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For which website am I LEAST likely to have written a post today?

A) — African-Americans Who Love Portland

B) — The Self-Help Site for Separated Men with Foreign-Born Wives

C) — A Forum for Co-Dependent Men and Their Co-Dependent Penises

D) — An online project that builds community by encouraging bloggers to read and enjoy poetry, as well as sharing it with others.

A Year Ago on Citizen of the Month: Teacher of the Year


  1. Wombat

    Poetry Thursday, Neil.

    I’ve seen your name listed as being on the board, or noticed you at donors’ cocktail parties, for the other three.

  2. Karl

    I opt for (E)

  3. Monkey

    D. The poetry thing.

    Do we win anything for guessing correctly?

  4. Not Faint Hearted

    Are you sure the answer’s not ‘C?’

  5. anne

    My comment was eaten?! Surely that means I was right.

  6. Finn

    Does your penis write poetry? I must go see!

  7. Dagny

    It most definitely has to be the poetry one. I mean, you never ever write poetry.

  8. Neil

    Finn — One of my favorite posts has a poem from my friend:

    “Said Keats to Shelly on a warm summer’s eve
    A truly great poet must always believe
    As sure as a leaf will change in September
    A man shalt always be a slave to his member.”

  9. Rhea

    Poetry?, she asked meekly.

  10. tamarika

    Loved the post at the poetry. Amongst the many things I learned about you, your post also explained for me why my son hates to receive flowers and adores giving me appliances as gifts.

  11. Sizzle

    oh! quizzes make me so randy! 😉

    i’m voting for a.

  12. Dana

    Thanks for writing for Poetry Thursday, Neil. Your piece is great, of course.

  13. kapgar

    That all depends on semantics… do you mean that you wrote a post for one of these sites intentionally or they simply took your words and inserted them in a flame post at your expense?

  14. Eileen Dover

    Where do the men go with independent penises?

    (I’d like to purchase a membership on the black market.)

    Oh, and Neil, thanks for Blog Crush of the Day.

    I’m available any time for a date.

    You, your glasses. Me, my glasses…

  15. Eileen Dover

    I probably should comment using the correct URL…

    (I’m sure you don’t want me now, given my obvious flaws.)

  16. You can call me, 'Sir'

    Try reading some stuff by Billy Collins. Poetry has never been my cup of tea, either, but I really enjoy his writing style.

    And I consider myself a pretty sensitive new-age guy, but figure skating blows goats. Not nice, friendly, clean goats either….I’m talking about nasty biker goats with tatoos.

    Not a fan of the figure skating.

  17. sandra

    I kind of wish all four sites could be combined…

  18. plain jane

    Great post for Poetry Thursday.

    Call me a poor excuse of a woman but I’m with you, I would rather receive a blender for Valentines Day than flowers. I’m just a practical sort of gal.

  19. Churlita

    I know which one it really is, but the other ones would be way more hilarious.

  20. Dana

    Loved your post at P.T., Neil. I recommend the “Good Poems” anthology (remember it’s called ‘good,’ not ‘great’), and “Fooling With Words” by Bill Moyers. Re: the stereotypes. My young teen son has been dancing modern and ballet since he was in second grade because he asked us for lessons. He’s also a musician, composer, and vocalist. He writes mad lyrics AND poetry. And he’s NOTHING like a W. Hollywood designer. In fact, he’s big and strong and straight and intimidating, and the chicks all dig him.

  21. paintergirl

    I pick B.

  22. Bre

    Proof positive that there’s a website for everything!

  23. brooke

    I can’t believe it was a year ago that you wrote that post about teachers. How time flies.

    Oh, and I’m still not going to sleep with you.

  24. Two Roads

    Considering it’s Tuesday, I’m going with Poetry Thursday. Love the Keats take off (rip off?)!

  25. better safe than sorry

    i’m voting for a

  26. sbukophile


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