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Blame Week Continues

(Actually, Sophia and I took a break from life and are in an Orange County hotel spending our weekend eating Salvadorian food, listening to jazz (the wonderfull Jeri Brown) at this odd jazz club in a former bank vault, going bowling in Irvine, and playing Ms. Pac-Man at the bowling alley arcade. I won the bowling; Sophia killed me in Ms. Pac-Man. Tonight, when it gets cool enough for Sophia, we’re off to the Orange County Fair for some animal-watching, corn on the cob, and the table setting competition. My BlogHim post will be coming soon. I loved that other men wrote something in honor of their manhood.

As we were bowling, a group of young kids were having a birthday party at the lane next to us. The girls were hardly paying attention to the game, but talking and playing with each other. The boys were already competitive and making fun of the girls because they were using the “rails” to prevent gutter balls. It was as if the gender stereotypes of generations were already in place. I could still easily see these girls as attending some future BlogHer and networking with fellow women. But where would the boys go?)


  1. ingenue

    Table setting competition?

  2. JanePoe (aka Deborah)

    Glad you two are getting some down time from the apt. & daily life. Warmly, JP

  3. wendy

    to strip bars….of course..

  4. Non-Highlighted Heather

    The table setting competition is my favorite.

  5. The Diva's Thoughts

    Table setting??? Are you serious? Wow! lol I’m glad you guys are getting away and relaxing.

  6. Finn

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Good thinking.

  7. churlita

    Wouldn’t the guys be somewhere talking about politics, sports or computer applications?

  8. Bre

    The boys wait outside, hoping to pick up some tail.

  9. kanani

    Table setting competition?
    Is there a Creative Spam competition coming up as well?

  10. Non-Highlighted Heather

    the table setting competition is actually pretty cool. you have to come up with a category (birthday, wedding, graduation, etc) and then build your setting around that. i know it sounds kind of lame, but people come up with the most ingenious, original ideas.

  11. Dagny

    And here I thought the fair was all about livestock, quilts and canning. Oh, and harness racing.

  12. mckay

    i was at the oc fair on saturday. loved it, but boy is it EXPENSIVE! 13.00 for two corn dogs & two lemonades. 4.25 for cotton candy. 15.00 for two rides for two people. 10.00 for a chance to win the stuffed dog my boy had his hopes and dreams on.

    winning the prize for my boy.

  13. melanie

    hopefully they go in the potty, and aim with accuracy.

    now, I love bowling and table setting. I have yet to experience the OC fair though. Its on my “to do before I die” list. 😉

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