Oh, my. Not about being in the doghouse, though that’s sad, too, and a little claustrophobic looking. But about living in one of those worlds where people with blogs have social networks with other people who blog. That must be strange.

  10. Sophia

    Neilochka, you look so cute in there. You can come out of the doghouse now.

  11. Dustin

    Oh man, rough break. Do you want me to smuggle in a laptop to you while you’re in lockdown? Maybe I could hide it in a chocolate cake…

  12. Leah

    Man….that sucks. No one’s going to be able to read my snarky comment from that post. No one’s going to be able to re-read that post years from now in your archives. Darn it! That mysterious force that deleted the post!! 😉

  13. Mik

    We’ll get you a bag of Kibble. Sure, you’ll be in Sophia’s good graces soon enough, but keep the doghouse handy I’m feeling you’ll need it again!

  14. Dave2

    Ah, lunch with Liz! Kind of gives you a reason to go on living, doesn’t it? 🙂

  15. LisaBinDaCity

    At least it’s a sunny day thus your day/week/month in the doghouse will be a comfy one.

    Dog treat?

  16. Rabbit

    If you can really make that face, you’ll be out of the doghouse in no time. I’d show you the pout I have perfected, but it would violate my no meeting new people rule.

  17. Bre

    I’ve been in no-man’s land with no internet (not even dial-up!!! for the past few days… so I have no idea why you’ve moved to the doghouse… but here’s hoping you don’t get fleas!

  18. Megan

    Thank god for Bloglines, otherwise I would have missed that post! I thought it was very funny, though I was curious about the comments. I’m sure some people thought you were dead serious and thought I was a bitch! haha

    Since none of your blog readers know me, they may not have realized your cunning use of hyperbole. After all, one of the most hyperbolic statements came at the beginning of the entry when you quoted Sophia saying, “Megan called me….” After all, we all [well, the three of us] know I never call people due to my aversion of the telephone!

    And the comment by Brandon? That just might be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I’m glad you posted a few of those, Neil!

  19. anne arkham

    *sends blankets and stuff to chew on*

  20. Michele

    I totally know the feeling. Hope the doghouse doesn’t leak in the rain.

  21. michelle

    I’ll send you a pillow. 🙂

  22. Pearl

    Neil, that looks a touch like a bassett hound in that doghouse; and I believe you once told me that Sophia is your photo editor. Does that mean that there’s a subliminal message behind that hound photo? Something along the lines of “Hush, Puppy”? (as in don’t reveal so much –“Hush”!)

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