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Eight Surprising Things About Me

Surprising Thing #1

Lately, there’s been a lot of hating going on against us A-list bloggers. You call us haughty, aloof, and bemoan the fact that we only link to other A-list bloggers. You say we name drop about our bigshot mommybloggers friends, that we give jobs to each other, and that we treat you, the everyman blogger, like a nobody, laughing at your narcissism and lack of advertising. We even refuse to participate in your silly little “memes.” I’m sorry you feel that way, but I say, “tough luck, kiddo.” We are A-list bloggers for a reason. We ARE more talented than you. It is human nature to want to associate with other A-list bloggers, who are our equals, and not with riff-raff like you.

Wait. Hold on. What did you say? I’m NOT an A-list blogger?! Oh, geez… oops…

So, as I was saying, I’m so glad several of my dear blogging friends asked me to join in this terrific new meme that is making the rounds:

Eight Things About Me.

Thank you Jordan’s Muse, Turn of the Sue, Not Faint Hearted, and The Ignoble Experiment. I’m so appreciative that you let me join in on the fun. I love you all! (Please, Dooce, link to me already, dammit! Get me out of this blogging hell!)

Eight Things About Me (A Conversation with Sophia)

“Sophia, I’m supposed to do a meme where I tell everyone eight things about myself.”

“I thought you hated those memes.”

“No, no, of course not. I LOVE those memes. I’m so glad four kind bloggers asked me to do it. The blogosphere brings a global warming to my heart.”


“But I’m having a little trouble doing it. Maybe I’ll give the meme a little twist. I’ll interview you and YOU’LL tell everyone the eight things about me.”

“Like what?”

“Like you can them them about my favorite book or movie.”

“Sure. What’s your favorite book or movie?”

“You don’t know my favorite book or movie?!”


“How can you not know my favorite book or movie?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you once told me, but I forgot.”

“How long have we been married?”

“Is it “Curious George?”

“No, that was my favorite CHILDREN’S book, but not my favorite REAL book?”

“Is your favorite movie “Star Wars?”

“No, I liked it, but it is far from my favorite movie. Jeez, Communicatrix knows my favorite movie, and you don’t?”

“Sorry, Neilochka.”

“Sophia, it’s not fair. I know YOUR favorite book AND movie.”

“So, what is your favorite book and movie?”

“I’m not going to tell you NOW. I’m not going to tell you my favorite book and movie for a MEME. It’s very personal. I’ll tell you when you really want to know. Do you want to know?”


“No, you don’t. I’m getting a sense that you really don’t want to know right now. You’re just saying that because you feel guilty.”

“I don’t feel guilty.”

“So, do you really, really want to know my favorite book and movie right now?”



“Not really.”

“OK, OK, I appreciate your honesty.”

“Maybe later. Maybe later we can rent the movie and watch it together.”

“We’ll see…”

“OK, then. We’ll see…”

“Now back to the meme. What other things can you tell everyone about me?”

“I’m not sure.”

“It should be something new. Something no one else knows.”

“You can tell everyone about the time you ____ _____ _____ ______.”

“I’m not saying that!”

“You said it should be something no one else knows about.”

“Well, not that. I have a reputation to uphold.”

“How about when we were dating, and you couldn’t _____ _____ _____ _____.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“So why do the MEME at all if you’re not going to reveal anything?!”

“Is it meme, one syllable, like you say it, or meh-mee, like I say it?”

“I think it is meme, one syllable.”

“Hmm… I’ve always said meh-mee.”

“It’s meme.”

“Wow, I’ve been saying it wrong for years.”

“Well, there you go. You have something to reveal about yourself. You can’t pronounce meme.”

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  1. Non-Highlighted Heather

    Dooce has been kind enough to reply to a couple of emails I have sent her. I’ll try and mention your name next time.

  2. Laurie

    I say MEHM. How do you say it?

    Also, I was going to ask you to fill out this meme but I thought you were too cool for school. Apparently, I am wrong.

  3. Not Fainthearted

    Wow. All that and still you didn’t do it. You are an amazing avoider aren’t you.

    Anyway, you know I love you because of the link and as was mentioned before, we’re all just link whores.

    Glad to see you and Sophia are talking again after the big fight.

  4. Dagny

    I say it as a two-syllable word. Go figure. And you still need to complete the meme because you sure haven’t done it here.

  5. teahouseblossom

    I always said it as two syllables. It’s about “me” so it’s “Me Me”…is that right?

  6. sizzle

    global warming in your heart. ha! love that.

    i have no idea how to pronounce meme. i think that’s why we are bloggers, so we don’t have to SAY the word out loud. 😉

  7. gorillabuns

    let me guess, your favorite movie is “fast times at ridgemont high.”

  8. Neil

    Gorillabuns — ha ha, I know why you said that one. No, that is a fine movie, with an excellent cast, but I would never say it was my favorite. Favorite scene, maybe. Ah, youth…

    phoebe cates

  9. Geeky Tai-Tai

    About the photo… is that a reference to your penis size? 😉

  10. hellojed

    Beautiful dress that Sophia is wearing – quite like the hand gesture too.

    I am a Z-list blogger and you’ve linked to me – so for that I am very grateful!

  11. tamarika

    Well, I will never make it to the A-List – whatever that is – so I appreciate this post. I waaannnaaa know which is your favorite movie …

  12. steppingoverthejunk

    Wow, I must be moving up since I got tagged for that too. Of course, my post wont be as thrilling.

  13. better safe than sorry

    i always thought it was two words, as in me me, cuz it’s about me!
    my favorite book that i’ve always wanted to read but never had time to finish would be the dictionary, it’s fabulous!!!

  14. kapgar

    So, either I’m not an A-list blogger as well or I’m just completely oblivious to all the hating going on. Probably the former. I’m right there with ya, buddy!

  15. Bre

    I’m with Sizz.. I blog so I don’t have to pronounce things!

  16. Bec

    You mean you’re not an A Lister? Well, you’re definitely in the upper echelons of Blog-iety…

    And, come on, fill in the blanks – we won’t tell!

  17. plain jane

    Hah! I was right. It rhymes with dream. I looked it up in the dictionary. Imagine that.

    I don’t have a blog so I do actually have to pronounce things.

  18. princess extraordinaire

    DId you stand in for the sculpture?

  19. Neil

    Hellojed — Oh, that’s not Sophia in the photo!

    Princess — No, it is some other Jewish guy.

  20. helen

    You’re not in the A-list?

    Damn, I told everyone I’m following a foreign A list blog.

  21. Lisa

    No one tags me for a damn thing anymore, even when I ask. Um, am I complaining about this? Only if it gets me in with that A-list crowd you speak of. I’m so far removed from it I didn’t even know it existed. Hah!

  22. Neil

    Lisa — You need to read more of the mommybloggers. They are acutely aware of who is in and out.

    I received a A’s in English and Calculus in high school, so I now consider myself A-list. You should too.

  23. justrun

    Nothing like taking the long road. 🙂 Is it not me me?

  24. You can call me, 'Sir'

    Do all of your conversations with Sophia resemble verbal kung fu fighting, or was this an exception?

  25. Neil

    Sir — Sadly, yes.

  26. Karl

    Well, if YOU’RE not A-list then it’s hard to imagine who might be. I’m a steady C-lister myself.

  27. Finn

    I still think of it as a me-me even though I know it’s a meem.

  28. Patois

    Meme. Doesn’t it rhyme with phlegm?

  29. psychomom

    I didn’t even know there was a list, I know I’m usually on the shit list.

    What is your favorite movie? Or better yet, what is your penis’ favorite movie?

  30. sarah g

    I’m sorry that your wife doesnt know your favorite movie or book. Granted, men..tend to change or never actually reveal that stuff.. ahem.

    But hey, she has your name down, thats a start!

  31. Churlita

    It seems that Sophia can verbally kick your ass on a daily basis. how sexy is that?

  32. Scarlet

    Yeah, I didn’t know how to pronounce it for awhile;)

  33. Jurgen Nation

    Oh, how I love you two. I am forming a Sophia Phan Club. I will be the president, but also a member.

  34. BA

    Eh…you’re a blogger…you don’t need to know how to pronounce it. As long as you spell it right.

    The verbal part is gravy…

  35. Melissavina

    Your favorite movie is…

    The Princess Bride.

    OR or or…

    Waiting for Guffman.
    Yes? Am I correct?
    I haven’t know you long, but I think I’ve got a good grasp of who you are.

    And for the record I’ve always said Meh – Mee too.

  36. Neil

    Melissavina — Those movies — ok, but no Phoebe Cates.

  37. Melissavina

    Shag? If Shag is your favorite move you definitely ARE a girl.

  38. Dagny

    The movie has to have Phoebe Cates? Then it so must be Princess Cariboo.

  39. ExpatJane

    I don’t know how to pronounce meme either. So what is it?

  40. Neil

    I really liked Princess Cariboo, but no.

    Interesting fact about me: I’m pretentious with my movies.

    Le Rayon Vert

    Most people find it very boring.

  41. shortie

    Who is in and out? Whaaa? You shouldn’t read people like that lOl.

  42. Jordan

    It’s definitely “MEEM”…

    And while I loved this, I still find myself with specifically 8 unknowns about you.

    For instance, did you take the time to look up our family geneaology to determine whether we’re related? I didn’t think so. Sheesh.

  43. Sam

    I thought it was ‘meh-me’!

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