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Fictional Characters of New York — #16


The following flash fiction was inspired by the people of New York, and the street photography that captures the diversity and excitement of the city.  The story, names, and situations are all 100% fictional.   Photo and story by Neil Kramer.

If you’ve been doing online dating as long as Benji, you would have celebrated too., E-Harmony, J-Date.  Finally, he felt such chemistry and when he made a joke, she laughed, and her face turned the color of a strawberry.  

And then came Saturday.  

“Why do women agree to go on dates to only say they “still have feelings” for their ex?” he wondered to himself as he left the bar.  “And if they “still have feelings,” why do they continue to go out with men other than me?”

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  1. kenju

    Poor Benjy.

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