Our Upcoming Drive to Portand


First up, thanks for all those birthday greetings for Sophia.   She was tickled pink.   Yesterday, we saw a concert by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band from New Orleans.  We ate French crepes in the morning and Indian Tandoori at night. 

But there was ONE little problem.  Remember, yesterday, I wrote a whole post about how important it was to make an elaborate toast for the birthday girl.  And how important it was to make this toast with some sort of alcoholic drink.   So, I waited all day to make this toast until we were at dinner, not realizing that I made reservations at a Halal Indian Restaurant, which means they were Muslim and didn’t have alcohol!   Luckily Danny plied us with champagne when we stopped over at his house after dinner.  To top it all, he baked a birthday cake for Sophia!

What we are looking forward to during our upcoming road trip to Portland to meet some bloggers:

Neil:  Tillamook Cheese Tour


Sophia:  The Redwoods —

(thanks, Psychomom!)


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21 Responses to Our Upcoming Drive to Portand

  1. Brooke says:

    I love that I am first to comment on the penis tree.

    Penis Tree!

  2. whoorl says:

    I’m very jealous – I’ve never visited Portland. Have fun!

  3. Finn says:

    Wow. Penis tree. Cool.

    Have fun in Portland.

  4. Alexandra says:

    I’d love to have you guys over if you have time while in Portland- let me know!

  5. Dagny says:

    I don’t know. I’m torn — cheese AND redwoods. Who could ask for more?

  6. yeah – i don’t remember the penis tree from my trips to the red wood forests when i was a kid…..

  7. Bre says:

    Wow. I’m suddenly inspired to hug a tree.

  8. Hilly says:

    Today I told Shawn that he should come so we could drive, LOL.

    Are you going up the 5 or the 1?

  9. an9ie says:

    Glad Sophia had a great birthday!

  10. janet says:

    happy belated bday sophia!

    also, i looooooooooove tilamook cheese. I don’t think they sell it out here though, which is v sad.

  11. Caron says:

    I can’t believe your talking penis doesn’t hvae something to say about that tree.

  12. Dave2 says:

    Uhhh… I thought India was mostly Hindu?

  13. leahpeah says:

    take me with you. i love portland people.

  14. Mad William says:

    If you are going to visit the cheese factory, call first. They say that they make cheese every day but they really don’t. Last time we went they were closed. It’s pretty boring when closed. See you in Portland.

  15. Neil says:

    Dave2 — That’s what I thought. It figures I would find the only Muslim Indians in LA.

  16. Dagny says:

    Kashmir is almost completely Muslim. I have an Indian student who is Muslim. The things we learn from kids.

  17. Neil says:

    A-ha! The disputed area between India and Pakistan and why they have hated each other for years.

  18. mmmmmmmmmmmm,cheese. i don’t know if they’re famous for cheese but they should be famous for that tree!

  19. psychomom says:

    You’re welcome. You big nut!

  20. Erin says:

    OH YAY! Tillamook cheese! I LOVE that place…. Please bring me back some squeaky cheese. Oh and if one of those ladies with a hairnet on tries to talk you into getting frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, you tell her to piss off! The ICE CREAM is what makes the trip worthwhile. Well that, and the life size cow statue.

  21. plain jane says:

    Blame my ultra-pure mind. I didn’t even notice the penis part of the picture. What am I doing reading this penis obsessed blog?

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