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Rehearsing with Sophia

I’m rehearsing with Sophia at a hotel in Valencia, CA (wireless is ten bucks!) , where the shoot is today.  I’m trying to convince her that when she speaks Russian in the script, she should throw in “Neilochka is a sex God” as part of the Russian dialogue because no one will really know anyway.  She refused.

I hate to leave my readers completely without some sort of entertainment, so here is photo of me in the ninth grade. (thanks Tuck).


Today on Blogebrity:  Is a Blogger’s Attractiveness Important?  (of course it is!  Look at my yearbook photo!  (Retropolitan, Betty on the Beach, Grow Some Testicles)


  1. ashbloem

    You seem to have a little something on your upper lip there.

  2. ashbloem

    Oh, and Neil? Dorothy Hamill called. She wants her hair back.

    Seriously, though. That’s not you, is it? Is it? Pedro?

  3. Danny

    I believe that you’re rehearsing with Sophia for that show (which I can’t wait to see) but I don’t believe that is your 9th grade picture. The neck on that guy is too big. I hope you share exciting tales from the set (surely Sophia will be allowed to have her acting coach with her at all times). Luke Perry’s kid goes to the same school as my daughter (which shall remain nameless) and he seems like a really nice guy. Hey, I just checked the IMDB listing for “Windfall” and Sophia’s name is already listed there for the “White Knights” episode! Cool, can her own series be far behind? Better dust off those scripts. She’ll play herself, of course, but WHO will play Neilochka?

  4. Spirit Of Owl

    Careful, or Sophia will associate the show with that pic and corpse during the shoot.

    Excellent haircut by the way. It looks like you could rotate your head and the hair would just stay right there. Or, maybe it pops up on a stick and spins itself. Oh where did all that fun we used to have go?

  5. Leesa

    Vote for Pedro!

  6. La Dauphine

    I’m dying to check out this show… how long until it airs??

  7. sara lee

    Neil, I think I also had that haircut at one time!! Nice to remember it was also worn by boys.

    sara lee

  8. Neil

    I can’t believe I was so vain even back then. I’ve been wearing glasses since second grade. I must have I taken them off for this photo.

    And Windfall starts in January, I think…

  9. pia

    Never had that haircut; can’t believe that you couldn’t talk Sophia into saying that “Neilochoka is a sex god.”

  10. Elvira Black

    This must be so exciting for Sophia–can’t wait til it airs.

    I think your photo needs a caption. How about: Neilochka, Sex God–the early years?

  11. better safe than sorry

    very entertaining indeed. reminds me of the brady bunch.

  12. Dan

    Can you have her pimp my blog? I’ve always been underappreciated in the Russian communities.

  13. obilonkenobi

    I’m stunned.

  14. LisaBinDaCity

    The hair style reminds me of my “Pixie” hair cut when I was six. AKA The “Prince Valiant” look. What the heck were our parents THINKING???

    OOops you were in 9th grade. Sawwy.

  15. Tanisha

    Love the Beatles cut there Neil. How old did you say you were?

  16. Melissa

    Nice collar there, Peter Pan.

  17. modigli

    Actually, this picture of you reminds me of much taller Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter.

    I can see you way back in 9th grade, edging out of your seat, raising your hand and going “Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh … Mr. Kott-air!”

  18. HighMaintenanceHussy

    That haircut beats the hell out of my Dorothy Hammill.

  19. networkchic

    Your hot in a 80’s stoner kind of way. 🙂

  20. He's Dead, Jim!

    My EYES! My EYES!!! The HORROR.

  21. Jackie

    Seriously, I think you’re the only kid in school with a mustache.

    No! No! TOO SEXY! TOO SEXY!!

    I’m lovin’ it.

  22. Bill

    I remember the seventies and it seems to me that everyone who delivered pizza looked like that. Did you deliver pizza in the seventies? If so, my Dad may have tipped you and told you to start listening to jazz. He did that a lot back then.

  23. bettyonthebeach

    You had a ‘stache in 9th grade? What’s in the water in Queens?

  24. MA

    Your hair is so perfectly coiffed. And shiny. You should have been on a commercial.

  25. tuck

    ..and isn’t that a Huckapoo? Do the hustle..da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da (hum hum)

  26. The Retropolitan

    Neil, I… I think I love you.

  27. ms.sizzle

    9th grade?! I’d have thought you were at least 18. 😉 must be the “mustache.”

  28. Dan

    What kind of loser publishes 9th grade photos of himself?

  29. Lynn

    Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to this post. A sentence from your other post, “I screamed, running after her into the hallway with my cock still up,” is still running through my head.

  30. jungle_jane

    does the 9-1 actually mean something or is it your odds on ever getting laid with that haircut?

  31. Fitèna

    Look at the hair!!! wearing you I’d say, not the otherway around!!!!


  32. ekramer

    you were handsome, even then

  33. Atomic Bombshell

    I think everybody looked like that back then… My husband looks nearly identical in his HS photo.

  34. ngregory00

    Dude, you’re like HOT!!! No fair. All my HS photos were just pitiful.

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