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Amazing Things You Can Find at a Los Angeles Goodwill Store




  1. Teebopop

    Shwing! You must have been just giddy with delight!

  2. plain jane

    I’m speechless.

  3. V-Grrrl

    Oh no, not again!

    Lovely patio, though, blooming with good cheer.

  4. Jenn

    Got to LOVE the Goodwill! What a treasure to find! Patio looks great!

  5. Dave2

    What is it? It looks too big to be a CD or DVD. Is that one of those LaserDisc things they had back in the 80’s?

  6. Neil

    Mom, send the turntable!

  7. Bec

    That’s like £1… that’s amazing!

  8. Neil

    I also found Chubby Checker’s first album (with the Twist included), a Donny Osmond album from mid 1970’s (with the Donny poster still inside!), and the first Depeche Mode album.

    (personal note to friend, Tuck — they had the complete Loggins and Messina collection, but I know you already have that)

    I also checked out the books, but no first Edition Hemingways, just Danielle Steel.

  9. Tuck

    OK…grab the Kleenex and shut the door.

  10. princess extraordinaire


  11. chantel

    I love ABBA – did you catch the A&E documentary?
    Your garden looks fantastic.

  12. paintergirl

    ABBA AND look at that amazing garden!!!
    coolio!! you both did a great job.

  13. Rhea

    There’s a reason you found that at the Goodwill.

  14. Not Fainthearted

    such a deal!

  15. Tuck

    How the heck can someone sell their Loggins & Messina collection? Aside from that one character flaw, clearly they are good people!

  16. better safe than sorry

    i’ve never actually been to a goodwill store, i’ve donated to it, in those bins, but never been to their stores.
    your garden looks AWESOME!!!

  17. Neil

    I’ve always found thrift stores a little creepy, because I imagine that a lot of stuff comes from people who have died, even though I know this isn’t true. But Sophia loves looking for art and quirky stuff, and I sort of get a kick out of finding the ugliest stuff possible. If I knew Schmutzie’s address, I would have sent her this incredibly ridiculous-looking rooster lamp they were selling for five bucks. I wanted it for myself, but can you believe Sophia refused to put it in the house?

  18. shortie

    Man, you’re obsessed!

  19. Neil

    Also, for anyone old enough to remember albums, the music industry has never been the same to me since. There is nothing like actually holding the album cover in your hand and reading the insert, or lyrics. You actually feel like you OWN the songs.

    I always lose my CD covers and get them mixed up.

    God help the day when we all read books electronically.

    And Tuck — Where is Messina now?

  20. girlanddog

    Nice garden!

  21. Heather B.


    (I’m whining. The shrill, whine of a girl who loves her some ABBA. I bet you can hear it 3,000 miles away)

  22. ndulj

    Oh grooooaaaaaaaaan

  23. nelumbo

    All the flowers look great! Sounds like maybe now you’ll have more respect my garden blog.

    I just dropped off a bunch of stuff at goodwill yesterday. You know there is

  24. ndulj

    nice garden though

  25. Finn

    Neil–and this comes from a place of love–you need a haircut.

    Do you even have a record player?

  26. Atomic Bombshell


  27. Pants

    You look so proud!

  28. question girl

    *banging my head against the desk*…

    HOLY SHIT – how big is that container behind you holding that tree???

  29. THE J-Mo

    Neil… I SO own that album. If I can dig it up, I’ll send a pic. 🙂

  30. Long Story Longer

    That first pic is awesome!

  31. jane

    holy cow! I LOVE ABBA!!! LOVE THEM!

  32. N

    Wow. That patio is amazing! Simply gorgeous.

    And I like ABBA too. And I’m not gay.

  33. Karl

    More ABBA? Dude, man up and get some Kelly Clarkson or something.

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