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Fictional Characters of New York #42


“What makes a woman happy?” thought Victor, as he waited for his wife in the shoe section of Macy’s, where they were having a sale.

They were attending a matinee of “On the Town” that afternoon, but Cindy wanted to drive in early from New Jersey and park near Herald Square to go shopping.  Macy’s was decorated with a “spring bloom” theme, even though it was snowing outside in late March.


In August, Victor will be married to Cindy for ten years, but did he really know her?  Did he know her likes and loves?  He worked long hours on Wall Street to pay for the bills and to do the best for his family, especially Eric, his son, but his wife remained a mystery, besides her affection for Kate Spade bags.

Victor and Cindy rarely talked about anything other than Eric’s schoolwork.  She was worried that he was not advancing as quickly as some of the children of her friends.

“You want him to get into Harvard, don’t you?” she would ask.

“He’s nine years old.  It’s a little early to worry about Harvard.”

Is that what Cindy wanted now out of life — to spend the next ten years making sure Eric got into Harvard?   Is that what everything leading up to the present moment has been about?

The last time Victor had sex — real sex — was on his birthday, as if she was giving him a present.


We’re going to be late for the show,” said Victor.

“I just want to take a selfie with David and sent it to my sister!” she replied.   “it will be so funny!”

There was a fake statue of David in the lobby of Macy’s surrounded by flowers, and the tourists were eating it up.


Victor and Cindy went to Florence for their honeymoon.   It seemed like such a long time ago.


  1. Veronica

    I think there’s hope for Victor and Cindy. Marriages hit the doldrums. Sometimes paths diverge, but if you’re patient and keep moving forward, you often find a way back to each other. 🙂

  2. Ms. Moon

    I like what Veronica said. Sometimes in marriage the tide is in and sometimes it’s out. But either Cindy or Victor is going to have to want things to change enough to make it right.

    And see Neil? See how you create these very believable characters in just a few words? So that we all believe in them?

  3. Shannon akaMonty

    I don’t know how I missed this one! I sort of felt a little sad for Victor. I hope he can step up and tell Cindy how he feels. Maybe they can take a second honeymoon in Florence.

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