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Coming Tomorrow: “Neilochka and the Washing Machine”



  1. sassy

    Drama? Horror flic? Romantic comedy?

  2. Elisabeth

    Ha Ha, this should be FUN! (I managed to change the batteries on my elliptical machine the other day, and I am still quite happy with myself about that.)

  3. Mr. Fabulous

    The story is not going to have a happy ending, is it?

    I have been worried about this since I saw you mentioned on Facebook you were going to try to fix it…

  4. Not Fainthearted

    proposed happy ending: Neilochka fixes the washer so well that he and Sophia have a very amorous time a-top it.

    Yeah, you’re right. Not very realistic….

  5. Rhea

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  6. churlita

    Are you doing the dance, “the Washing Machine” or are you talking about the actual machine that washes clothes?

  7. sandra

    I’m frightened. Very, very frightened.

  8. Neil

    Churlita — There’s a dance called the Washing Machine?

  9. Nance

    Look how easy that is! I’m sure yours will look just like that; as soon as you take off the back, all the labels will pop out on little springs, helpfully pointing to each part.

    Excuse me now, the nice lady is coming with my pills.

  10. plain jane

    A german friend of mine used to say to me, “its mechanical, just look at it and figure out what needs to be done.” It gave me the confidence to be logical (rather than scared) and the first time I fixed my dryer a marching band played a song of triumph and confetti rained down on me in my laundry room. Well…anyway…that’s how it felt.

    Good Luck.

  11. kanani

    I never knew they were that complicated.
    On the other hand you could just grab the clothes and flail them against a boulder.
    I’ve got my own household issues today. A leak. Read about it on my blogochka.

  12. claire

    Woo! Ain’t no washing machine gonna keep you down, Neil. Rah!

  13. wendy

    I bet you it was a quarter that was the culprit…it’s never a dime or a penny that mucks up the works..It’s always that shiny quarter… It’s happened way too many time in my household….

  14. Caryn

    That doesn’t look like a front-loader to me. Get busy.

  15. patois

    I’m thinking it’s 8:5 in favor of the washing machine.

  16. Two Roads

    I suppose now is not the time to brag about changing two light switches from regular on/off to an on/off with dimmer control. Thought not. Can’t wait to hear about the washing machine!

  17. Pearl

    Neil, regardless of whatever you will tell us about you and the washing machine…you know, “it all comes out in the wash.”

  18. Caron

    I’m having a premonition….. Thursday’s post will be about the glories of the laundromat. All your clothes clean and dry in 2 hours, and you can’t beat the people watching.

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