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A Week Off Twitter

I decided last night to test myself by staying off Twitter for a week. I tried this experiment a few months ago and lasted two days. Am I really such a weak person?

This morning, I was awoken at six AM by the sweetest voices floating in the air. But they were dangerous too; Sirens were trying to distract me. They were the cries of distant women needing me, naked women only wearing the reddest of lipsticks, whispering things i cannot repeat, virtual seductresses luring digital sailors with their 140 character music to shipwreck on the rocky coast of social media.

As it started to drizzle outside my window, I watched the wetness softly hitting the glass, and wondered, “Did they really need me, or did i need them? And was this all in my mind, delusions splashing around my head like the noisy wet waves of the ocean?”

I bit my lip to cause myself pain, and I repeated to myself, “Be strong. I can do this.”


  1. Of course you can. We’ll just have our little lesbian orgy without you.

  2. yr a nutter. Yes- our little trial run. I won if I recall correctly! LOL. Good luck babe!

  3. Oh Neil. We’ll all still be there when you get back unless the sorrow of missing you causes us to delete our accounts ;-p

    Enjoy your week away, now excuse me I have to go tweet about where I’m going to have lunch and then complain about the crumbs down my shirt. (See what I did there? If you won’t be on twitter I’ll come and leave inane comments here so you stay in the loop.)

  4. So far, so good. But I will be honest. It isn’t easy. I deleted all Twitter apps from my iphone — all 35 of them! I somehow feel that others are having some sort of important conversation that I am missing, and that when I come back, everyone will be talking about the next Justin Bieber, or whatever, and I will be clueless and feel old and boring.

  5. But I don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant you to be gooooooooone…

  6. –>I’ve missed your thinking out loud tweets and then wondering if anyone is listening.

  7. Is this just a random exercise in self-discipline or do you think you are addicted to Twitter? Isn’t Facebook sorta the same thing?

  8. Oh, you’re not missing a thing on Twitter. Just don’t look for a few more hours.

  9. I wondered where you were. Miss your twitter/social-media-related philosophical musings, but good for you for taking a break.

    I’ll be spending a week off Twitter during BlogHer; just sold my ticket (to majorbedhead) & I will be pouting that I’m not there. Reading the endless tweets will depress me. So that will be my Twitter hiatus.

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