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Bare Chests

Two days ago, I mentioned the actor Daniel Craig. A lot of my female readers went ooh and aah in the comments. Every man wants to hear that ooh and aah, so I became curious about “his look.”

Here’s a photo of Daniel Craig.


Granted, he has a nice body — if you like that type of look. I can understand how some of the less-refined women among you might take an interest, even though the New York Times reports that today’s sophisticated woman prefer their men as scrawny and out of shape, which is the current rage in Paris and New York. (at least in my imagined version)

Do you notice Daniel Craig’s lack of body hair? I’m assuming that he shaved it off for his role of James Bond. When did this trend begin? Most men don’t have hairless bodies — like a 13 year old. Who was it who decided that male chest hair is such an evil? Wasn’t it once considered manly to be hairy? Today, every surfer dude I see on the beach is hairless. Every hunk on All My Children is the hairless. I know this because each week, at least one male actor must take off his shirt, even if it makes no sense to the story.

It’s so hot here in Los Angeles. And we live in Redondo Beach. I call imagine how hot it is in the Valley! (suckers!) Even so, it is uncomfortable. I hope you all won’t mind if I just… slip off my Armani shirt, revealing my naked chest.

Oops! There’s the problem. My chest is all covered with hair. There is also hair on my neck, my arms, my shoulders, and my back. In fact, let me take a photo of my chest for you so you can see what I’m talking about:


I never gave much though to this subject of male body hair. Well, I did once trim my pubic hair, with unpleasant results, but I was an insecure college student at the time. I’ve seen “The Forty Year Old Virgin,” and know that a guy can get his body hair removed — but should I really care? Do women really care? Doesn’t this “clean” look make the man look like a little boy? Sophia never has complained, but she’s not into the latest fads. Will a new woman freak out if I undress and stand before her naked, and all she can see is my chest hair?

Is there any man out there who will admit to shaving his chest?

If you are a woman, have you ever told your boyfriend or husband to shave his chest or back because you hated it?

We don’t make you shave your legs, do we? Uh, well, I guess we do….

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  1. elery

    I honestly prefer men with no hair, or barely there hair. As for scrawny not so much . My Fiance gains for his height over the non-muscular body type. He’s 6’1″ and Im 5’2″. I sur elove me some tall men….yum. As for Daniel Craig hes got blue eyes, excellent accent and lovable body – so yes hes beautiful…the face ehhh..

  2. Kate

    Oh dear LORD, I can’t imagine anything more gross than SHAVED CHEST HAIR. Shaving leads to stubble, and I’m sorry, but NO! Chest/back hair is just fine (for me).

  3. Sarcomical

    well, shaving it is too hard to maintain for a guy, i think. for the most part. but i admit, i’ve told The Husband on a few occasions that i’d be completely okay if he were to get decide to get rid of some hair on his chest/shoulders through waxing or some other means. he’s not even super-hairy. it’s just…it gets sweaty. i don’t know.

    i have to tell you, that pic isn’t helping your case much against the hair. now, his head, on the other hand, is a little strangely small for that body.

  4. whit

    I’m a hairy S.O.B., it kind of sucks.

  5. Geeky Tai-Tai

    Over the years, my husband has lost a lot of the hair on his head. There seemed to be some sort of gravitational pull because now he has more hair on his body than on his head. 😀 I don’t mind at all, he’s still sexy as hell to me. I have, however, insisted on waxing the back of his neck — just so he’d have a hairline. He hated it! Now, he goes to the barber every 3 weeks just so I won’t go after him with the new hair-ripper-outer thing that I use on my legs. (heh)

  6. Geeky Tai-Tai

    I forgot… Daniel Craig doesn’t do a thing for me at all.

  7. TJ

    Admittedly, I have had experience with both sides of the hair coin. Don’t dig a lot of it, but some (though NEVER on the back!) is more than fine. Did date a dude with none. Anywhere. Not a single hair. Kind of freaked me out. Too pubescent. My advice for men, keep all except back hair (picture Selleck in Magnum P.I.- YUM), trimmed if necessary south of the border.

  8. srah

    I think Daniel Craig does have chest hair – it’s just that he’s blond so it doesn’t show up as much. Like those darned blonde girls who don’t have to shave their legs!

  9. tamarika

    Yes indeed – scrawny and out of shape – that’s my type for sure! Craig’s body does ab-so-lute-ly nothing for me.

  10. Margaret

    a shaved chest turns me on about the same amount as shaved lady parts… shouldn’t looking like a child make a grown-up less sexy?

  11. V-Grrrl

    Daniel Craig is built remarkably like my husband, right down to the quantity of chest hair, his coloring, and a head disproportionate to the width of his shoulders.

    I’ve never been with a really hairy guy but I think body hair is sexy in moderation and I like men have some bulk.

    The thought of a guy waxing makes me nauseous.

  12. V-Grrrl

    P.S. Neil you trimmed your PUBIC hair, not your PUBLIC hair.

    Please correct.

    Your Pubic Relations Consultant

  13. Lisa

    For a minute there I thought your blog was taken over by aliens. Or girls. Good lord, Neil. It’s a bit disconcerting to see pictures of half naked men (that aren’t you) on your blog.

    Ok, with that said, I have one word for Daniel Craig. Ewww!

  14. Sizzle

    I’ve been with men who shave their body- different regions, if you will. Sometimes it is really appreciated because some fellas can be really, really hairy.

    Daniel Craig does nothing for me. I’m clearly a freak.

  15. Rach

    Sorry, can’t comment on the hair issue, am stuck in a randy trance after looking at Daniel Craig.

  16. Neil

    V-grrrl — Thanks, Public hair is now Pubic hair.

  17. girlanddog

    Gawd, that Daniel Craig… *swoon*
    But in real life, I love me some chest hair! I can do without back hair (gross), but nothing is better than resting my head on my man’s chest and running my hand through his chest hair. 🙂 So there you go, there’s hope for you yet!

  18. Paul

    Speaking as a Gay man with a thing for hairy men …. shaving should be made illegal.

  19. Neil

    Paul — Interesting to hear. I was about to blame you gay guys for starting the clean shaven look, since you always start the fashion trends and ruin it for the rest of us.

  20. churlita

    Honestly, I could care less what anyone looks like. I think I’ve said this before. If someone’s an a*#, then that’s what they look like to me.

    I’ve always heard that more body hair on a man meant higher testosterone levels, and that’s a good thing.

  21. Atomic Bombshell

    Well, my boyfriend and I are both cyclists, so there’s a lot of waxing and shaving going on for each of us. Suffice it to say neither of us have any body hair below our eyelashes. It’s nice!

  22. mrsatroxi

    Chest hair is yummy. Back hair, not so much, but I’d rather feel that than shudder)stubble.

    Daniel Craig does nothing for me. Looks like a jerk.

    Wanna know what I looked for? Clean, short fingernails. I didn’t care if somebody looked like a Greek god, if his nails were dirty or long I wanted nothing to do with him.

    I’m weird.


  23. NSC

    I am a natural Daniel Craig type. No chest hair that is, not his body type – sheesh do you think I would be sitting in front of this computer if I had his body? I’d be at the beach all year round.

    I will also confess I did more than trim my pubic hair before – it’s quite silky feeling actually.

  24. Eileen

    NO shaving. Waxing is the key. Doesn’t grow back as quickly either although there is that moment where the hair is yanked out by the root which does sting a bit.

    I don’t mind chest hair- but not crazy about back hair. My theory is if you take off your shirt and it still looks like you are wearing a wool sweater you need to thin the herd a bit.

  25. Brandy

    I think part of Daniel Craig’s appeal is that he looks manly and not pretty – he has the somewhat weathered look of a man who has actually lived his life. I’m betting he is one of those guys that has gotten more attractive with age.

  26. Finn

    Daniel Craig has a nice body, but so does the statue of David. I’m not having sex with either of them.

    Back hair is something that I’d have to ask you to get rid of. Chest hair is fine, although if I had my choice, I’d have without. But it’s not a dealbreaker.

  27. Therese

    I’ll admit that I prefer my men on the hairy side. Although… maybe not Robin Williams hairy.

    My heritage is Egyptian, Lebanese and Russian. So, with dark hair and pale brown skin, you can imagine that I struggle with hair. I have no interest in being with a man who is less hairy than I am.

    But that’s a nice picture to look at. 🙂

  28. 180/360

    I don’t mind some hair on a man. I think it looks a bit freakish when it is all removed. My husband had a friend who would wax his whole body- which just looked wrong.

  29. melanie

    Daniel Craig should lay off the steroids. that is a puffy man. PUFFY.

    Now, for the real issue. I think hair is a relative aspect not a condition to be shunned. I mean if you plucked one off and started flossing with it, i would run away screaming. But men have hair. so? why would i love you less because of that?

    Besides, it gives you something to hold onto during certain moments, like in a scary movie. yea. :giggles:

  30. patois

    I guess I’m a bit of a freak in that I never cared one way or the other about hair on a man. Of course, I often get mistaken for the bearded lady, so maybe that’s why I don’t care.

  31. butterfly

    Mmmmm…Daniel Craig…although does anyone else agree with me that his ears are looking a little funny in this picture?? A little Keebler-Elf-thing going on? Anyway…

    My attitude has always been one of relativity. If a man has such a small amount of chest hair — what I like to call the “waste of time” amount — that it just grows in that tiny patch between his pecs and looks creepy, then, waxing it off is preferable…and, not terribly painful for the man since it will be over pretty quickly. Smooth can be nice.

    If however, a man has a hairy chest — what I call “a manly man chest” — then, I think it is best left alone for obvious reasons. Plus, it is kind of nice feeling this against your face when you are hugging a shirtless man that you “love”. And, there is no mistaking that you are with a man when his chest is hairy — kind of a psychological factor here of “perceived maturity” — man vs boy, etc. Think Sean Connery in his James Bond days…mmmm

    A hairy back, unfortunately, is usually pretty universally disliked — I wouldn’t force the issue, but a waxed back is preferred. Of course, there are some women who love them some gorilla-man and it would probably be best for the extremely hairy men to get with one of those ladies, rather than spend their life savings on monthly painful hair removal…

    One thing is sure — do not SHAVE chest hair — you can usually still see the hair under the skin which looks gross. Yanking it out is the only way to get a truly hairless look. And, NO NAIR! Same problem as shaving and it smells YUCK.

  32. deannie

    I see hair on this chest & body! What are you talking about? Any man who takes care of himself and includes a healthy dose of physical exercise will always turn heads.

  33. Neil

    Deannie — You’re right. I should have photoshopped that out to make my point stronger.

  34. Neil

    I think the tide is turning and soon men will want hairy chests. That’s why I am now marketing “The Self-Adhesive Hairy Chest Wig” — For That Macho Look! — exclusively on Citizen of the Month.


    Now 007 can look again like the super-agent he is supposed to be, not a restaurant owner in West Hollywood.


  35. Nance

    Is Daniel Craig wearing a meat cape?

    Anyway, I don’t find him attractive, with or without chest hair, but as a rule, I prefer men to look like they are old enough to be with me and that would mean chest hair. Otherwise, they would be too adolescent-y, and…I teach high school. That’s just too creepy for me.

  36. sassy

    Here’s the deal :

    1.Daniel Craig? It’s animal, really. Je ne sais quoi. Otherwise, I personally am all about the scrawny types. Grrr.

    2. Body hair? It’s never going to be the deciding factor, so don’t sweat it. Its the man behind the hair that makes it sexy or repulsive.

    3. Unibrows were not mentioned in your post, but consider them the exception to #2. Waxing does miracles and keeps a man from looking like Bert.

  37. psychomom

    ….My chest is all covered with hair. There is also hair on my neck, my arms, my shoulders, and my back…..

    Wow, me too!

    This is wrong?

  38. steppingoverthejunk

    my exhusband had HORRENDOUS back, chest and arm hair. I am amazed I ever went to bed with him. I never said anything, I didnt want him to feel self conscious but I know he was. I noticed now, he shaves or waxes (because he picks the girls up and there isnt any hair sticking out of his neckline anymore….ugh, I shudder to think…WHAT WAS I THINKING!)

    On another note, Daniel Craig makes me wet my pants. I am serious.

  39. jenB

    He is so hotttttt. And recently engaged. I will stop dreaming about him…… now.

    Also, don’t care if my man is hairy or not. Mine is somewhat. bah. no worried.

  40. s

    If there was any writing after the picture, I missed it completely.

  41. ndulj

    I think chest hair is yummy. No shaved men for me.

    The other side of the coin is that women get our girly bits waxed regularly. Try getting your boy parts waxed, just once.

  42. Not Fainthearted

    Let’s see if I understand….

    shaving men’s body hair makes them look prepubescent but shaving a woman’s, uh, practically everywhere makes her look sexy?

    I’m with you Neil…there’s something about this hairless craze that is just a little creepy….

    Not that I don’t appreciate a trim (or as Eileen mentioned “a thinning of the herd”) every now and then….

    but hairless? no thanks.

  43. teahouseblossom

    Personally, I think Daniel Craig is icky. I have thought so ever since seeing that Sylvia movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. He’s soooo icky as that poet dude.

  44. Irina

    I hate when guys shave their chest hair. And I also think shaving legs is stupid. (But I’m all for shaving armpits… does that count?)

  45. Alice

    while i wouldn’t say i’m HOT for back hair, i’ll definitely take back hair over back stubble. *SHUDDER*

  46. Non-Highlighted Heather

    I quite like the happy trail.

  47. Bre

    Body hair doesn’t bug me, but a happy trail? Mmmmmmmmmm

  48. wendy

    Michael’s naturally hairless..his chest that is…and It’s fine…

    Hair carries scent though, so a somewhat hairy guy has some crazy phermones going on…

    My motto: Work what youve GOT…

    and that guy…not my type at all.

    No guys allowed to be prettier than I am. Period….

  49. Neil

    I have never heard the expression “happy trail” until today (other than in the Roy Rogers song)

  50. tiff

    OK – I’ll speak up for the “I don’t mind back hair at all” club. Beats a purely hairless man any day of the week.

    I also LUV me some chest hair. I have come to this realization only lately. I always THOUGHT it didn’t matter, but my natural inclination is indeed toward “more.”

  51. ginonymous

    once upon a time, i dated a young man who had what looked like a cheap carpet sample from his collarbone to his navel. i was not freaked out by the gobs o’ hair, in fact he used to take an electric razor and shave hearts and happy faces into it to amuse me..

    there is something odd though, to me, about a man who would shave or wax his chest..don’t do it for me, as i most certainly wouldn’t do it for you..(not that i have chest hair, but you get the idea). do these things for yourself, and be less concerned with what you assume you’re “supposed” to look like.


  52. an9ie

    Well, to be honest Daniel Craig doesn’t do much for me, although I do like men to be fairly hairless, except for their heads (lusty crop recommended)and arms and legs (light sprinkling only, please.

    P.S. I was in L.A. just last week! It was quite intoxicating to look at that road map and see the word “Redondo Beach” spelled out, I can tell you.

  53. CuriosityKiller

    Can we talk about bikini waxing? Hello~~~? That’s super painful!!! Tit for tat, I say.

    So what if women prefer finding the nipple of her man’s chest instead of a mouthful of hair? What’s wrong with that?

  54. CuriosityKiller

    BTW, I didn’t think Daniel Craig was hot at all — but his piercing blue eyes are quite mesmerizing. Not to mention his speed and intensity in his James Bond role. I was impressed!

  55. Karen Rani

    Wait. YOU watch All My Children?

  56. Neil

    Karen — It’s taken me a long time to admit this in public, but yes — I watch All My Children. It is Sophia’s favorite, and I started watching it with her, and got hooked. And now, I’m constantly taking my shirt off in public in imitation of my soap opera heroes.

  57. plain jane

    Wow. Nothing like back hair to get a flood of comments.

    My comments?
    1. Daniel Craig–yuck.
    2. Body hair–as long as I love the guy and he does dishes, I don’t care how hairy he is.

  58. Jazz

    Well, I haven’t read the millions of comments, but me, I like hair on a man. The whole body-of-a-12-year-old annoys the hell out of me. I was with a hairless guy for a while. He had about six hairs on his chest. As far as I’m concerned it’s just ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  59. Liz

    I once patted a guy on the back and felt the cushion of hair beneath his shirt. Yes. If you’re THAT hairy, you owe it to society to stay clothed at all times and conduct all of your “business” in a dark room.

  60. Los Angelista

    This is waay too much info, but I’ve trimmed my husband’s underarms in the past. I couldn’t get him to shave everything off. And I trimmed his pubic hair too. I told him it would make things seem bigger down there. He liked that idea. He’s really trusting to let me approach with scissors, isn’t he? However, none of this was not inspired by Daniel Craig, who is ugly as sin except when he’s playing James Bond.

  61. Neil

    Los Angelista — Your husband must REALLY trust you to let you come close to him with this scissors.

  62. jaime

    Ok, you have over 60 comments, so I am sure someone has mentioned this already, but the first thing that popped into my mind, was the Jerry Seinfelf episode where he decides to try shaving his chest.

    You asked if any man out there admits that he shaves his chest. I think my husbands shaves around his nipples for playing sports. No, he’s not a swimmer … and don’t they also shave their chests? But I think he does it for soccer and to keep his tshirt from rubbing against the hair and causing a rash. I think. Gee, I never pay attention. I love a man with with chest hair.

  63. Sandy Shoes

    I think part of the reason I married my first husband was because of the gorgeous silky blond hair on his forearms. Stupid? Yes I was.

    I prefer less male body hair to more, but the total picture is what’s important. A jerk will look like a jerk no matter how hairy or not. Work whatcha got.

    In any case, Daniel Craig as James Bond is completely delicious.

    Oh, and I’ve also heard that called the Trail of Adventure. 🙂

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