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Fads I Ignored, Fads I Liked

Fads I ignored —

The Pet Rock

The Chia Pet

The Tamagotchi

Fads I liked —

Skinny ties

The Macarena

The “Braless” look


  1. Elisabeth

    Pet rock – check (don’t ask!)
    Chia pet – check (I only had one, I swear!)
    Tamagotchi – check (my daughter had one, but I babysat for it many times)
    Skinny ties – I don’t wear them (although there was something sexy about that Annie Hall look…)
    The Macarena – check (summer of ’96, my then 14-year old French niece was visiting and taught it to us)
    The “braless” look – I wish! Neil, these are small lemons. I am dealing with small cantaloupes, here. Support is of the essence.

  2. Noel

    The name of a “look” need not be literally true. Or so the folks at Victoria’s Secret would have us believe.

  3. Jennifer

    I killed a Chia pet once. It was a cat. It sat on my counter for weeks, dying a slow death until someone finally pointed out that all the fur (foliage) was dead and brown. Oooops, guess you have to water them.

  4. Amy K

    I dealt with kids during the tamagotchi craze one summer at a camp. They always asked me to “pet sit” and I once had to sit for twenty…I let them all starve! Muahahahahahha

  5. psychomom

    Never had a pet rock, we used rocks to throw at dogs or to skip on the water at the pond.

    I do have a Chia Pet you can have, the seeds were slightly used for a science experiment. Why do kids (dads) think their mother would want this?

    Maybe because us moms baby-sit their Tomagotchis and let them die. Oops

    A Bolo tie should count as skinny, bet you’re sad you missed the Bolo tie fad.

    I refuse to line dance so a big NO to the Macarena or the Electric Slide.
    I blame my fear of line dancing on “Do the Hustle”

    Braless, Yup, my little LEDs are allowed to go braless, shit I can go topless and nobody notices. As for the ‘wife beater’ shirt, not a fad I will be adopting any time soon.

    And sorry Lance I’m not wearing any colored plastic wristbands either.

  6. Nance

    Chia pets are still around. They now come in all kinds of containers. Those things are like Cher, they just never, ever seem to be “out.”

  7. Kelliqua

    The braless look is out? Says who?

  8. teahouseblossom

    That’s too bad that you never went for the braless look for your breasts. You should try it; it’s quite liberating! ;o)

  9. Finn

    I’d have gone braless if I’d had cute little nips like that…

  10. Bre

    I always secretly wanted a chia pet… no idea why.

    Also, most women still go for the braless look when bumming around their apartments in scrubby clothes. Just sayin.

  11. gorillabuns

    i’m guessing your were a fan of “Friends.”

  12. plain jane

    What’s a bra?

  13. churlita

    I missed all the fads that you missed, and that braless look only really works for women with smaller breasts.

  14. mrsatroxi

    The first thing I do when I get home from work is rip off my bra.

    Does that count?

  15. Arjewtino

    I wore a skinny tie last night to a happy hour and everyone loved it. And by “loved it” I mean “they made fun of me and called me Flock of Seagulls”.

  16. Guilty Secret

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! As I scrolled down, my smile got wider and wider…

  17. Neil

    If Sophia allows me, maybe I put up a video from our wedding where everyone did the Macarena. I still remember it.

  18. Dagny

    I never understood the pet rock thing. What made these rocks better than one that you found in your yard? And what really got to me was when the guy started a pet rock cemetery — a wall into which he would add your rock with a little cement.

  19. CJ

    I love skinny ties… and the braless look.

  20. sputnik

    Pet Rock, no. Chia Pet, yes. and high-top white Reebok aerobics shoes! And legwarmers a la Jamie Curtis. And early music videos, such as this one, Lionel Richie’s “Hello”–enjoy the utter cheesiness, but especially the sculpture at the end, which looks just like a Chia Head of LR!

  21. sputnik

    Darn it, sorry, I forgot the link for above reference:

  22. ajooja

    My daughter had one of those stupid Tamaguchi’s that used to wake me up in the middle of the night.

    I got mad and threw it out in the backyard. 🙂

  23. Dustin

    Fads I wish would freaking hurry up and die: Giant Ugly Sunglasses!

  24. plain jane

    I was way ahead of pet rocks.

    Even though I was ordinarily very shy and still don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in my body…in junior high a friend an I sold invisible fleas in little boxes. We would have the invisible fleas perform tricks as part of the sales pitch.

    Alas, my moment in the sun was even more short-lived than the pet rock fad.

  25. Jack

    Pet Rocks prove that some people will buy anything.

    • Brad

      I concur. Pet Rocks were Stewpid back in the day.

  26. Therese


    I love the Macarena, still. They still play it at weddings.

  27. Lefty

    Holy crap! I am SO angry I didn’t go to BlogHer. I just bet that at the conclusion of that video, just after they turned the camera off, there was wild girl-on-girl sex.

  28. Juliness

    Priceless video!

  29. kanani

    My sister had a Pet Rock. And when I was a little kid, I paint pictures of animal on small rocks and sell them in a boutique.
    It was very cool.

  30. Iron Fist

    Wow. They are not what I thought a bunch of mommy bloggers would look like.

  31. Neil

    Blogging keeps you young and energetic.

  32. V-Grrrl

    I can’t believe I was captured on video!!!! That’s me in the jeans. : )

  33. steppingoverthejunk

    I wear tank tops without bras. Just sayin’

  34. Dave

    I always enjoy the braless look here. It’s not so much the size, it’s how they look!

    • Brad

      I agree, size does NOT matter. Unfortunately, after its heyday in the 60s & 70s, I have not been able to find a lot of braless females except in Northampton MA and at Bishop Park in the Athens GA organic produce/farmers market.

  35. Dave

    As far as Chia pets, always good for a white elephant gift!

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