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Thinking About Money

Is it that bad for Bank of America?!  (actually a bank in a Los Angeles supermarket)

With friends and family members getting laid off and the economy growing sour, I think a lot more about money lately, and how important it is to have a decent amount of this precious commodity if you want to live a certain lifestyle  (like LIVING IN an apartment in New York or LA).

My trip to Las Vegas last week was enough to remind me what it is like to stay at hotels, eat and drink well, go to expensive shows, and have to pay for it!  Even BlogHer will end up costing a $1000 dollars, right?  How do some of you afford to go to a different online conference every other week?

I used to make fun of your constant advertising and pimping, but maybe you are the smart ones.  Your main priority is to your family and self.  What’s the point of doing anything if it isn’t helping you get front row seats to Cirque de Soleil?

Of course, I’m not sure I believe any of this — that’s the problem — or else I wouldn’t have to write this here making believe I do.  I have a habit of writing things I don’t believe in an effort to force myself to accept it, as if I repeat it over and over, I will hypnotise myself into submission.


  1. TMWW

    I look at it this way Neil, you can’t take it with you when you go, so you may as well enjoy it while you’re here, ya know?

    Granted you have to HAVE it in order to ENJOY it…but you get my drift, right?

  2. Headless Mom

    Did you go to Cirque de Soleil? We did and they could break the bank if you’re not careful.

  3. Elaina

    The price cuts are for the grocery store. Albertson’s.

  4. sizzle

    I’ve been saving for months for the BlogHer conference. I volunteer so I can get free registration and am sharing a room.

  5. jessica

    Just keep repeating it over and over again and eventually I’ll believe it? I need to repeat that line over and over and see if I believe that first before I move on to other things

  6. Danny

    At this point I am in full support of anything you can do to earn a dime off your blog, including ads for poisonous fast food chains. I am so broke and racking up such crazy hospital bills for my son’s care in the NICU (current estimate before we’re through: $1.5 million!) that it all seems like Monopoly money to me anyway. I hope I can get work again some day–maybe I’ll advertise on your blog–what are your rates??

  7. teahouseblossom

    Maybe the price cuts are referring to lower interest rates?

    I’ve never advertised on my blog. I think I disabled the advertising feature years ago and just never figured out how I did it.

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