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My First Hair Salon Product Endorsement


A little bit of Reworkable Shaping Gel


Sophia doing something to my hair


the “Jonathan from All My Children” look!


As requested, what I looked like two weeks ago during my crazy “bohemian” days —



  1. Teebopop

    Neil, apologize to Sophia for what I am about to say, you look HAWT!

    OMG! What a difference!

    Really. The haircut is so you. You are so much more handsome with shorter hair.
    (sorry Sophia)

    Hubba Hubba.

  2. sizzle

    sopia knew what she was doing afterall. 😉

    i’ve always thought you were handsome (i mean, hello!, i don’t let just anyone squeeze my tush). the haircut makes you look like you live in LA.

  3. sizzle

    and by sopia i mean sophia.

    hi sophia! i miss you!

  4. whoorl

    It truly looks great, Neil! DAY-UM.

    And thanks for posting this – the thought of my pink robe photo being front and center on your blog was giving me hives.

  5. Finn

    You look hawt!

  6. deezee

    three cheers for hair product! excellent…

  7. Dagny

    I knew that haircut needed gel. Great work, Sophia!

  8. Neil

    Where did the word “hawt” come from?

  9. schmutzie

    I like the hair! We almost have the same haircut now.

  10. Hilly

    Your hair looks totally swank!!!

  11. Not Fainthearted

    totally hawt.


  12. charming, but single

    Look at you with your black tee, you short styled hair and hipster plastic glasses. Rowr! (That’s my, um, untamed large cat impression.)

  13. charming, but single

    you short = your short

  14. jamy

    The hair looks great! (Though you might consider paying for a cut next time.) Also, your ears? Not remarkable at all.

    Good for you for trying something new.

  15. Michael

    And how much did you spend for that jar of gunk? You could get same result just getting up of a morning LOL

  16. helen

    Nice look. 🙂

  17. Iron Fist

    I think it’s possible that by the end of summer the “Jonathan from All My Children” look will be known as the “Neil from Citizen of the Month” look.

  18. Dating Dummy

    You are STYLIN Neil!

  19. Neil

    Michael — that is a typical male response. You obviously don’t know anything about the importance of hair gels. They also sell these individual gel strips that you can whip out anytime from your pocket and put on your hair right before you enter the restaurant or bar to wow all the ladies.

    Of course, I give myself two days before I stop using any of this. Who wants to waste valuable time putting on gel in the morning when I could be scratching my chest hairs instead?

    Iron Fist — are there any shots of your haircut on your blog?

  20. margalit

    Wow, hair gel really DOES make a difference. You look fabulous.

    Now on to the clothing. Heh.

  21. Iron Fist

    No, I’m kind of a weenie about posting photos of myself. Jenny actually has the most current photos of me up on Flickr, two days post haircut.

  22. Bre

    Much better! Good product really does make all the difference!! 🙂

  23. Lisa

    Looking good Neil!

  24. brettdl

    What’s next? A goatee?

  25. Juliness

    Wowzers! Looking good!

    (I agree, it does look better with some product than without.)

  26. Margaret

    What makes that gel reworkable? hotstuff

  27. Jennifer

    The resemblance between you and Jonathan is nothing short of remarkable. I am sure you will be mobbed by screaming female fans every time you leave the house!

  28. deannie

    WOW. You don’t reaaaallly wonder why Sophia lubs you, right? 🙂

  29. Rhea

    Hair products to the rescue! It looks great!

  30. V-Grrrl

    Scratching your chest hair in the morning really is important. You might even be able to style it using the gel. : )

  31. Jenn

    Boom Chicka Wah-Wah!

  32. Deven

    Welcome to the twentieth century…you’re almost ready for the 21st!

    Seriously, aren’t you sorry you waited to do this? I agree with the other commenters…you look 1000 per cent better…and…younger, too. Change is good.

  33. brooke

    I predict spray-on tans in your future.

  34. Mocha

    Yowza. Good thing you didn’t look like that when we punished you in the bathroom. Punishment would have lasted much longer. Kudos to Sophia!

  35. Kate

    Darling, you look fabulous!

  36. Churlita

    Hot, hott, hawt.

  37. Pearl

    Look at that, Neil. A little bit of hair gel and a gaggle of women fall at your feet — um, I mean…fall at the base of the pedestal they’ve put you on.

    (Would mousse not have the same visual effect? The couple of times that I tried gel, I found that when it dried, it made my scalp flaky. I’m a mousse girl myself.)

  38. Neil

    Pearl — I’m not sure which is better. I think mousse may be too 2001 for me.

    The only problem is that when you wake up, you hair is all flat again!

  39. psychomom

    I think you should have Sophia dye your hair too.

  40. Ellen Bloom

    FYI: I believe that Paris H. popularized the term, “Hawt.”

    Yes, Neil…hair product makes all the diff. Without it, I’d look like a drowned rat! We already know that Sophia is a genius.

  41. LVGurl


    Now I want to see what you can do with a ceramic flat iron.

  42. plain jane

    Quick. Before you get tired of gel,replace your profile photo with one of you with your new hip hairstyle. It looks great.

    Do people say “hip” anymore?

  43. Two Roads

    Neil, you went from boy (2 weeks ago pic) to Man! Nice cut!

  44. wendy

    marked improvement!!!

  45. Long Story Longer

    The haircut looks GREAT! And I love the bohemian thing, so I promise it’s true. You look great.

  46. Erin

    I think it looks wonderful… It’s very summery. I just went with Tim to get his hair cut short, and it made a world of difference on him. I really like it on you as well, it makes you look youthful…

  47. Akaky

    Wouldnt a crew cut do the same thing?

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