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Sophia and “Serenity”


A few weeks ago I mentioned that Sophia was the Russian dialect coach on "The Lord of War" with Nic Cage.    She also worked as a dialect coach for and did some voice-over work on "Serenity," which is doing well at the box-office.   Because of everything that happened, we haven’t seen either yet, so please tell us if these films are any good.


  1. Edgy Mama

    Wow, is that Sophia? No wonder you’re pussy whipped.

  2. JJ

    Serenity is crap.

  3. JJ

    I hasten to add, however, that the dialects were excellent.

  4. ms. sizzle

    sophia is prettier than that girl.

    i haven’t seen either but i do highly recommend seeing Everything Is Illuminated. Really good flick!

  5. Bill

    Sorry, haven’t seen either. Looking forward to Lord of War on DVD though. (Serenity, not so much. But I could be wrong! It’s happened.)

    Sophia should lobby for special DVD features about dialects on these movies.

  6. MA

    I just saw Serenity last night. I liked it. And the accents were absolute perfection. Would it be inappropriate to ask Sophia for an autographed picture?

  7. Atomic Bombshell

    OMG, I just saw it for the SECOND time last night and it is FABOO… Like maybe even the best sci-fi I’ve seen released in my lifetime.

  8. Jason W.

    I hear it’s good, although that came from a guy whose girlfriend also worked on it. I’m sure I’ll catch it eventually, as well as Lord of War.

  9. la.dauphine

    Gawd, that lead girl is SO ugly. Doesn’t she play that psychotic in the 4400 on USA? Now THAT’S a good show!

  10. Neil

    Dauphine — can I trust the taste of a graduate of a small Catholic college?

  11. Scott Cunning

    SERENITY is the best thing since sliced Star Wars. Go see it–it’s grown up space opera.

  12. mrsmogul

    I haven’t seen those films yet, but did you see Revolver? Bleh!!

  13. TWM

    I haven’t seen either but my 16 year old said Serenity rocks — and you can’t get a better review than that.

    No doubt all to Sophia’s credit I am sure.

    Speaking of Sophia and since I know she reads these comments just to hear from me — where is that picture for your Brunette of the Week posting? I know you haven’t had a moment to think about it since you have been taking care of Neil, but don’t forget your biggest fan!!!

  14. maribeth

    I really enjoyed Serenity. Yay Sophia!

    Unfortunately, Serenity’s engines are rather loud, which made several lines of dialogue difficult to hear.

  15. psychotoddler

    Haven’t seen Serenity, but I’ve been TiVoing Firefly and I like it. Not as good as Battlestar Galactica, but hey, what is?

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