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Sophia in “Windfall”

Windfall cast
The cast of "Windfall" (sans Sophia)

In the past, I’ve mentioned that Sophia frequently works as a Russian dialect coach for movies and TV, as well as doing her regular job as a court interpreter.   A few weeks ago, thanks to a a very unexpected recommendation by her friend, Richard, Sophia got called in to audition for a guest shot on a new NBC show called "Windfall," playing, of all things, a Russian court interpreter.   Sophia nailed the audition and got the job. 

"Windfall" is a drama about a group of people who share a large lottery winning.  It will premiere in January.  The show stars Luke Perry.  Yes, that Luke Perry.

Even though the scene was short, Sophia must have made a great impression, because now she’s been called back to play the same character in a second episode filming this Friday!

Sophia thinks this might be the final scene with the Russian interpreter — or is it?  I sat down today to quickly write a new "Windfall" script, hoping to convince the producers to expand Sophia’s role.

Here’s one of the scenes from my teleplay:


Peter (Luke Perry) and Natasha (Sophia Lansky) are in bed together, post lovemaking.

Peter:  "Natasha, I’ve never done this before.  But hearing you simulataneously interpret for that Russian killer was one of the most erotic experiences of my life."

Natasha:  "Do you really want me to move in here with you?  After all, we just met this afternoon."

Peter:  "Yes, Natasha.  We are soulmates, I know it.   I’ve already broken it off with my girlfriend."

Natasha:  "But doesn’t she already have thirteen episodes in her contract… I mean a baby with you?"

Peter:  I’m Luke Perry… I mean Peter, one of the winners of the lottery.  I can choose my own destiny and I choose YOU."

Natasha:  I love you… Peter…

Peter:  I love you, Natasha…

They kiss, passionately.  It is clear that Peter is the best kisser Natasha has ever kissed, surpassed only by the passion and skill of her separated husband, Nikolai.

Natasha:  "You know what I really want to do now…?"

Peter:  "I do know… because I want to do it, too…"

Natasha:  "…go online together and see if there’s a new post from "Citizen of the Month.""

Peter:  "That’s my favorite blog also.  We have so much in common!"

They go hand-in-hand to the computer.



Good, huh?  They are definitely going to keep Sophia for more episodes now!

Break a leg, Sophia!

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  1. JoeC

    lol, hey, man, you are a pretty dang good writer… when are you gonna really write?

    all the best to Sophia! cheers then!

  2. anne

    Congrats, Sophia!
    Neil, can you write a scene with a French interpreter so I can audition too? No love scene necessary. Much appreciated, ta.

  3. Neil

    Sorry, Anne. Love scenes are pretty much all I write.

  4. Elvira Black

    Can Sophia create a Russian version of your blog?

  5. better safe than sorry

    congrats to your sophie!!!
    this could be a great career move for you as well, first, they’ll mention your blog in the series, next, they will want you for a cameo, hmmm, maybe they’ll hire an actor to play you. i wonder who will they pick…

  6. TWM

    Congratulations, Sophia!!! I want a publicity shot for a Brunette of the Week post. Something in a low-cut evening gown of course. Neil can be in the background if you like.

  7. The Retropolitan

    Congrats to Sophia. Does this mean she’ll have a slot on the next “Battle of the Network Stars”?

  8. ashbloem

    Wow; congratulations Sophia!

  9. M.A.

    Excellent job Sophia! I can’t wait to see the episode.

  10. Leesa

    That is very cool, congratulations 🙂

  11. Carrie

    Sophia, that is sooo exciting! Neil please keep us updated about when the episode will air.

  12. modigli

    Wooo-hoooo!!! Congrats to Sophia! How exciting is THAT?! So, if the show premieres in January, is that when we’ll be able to actually SEE Sophia on TV?! Or are those episodes slated for later in the season? I’ll have to look out for that now.

    And, wow, Neil! That was the funniest scene you EVER wrote! Loved it. 🙂

  13. Spirit Of Owl

    Excellent! Sophia the sultry Russian interpreter? If Bond starts back on the Russians – can you say KACHING? 😀

  14. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T )

    LOL! As always Neil, you writing is entertaining and captivating! Soon they will want you writing all of the scripts.;-)
    Congratulations to Sophia! That is fantastic! Niel, you need to let us know when her shows air.


  15. HighMaintenanceHussy

    Wow, that is so cool! Next think you know she’ll be showing up as Tony’s new mistress on the final season of The Sopranos. hehe 😉

  16. LisaBinDaCity

    Yay Sophia! Good for you Hon.

    And Neil, you are man of many talents my friend.

  17. tinapopo

    That is an excellent script, Neil. I look forward to bemoaning the ultimate cancellation of “Windfall.” Sorry, but Luke Perry’s like a kiss of death. Hopefully Sophia will be able to save it.

  18. GroovyVic

    I’m jealous. I’ve loved Luke Perry since 90210! Tell Sophia to grab Perry’s bum for GroovyVic (and I want details). Break a leg, Sophia!

  19. Pauly D

    That’s great for Sophia!

    Here’s a tip though, to keep on working for that show: Tell her on her last day, as she’s about to leave the set, to handcuff herself to a pipe or something.

    Then they’ll never be able to get rid of her. (Well, at least for a few hours.)

  20. He's Dead, Jim!

    Sophia, you rock! What a fun gig.
    And Neil: would you write an episode for MY life? I’d like to costar with Akaky… We could do a fencing scene or something. Mind you, I am good with a blade.

  21. subgirl

    that is awesome for sophie!

  22. Tanya

    That’s hot.

  23. Armaedes

    It’s not a Luke Perry show unless there’s 90210 in the title. Or he’s not gay.

  24. Lauren

    You and Sophie suck. Ok no you don’t, but I thought I’d mix it up what with all these compliments. You know you both rock. Congrats Sophia. Neil, will you still remember us now that your separated wife is a star?

  25. Elvira Black

    OMG, where is my mind today?

    Pozdravlaiu, Sophia!

  26. akaky

    First, many congratulations to Sophia on her good luck. Second, let’s see, how do I phrase this, what is the proper word for a man trying to get his wife in bed with another man for the perverse edification of the American television viewing public? I will have to check in the OED for that one, I think.

  27. Tatyana

    Akaky, don’t forget also that said man announces his supposed superiority over the contender…why is he so confident? or may be he’s just trying to reassure himself. Or, the difficult life of a STAR’s husband.
    [Neilochka: you don’t look like Nikolai. You don’t think like Nikolai. You don’t write like Nikolai. Please, don’t be Nikolai]

    Sophia, congrats and let us know when it’ll get aired.

  28. Megan

    I’m so excited for you Sophia! Congrats! I think that it was not only your brilliant (non) acting, but also your incredible beauty. I’ll be able to say I (kind of) knew you when. You go girl!

    Oh, and hi Neil.

  29. 20somethingme

    That sounds like Emmy Award winning writing and acting! Can’t wait to see you 2 on the red carpet talking to Joan Rivers!

  30. anne arkham

    Congratulations, Sophia. Neil, you’re going to have to tell us when the episode airs so we can all tune in.

  31. helen

    All the best to Sophia!!! LOL

    BTW, do u think Sophia could put in a word or two for me should they ever need a Chinese interpreter in the show doing love scene with Luke Perry?? I’ll be glad to mention your blog too should they make my character a non-mute Chinese…..

  32. -RM

    congrats to Sophia ;).

  33. La Dauphine

    That’s great! Let’s just hope that Luke Perry has gotten some convincing hair plugs to cover that long forehead/recending hairline combo… seeing one of our generation go bald would be just too depressing.

  34. Tanisha

    Um Neil, don’t quit your blogging job.. LOL

    Sophia- Mazel tov..

  35. Mik

    Way to go Sophia, look forward to seeing the show.

    Now Neil can say he knows someone famous .


  36. stacy elaine

    i love the resurgence of old tv stars, like this luke perry jumping back in on the action with a modern haircut.

    my friend chris has this theory about LOST, that at the end of everything, the doctor wakes up, he’s on the plane, it’s mid flight, and Neve Campbell is sitting next to him complaining about that twin actor she’s “married” to and how they live in a dump, and it’s like Party of Five– The Later Years . . . except they all have modern hair and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s a hot psychic.

  37. stacy elaine

    oh and i also like doogie howsers modern hair cut.

  38. ngregory00

    BRILLIANT!!! Especially the part where Luke Perry pretends to act and junk! 😉

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