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“You’re going to go OUT dressed like that?”

“What do you mean? It’s a new dress. A couple of women in the dressing room loved it. I think it’s cute. The salesgirl said I looked really good in it.”

“Of course she said that. It looks like you’re wearing a red bra on the outside of your dress.”

“No, it doesn’t. The red is part of the dress, but that alone would be, um, too small. I’m wearing a black sports bra underneath.”

“Maybe this dress just isn’t for you. I’m serious. It looks like you dressed up when you were still half-asleep and put your bra on top.”

“Neilochka… What do you know about fashion? Besides, if it does look like a red bra – I still like it.”

“Let me ask my readers.   The women are very fashionable.   And the men will get a kick out of thinking they’re seeing you in your bra.”


  1. whit

    Did you ever see the Happy Days were Al wears his underwear outside his pants?

    It’s a red bra.

  2. hellojed

    It does look like a red bra to me – sorry Sophia.

  3. Sarah

    It’s funky. And isn’t underwear the new outerwear? (Well, at least according to some fashion mags.)

  4. E

    Sophia maybe you could try wear a black bandeau top under the dress instead of a sports bra, the bandeau will have no straps so it won’t look like a extra top… under a red bra.

    But it is a really nice dress and you do look really good in it 🙂

  5. melanie

    Nope. the bottom of the dress is lovely! the top half looks like a mistake. and don’t get me started on the hat!

    the most important part of the outfit is the shoes. those WORK~!

  6. Teebopop

    Well, I like it. It’s very comfortable looking.

  7. Nicole

    I agree that, overall, the dress looks good on her. BUT it does look like a bra. I would maybe wear something underneath in a color other than black. Also like the idea of a bandeau instead of a tank.

  8. shortie

    I like it.

  9. Not Fainthearted

    I love the dress! Period.

    I think the reason it might look like a red bra from this angle is that the black sports bra looks like a reasonable neckline for the dress and blends with the background of the skirt.

    The problem of course is that for women with real curves up top (like Sophia and *ahem* myself) it doesn’t provide enough support. Will a bandeau?

  10. lux

    Lose the sports bra and it’s bloody brilliant!

  11. helen

    Yeah I agree. Just take away the sports bra and it’ll be great.

  12. Rhea

    It looks fine to me.

  13. question girl

    loose the bra – or if you feel really uncomfortable w/o something extra “up top” – wear the same color RED

  14. tamarika

    You are gorgeous, Sophia and the dress is smashing! Will you wear it on July 14 – just for me? Didn’t I buy you too when I bought Neilochka for that date?

  15. nelumbo

    I think a man should never complain when his woman puts on a hot dress!!!!

    But I agree that it might be good to change out the undergarment and maybe go with a wrap or cradigan something if you think too much is being revealed up top…

  16. Pearl

    I also thought it was a red bra on top of the dress.

    BUT if Sophia feels good in the dress, feels bold enough to wear it and perhaps attract attention and cool comments, let her. It isn’t just a red bra you’ve got riding on this, Neil, it’s an ego.

    Go for it, Sophia! “Teetchadshi”! (then blog about the public reactions)

  17. Jazz

    Look like a bra. I’d do it withouth the sports bra but then, I’m not much in the boob department…

  18. Tuck

    Neil – Just wear your Wonder Woman underoos over your pants and head out together.

  19. Irina

    Yup, it’s a red bra. But otherwise, the dress is pretty cute! : )

  20. sizzle

    well now that you’ve said the thing about the bra, it’s in my head when i look at it. i would give it thumbs up though. it’s a cute dress! and besides, sophia looks good in anything.

    you don’t need to go see fireworks when you have a real live one right in your own apartment. 😉

  21. Bryna

    I agree with Question Girl. If you wear a red sports bra or bandeau, it would take away from the red “bra-ness” standing out. Otherwise, let the ladies flow and be daring without the underbras. 🙂

  22. You can call me, 'Sir'

    It looks lovely. However, if you wore that dress without the sports bra, I’m pretty sure you’d be the most popular woman wherever you went.

  23. Finn

    Sorry girl, red bra.

    I second the bandeau idea if you need more coverage — but why not let the girl come out and play?

  24. Patois

    I am a woman. I am not fashionable. When my eldest son was four, he dressed up as Superman this way: dark blue sweatpants, light blue Underoo Superman logo shirt, black kitchen towel cape, dark red Underoo underpants over the sweatpants. Although she is lovely, that dress? It is my son’s costume, only without the kitchen towel cape.

  25. Finn

    Girls. I meant girls.

    And the dress is cute and looks great on you!

  26. whoorl

    Try a bandeau or a lower cut tank top underneath- the sports bra sits too high on the chest, thus the red bra look. The dress is cute, though!

  27. buzzgirl

    While it does, indeed look like a bra, I still think it’s cute!

  28. Sophia

    Ay-yay-ay!… Just remember, people – it was Neil’s question, not mine.

    Not Fainthearted – Bandeau is like a tube top, which wouldn’t do us much good.

    You can call me, ‘Sir’ – Indeed, if I went out like you suggested, I would be the most popular woman in town, until I got arrested in 5 minutes, and become the most popular woman in lock-up.

    Pearl – The dress did go out LIKE THIS and both it and my ego came back happy. Some woman at the restaurant yelled, as I was passing, “I love that dress!” and whatever else it was seemed to do well with the male contingent.

    Tamarika – You got it: it’s a date for both myself and the dress when you come.

    Boy, what wouldn’t I do for Neil, when he has nothing else to blog about… 😉

  29. Churlita

    I’m glad you went out wearing exactly what you wanted. You look amazing.

  30. Deven

    Sorry, Sophia…

    This makes you look just plain confused, not fashionable. You’re too pretty for this.

  31. Sophia

    Thanks, Churlita!

    A great fringe benefit of still not working much – I get to interact more with you here.

  32. Neil

    I told you, Sophia! But any woman is hot who lets me publish a photograph of her wearing a crazy dress. That’s really what makes you special and sexy!

  33. Non-Highlighted Heather

    My opinion of the dress doesn’t matter. What matters is if she feels good in it. Although I will say that her hair is way to beautiful to be put up in a baseball cap. Especially with a dress.

  34. psychomom

    “You’re going to go OUT dressed like that?”

    I’m glad to hear you were confident enough to wear it out even after that comment.

    I think you looked marvelous and your confidence is beautiful!!!

    I would have lost all the nerve it took to put it on a pretty feminine dress and went and changed back into my lame shorts and t-shirt.

  35. Dagny

    Like I would even listen to Neil when it comes to fashion. The dress is very cute. Glad to hear that it was a hit when your wore it, Sophia.

  36. girlanddog

    Don’t wear the black sports bra! Let the girls out, Sophia! It’s summertime, it’s LA!

  37. deannie

    I love a man who blogs, “Look at my woman’s breasts” and oh yeah, her dress too. Neil, you were just jealous of the all the looks you KNOW your lovely wife would get. Enjoy being with a sexy, confident woman! She went there with you and she left with you; that says VOLUMES.

  38. Kate

    You’re both right! It’s a totally cute bra on the outside of a totally cute dress. Work it Sophia!

  39. brooke

    Neil – I don’t care if she’s wearing six bras and pair of waterwings – you tell her she looks beautiful.

    Got it?

    You’ll thank me someday when you finally get laid.

  40. Ann

    No, seriously – work your girls!:) Show a little cleav, and everyone will REALLY love that dress, bra or no.:)

  41. Kate

    I like the idea of wearing another color other than black underneath – it would break it up rather than make the red stand out. She could also use a lower-cut tank underneath for support – which I’m sure you’d love, Neil. 😉

    But yes, I’m sure it looks great up close (love the detail on the skirt)- but from far away, it looks a bit like a bathing suit top.

  42. Jordan

    Sophia looks hot!

    Neil, I’ve ‘tagged’ you–partly because I like your take, and partly because I’m convinced we are long lost cousins (my grandmother’s maiden name is Kramer :). Visit my blog for details.

  43. Shelli

    Well, since you already wore it out and you got great feedback, our comments don’t really mean anything anyway. The most important part is that you feel good in it and so you look good in it. Half of being stylish is the way you carry yourself. If you have the feeling of grace, dignity, etc., then that’s what you will project.

  44. Karl

    Yeah, that’s a red bra. No question.

  45. savia

    Replace the black sports bra with a push-up bra and work it, girl.

  46. lizardek

    You look MARVELOUS!!

  47. Bre

    I think it’s the black sports bra that niggles at me the most – maybe with a white camisole underneath it would work?

  48. plain jane

    Yup, before I read a word I saw the picture and thought, “What are they up to now? Sophia is wearing a bra over a really cute dress.” I think WHAT NOT TO WEAR would say to wear a cami under it. Also, someone as wonderfully endowed as you, might want to wear a dress with wider straps.

    Of course if you saw what I wear, you certainly wouldn’t listen to my advice. And I haven’t even bothered to wear a dress in four years.

  49. Neil

    Non-Highlighted Heather – now you’re going to get me into more trouble with your “baseball cap” remark. It is not a baseball cap, it’s a hat of some sort.

  50. Atomic Bombshell

    I think it’s a lovely dress, but Sophia shouldn’t be so shy about showing off some cleavage. I had surgery “up there” to remove tumors last year, and I’m so proud to still have boobs that I showcase them every chance I get.

  51. Sophia

    Atomic, let’s just say, “showing off some cleavage” in this particular dress, as it is cut, and as it fits me, would not be legal, unless I was breast-feeding twins in Berkeley.

  52. Nics

    Does it matter what any of us say here on the internet? Nope. It all comes down to whether you like it and enjoy wearing it. For the record though, I like it but I love the fact you’re smiling in the picture even more!

  53. Bec

    It’s a really great dress but, yeah, red bra elements… Maybe if the strap didn’t go round the back so straight…

  54. better safe than sorry

    i do like the dress but not with the sports bra. the pic makes it look like a red bra, but it might look different in person. perhaps one of those lacy camis instead? but having said this, if she’s happy wearing it like that, then she should. loving that smile!

  55. LVGurl

    I love the bottom of the dress, and although I really want to love the top… not so much. But that’s if I was wearing it.

    In the same breath, however, I think Sophia wears the dress quite well! She pulls off the look. Without the red on top, the dress loses a little character.

  56. Ariel

    Dude, it’s called creative dressing and as such is an expression of a woman’s adventurous sartorial preferences… Standing out from the herd is a good thing you know!

  57. Neil

    “You definitely owe me dinner after this post. You made me look like an idiot.”

    “Nah. It made you seem more human. Everyone buys a loser piece of clothing every once in a while.”

    “It’s not a “loser piece of clothing.” I don’t care what anyone says. I’m wearing it like it is.”

    “Why don’t you wear it without a bra, like some people suggested?”

    “You want to see what it looks like without a bra?”


    Sophia changes in the bedroom and returns to my office.

    “Holy crap!” I say, as she practically falls out of her top with each step.

    “Do you like it better now?”

    “Uh, well, honestly… yes. Can I post this on my blog?!”

    As you guessed, she said “no.”

    But here are some photos of Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears to help you visualize.

    Jessica Simpson
    Mariah Carey
    Britney Spears

  58. paintergirl

    I love the dress-red top and all. I think the bra top underneath should be a camisole built-in-bra number. Layering is a thing now and I think it would show off Sophia’s body.

  59. Neil

    Sophia’s not here now, but I think she’s told me in the past that those built-in bra camisoles only work for those who don’t really need them.

    Transformers 2: The Ultimate Battle — Women Warriors of Size B vs. Size D, Speed vs. Power

  60. Miss Syl

    It looks totally adorable. It DOESN’T look like a red bra because, in case some of you people haven’t been in Victoria’s Secret in a while bras don’t have full length skirts attached to the bottom of them. 😛

    What that there is is an A-line sundress. And I’ve seen billions of women this summer walking around with spaghetti-strap tops or scoop-necked camisoles like her sports bra under sundresses this summer. So Sophia knows her shit.

    It’s beautiful, too; love the colors. Wear it happily, Sophia, and don’t listen to these “little red bra” Maoist oppressors.

    (And P.S. I totally sympathize with the bra-in-camisole situation–I’m STILL waiting for them to make one that works for women who actually need one.)

  61. Suki

    It’s adorable, but think the black sports bra is throwing things off. Tell her to try it with an actual red bra underneath, it’s perfectly acceptable for straps to show.

  62. Sue F.

    The black sports bra ain’t cutting it. From your comment above I understand now that she needs *ahem* a bit more coverage. Can she have a tailor make a new and improved red top for that dress that will actually cover her?

  63. Nance

    The hell with the dress: I want a better look at those shoes!

  64. schmutzie

    I think the dress is flirty and whimsical. I like it! And the layered look is perfectly acceptable.

  65. Heather B.

    I don’t think it looks like a bra, but if you wore a tank top with a built in bra with it (I have like 15 from Nordstrom), it would take care of the whole sports bra aspect. But I still think you’re adorable, Sophia. So there.

  66. :: jozjozjoz ::

    *smacks Neil for saying “You’re going to go OUT dressed like that?” to Sophia*

    Ok, now that I’ve done that, I need to say “Sorry, Sophia! It DOES look like a red bra over your black dress!”

  67. laurie

    LOVE. THAT. DRESS!!! It’s faboo. Very chic, Sophia!

  68. liz elayne

    i love it. you look fantastic girl!

    (but kinda want to now see a picture of neil wearing it…)

  69. NSC

    It’s not the dress, it’s the woman wearing it – and you look beautiful, Sophia 🙂

  70. Maliavale

    I can’t believe you used “fugly” as a tag.

    Oh, wait, am I supposed to vote?

    I vote no.

  71. Caron

    I love the dress, and I don’t mind the black behind the red, but, how about a sexy, lacy, black underwire? It would peek out in just the right places, maintain your famous cleavage, and be supportive.

    I also say nix to the hat, Your incredible hair is the perfect accessory to that dress.

  72. Neil

    Here’s a good guide for clothes for the bustier woman from Trini and Susannah from the British “What Not to Wear.”

  73. Jennifer

    Um, ok, it does sort of look like you’re wearing a red bra on the outside of the dress, but I totally love the look!! And the shoes are awesome!!

  74. MammaLoves

    Lose the sports bra and hat and it’s a smashing outfit!!!

  75. Elaine

    Incredibly cute dress! There’s nothing wrong with it!

    I agree with Liz Elayne though. Now I want to see Neil in that dress. Please? 😛

  76. ExpatJane

    It’s hot (not temperature, but as in “that’s cool”.)

    It’s cute. Yes, it looks like a bra, but if you know fashion bras are making a comeback.

    You’re a fashion Plebeian. I’m diggin’ it.

  77. Therese

    Unfortunately, when you’re as well-endowed as is Sophia, which is a curse I am forced to face as well, which is something Jessica, Britney and Mariah should face, you cannot get away with the spaghetti straps and the low barely there cups.

    I’m sorry, Sophia.

    I see a couple of solutions though; add lace on the edges (or simple black material to match the rest of the dress), or just wear it with a non-sports bra that will be equally visible, but look more like bra-on-bra rather than bra-on-dress.

    The bottom part is super, super cute though. Must be said.

  78. ExpatJane

    Argh Neil…you queston me!

    Coco Lee in concert in 2006 (remember fashion cycles downward.)

    BTW, nothing close here in Seoul but, well we’re talking different proportions, you know. However, the first Hooters just opened here, so it’s just a matter of time.

    However, porn shirts are in:

  79. Sophia

    At last, a voice of reason. 🙂

    It is supposed to look like a bra!
    …and OK, I WILL take my hat/cap off, people, to ExpatJane.

  80. kristen

    Very late here, but the dress is fantastic! I like it with the black underneath, I like it without and it doesn’t look like there’s a red bra on top, it looks like a dress you silly. I hope you wore the dress, you looked beautiful in that picture – I kept trying to see your shoes, are they orange?

  81. gorillabuns

    wow! i didn’t know there were soo many fashion critics.

    go with what you like and what makes YOU feel good! feeling good about yourself is the best outfit of all.

    sophia always is beautiful!

  82. V-Grrrl

    I want to see Neil in the dress.

  83. Javacurls

    I love the dress! You know what I first thought when I saw the photo…”Oh, that dress is cute. Love the detailed embroidery on the bottom. I wonder where she bought it.”

    Although I’d probably wear it with a pair of black heels. Way to go for wearing the dress despite Neil’s comments. (Sorry Neil) 😉

  84. DarkoV

    At least the dress didn’t have a Pythagorean Red Triangle sewed onto another area of the dress.
    That, or arrows sewn wherever necessary so that we the somewhat blind could determine where the naughty bits are these days.
    I say, let your lovely spouse wear the dress and you simply have to haul a Louisville 32 oz. with you to keep the rabble away.

  85. Pants

    You are very sensitive.

  86. butterfly

    The top part should have been black to match the rest of the dress, then I would agree that it is cute in an ethnic-cool sort of way. But the red part looks really wrong…sorry! I would put it with a black sandal or ballet flat, too. 😉 It’s hard to find cute strappy sundresses that work with such lovely endowments…

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