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Flushing, the Song

Justin Giarrusso, a composer, recently wrote a choral piece about the five boroughs of New York City titled “Five Boroughs, One City.”   For the Queens section of the piece, he used a poem I wrote on Citizen of the … Continue reading

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The Ghetto United Nations of Queens

My bedroom window looks out over an unpretentious supermarket that has been in the same location next to my apartment building for over fifty years, under various owners. You won’t find fancy stuff in this store, like organic kale, but … Continue reading

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Doorbell at 3AM

This is a 100% true story that happened two days before my mother returned from Florida. The door bell rang at 3AM, and I wasn’t sure whether it was a dream or reality. I staggered out of bed, my eyes … Continue reading

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The Authenticity of Queens

I have an acquaintance who is not very fond of Americans, seeing them as insular and parochial.  He is American himself, born in Ohio, and currently lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This acquaintance travels a great deal … Continue reading

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A Story Worthy of King Solomon

It’s a story worthy of King Solomon. My apartment complex consists of two buildings, the “A” building and the “B” building. Each one has eight floors, twenty apartments on each floor.   Each building is identical. A few months ago, … Continue reading

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The Old Parsons Tree in Flushing: A True Halloween Story

If you visit my apartment building in Flushing, you would notice an oddly shaped garden apartment right across the street, sitting on a tiny, rectangular plot of land.  The architecture of the building makes no logical sense at first; you … Continue reading

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When in Greece…

Church Tour Guide:  “I hope you’re having a wonderful time at our 39th annual Greek Festival here at the Greek Orthodox Shrine Church of St. Nicholas in Flushing, Queens.  I’m so glad that you have taken the time from the … Continue reading

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Fight or Flight?

My junior high school was an anonymous brown brick school, built in the 1960’s just when Queens was growing as a borough. The schoolyard was enclosed by a metal fence, like a prison, and considering that that 1/4 of the … Continue reading

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The Free Turkey

My mother doesn’t like to waste money, and similar to many other Jewish mothers of her generation, she can sense a sale at Loehmann’s from miles away. Which brings me to Thanksgiving. Recently, a new supermarket took over in the … Continue reading

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Advice for My Neighbor, the Terror Suspect

news story about this guy across the street There’s a terrorist on my block Wants a bomb that goes tick tock! Saw him eating at “Chili Thai” Now he’s wanted by the FBI! Says he hates the U.S.A. Gonna destroy … Continue reading

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