Citizen of the Month

the writing and photography of Neil Kramer


“Stand upright like a monument
Walk upright like a solider
And be upright like a man.”
— a made-up quote


  1. Oh, Neil you’re doing it again – making amazing art with your phone. I LOVE the cemetery. And… well, all of these. The eye, my friend. I’ll say it again and again and again until you believe me – you have the eye of a true photographer.

    I know you discount this because it comes so easy to you, is fun – nearly effortless. You think that means it’s just playing, that it can’t be work because there is no sweat and angst involved. But what it is, my friend, is sheer raw talent pouring out. It flows because this is what it feels like to be “a natural” at something. The photography muse has smiled upon you and asked you to dance. It would be rude not to.

  2. Per the “quote”, I will do my best. Good pics.

  3. Love the cemetery. The composition is spot on. Perfect.

  4. I’m loving your photos!!

  5. I always love your instagram photos. But I always wonder, do people find it strange you’re taking photos of them? Do you pretend that you’re not while secretly clicking away at them? You catch the most beautiful pictures.

  6. The one of the cemetary is somber yet it still draws you in.

  7. These are really good! My favourite’s the second photo – the meter looks personified.

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