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Gluten-Free Halloween

Andy opens the door to greet a little boy and girl, both dressed as superheros. Little Boy/Girl: Trick or Treat! Andy: Hello, there! Ooh, what cool costumes. I recognize you, Batman. I mean Batgirl. Little Girl: I’m not Batman or … Continue reading

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Real Writer: Halloween Story, 2013

“Do you know what makes a piece of writing go viral on the web?” he asked. He was the managing editor of the site. His name was Ed. He wore a gray cardigan and a Yankees baseball cap. He was … Continue reading

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Explaining Halloween to Foreigners

I was sitting on a bench in Los Angeles when I saw two college girls walking down the street.   Why not take an instagram photo of them?   As I pressed the button to the cameraphone, I saw one … Continue reading

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The Old Parsons Tree in Flushing: A True Halloween Story

If you visit my apartment building in Flushing, you would notice an oddly shaped garden apartment right across the street, sitting on a tiny, rectangular plot of land.  The architecture of the building makes no logical sense at first; you … Continue reading

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The Mommyblogger’s Demon Child

(first part of story here) (continuation) This was the strangest week.  I was depressed lately, rarely leaving the house.  I spent a lot of time in my office, introducing my mother to new technology.  I showed her how to use … Continue reading

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They were beautiful. They were talented. They were some of the finest writers and photographers on the internet — strong, independent women, business-women, mothers — mommybloggers. This weekend, twenty-five of these top mommybloggers met for a weekend summit in one … Continue reading

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Giving Head

I’ve written a lot lately on the difficulties of a man and a woman becoming platonic friends. This has been a theme throughout my life. In my experience, something always gets in the way. After I graduated from Columbia, I … Continue reading

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The Werewolf: The Scariest Halloween Tale Ever

I don’t like Halloween. I don’t like that children walk around play-acting as if they are ghouls and goblins, as if it is all a joke. Because it isn’t. There are dangers in this world that are too gruesome to … Continue reading

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Sunday at the Movies with Sophia

What says Sunday more than breakfast out at the local diner, doing the crossword puzzle, making a trip to the nearby Big Lots for paper towels, and seeing a movie (and sneaking into the second film at the multiplex just … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Trash (The Lyrics)

Last night, I was watching poker on TV and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when I received a call from Sophia.   She’s coming home ONE DAY EARLY.   Sunday, not Monday! Joy.  Joy.   But — F**k!  I was supposed … Continue reading

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