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And the Winner is…


And the winner of the charity auction bidding is… Tamarika of Mining Nuggets.  I can’t be more pleased.  She is everything I look for in a date — a woman who is funny, smart, sexy… and generous!   All the money goes to V-Day!

The only little problem with my new date is that Tamar lives in… Philadelphia.  But as Philly’s own Benjamin Franklin once said, “Great distances can never stop true romance or the opportunity to go bowling.”

Luckily, Philly is one of my favorite cities and just an Amtrack train away from Penn Station in New York.  So, as I promised, for you – Tamar:

1)  I will travel to Philadelphia the next time I am in New York.

2)  I will a dance to a song of your choosing.

3)  I will be sending you a copy of Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat.”

4)  Sophia will make a surprise appearance.

I’d be lying if I didn’t reveal a little nervousness about meeting Tamar.  She isn’t any regular babe.  She is an early childhood teacher educator, counselor, mother, and author.  She is the writer of “Confronting Our Discomfort:  Clearning the way for Anti-Bias in Early Childhood.”  Why this brainy woman is reading MY BLOG is beyond comprehension, but maybe it is true what they say — “opposites attract.” 

As for the bowling, it is her choice whether or not she wants to challenge me.  We have already talked about going to the famous Mutter Museum in Philadelphia.  I also noticed on her blogger profile that she loves playing “Scrabble.” 

So, Tamar — if we don’t go bowling, I CHALLENGE YOU to a game of scrabble — DOUBLE OR NOTHING on your bid!  Now that would be one hot date!

Thank you, Tamar!  And thanks to all.   To quote another son of Philadephia, Rocky Balboa, “You think I’m a winner, but you da winner, you da one who can knock me out with your kindness.”   (from the upcoming Rocky IX).



  1. Rhea

    Congratulations Tamar and Neil! Everything worked out great: a date, a donation to a great cause, and a possible trip to the gruesome Mutter Museum.

  2. better safe than sorry

    congrats to tamara!
    bowling, scrabble, stop it, you’re just taunting me now.

  3. Scarlet

    I’ve been wanting to go to the Mutter Musuem for years!

  4. momentary academic

    There’s a lucky woman! I hope that you have a wonderful time on your date!

  5. tamarika

    Woo hoo! Am blushing from all the compliments. Can’t wait for the double or nothing Scrabble and the surprise appearance by Sophia!
    And why do I read your blog, Neil? Because you are brilliant and kind and sexy and screamingly funny!
    Thanks for the great time and putting yourself out there with all that fun these past few days – for V-Day!

  6. Neil

    Oh, and special thanks to everyone at The Not Girls Charity Auction. They made nearly 1000 dollars for the charity.

    and Tamar — you do realize that it will be difficult for me to keep my promise of “putting out” to the highest bidder if Sophia shows up as well. Just saying…

  7. tamarika

    I hear you, Neil. ROFL. I hear you …

  8. ElizaF

    You’ve challanged a brainiac to a scrabble game and put money on the outcome? Ohhh dear.

  9. plain jane

    You didn’t tell us Scrabble could be part of the deal!! I would have bid, say, 60 gadillion dollars for that opportunity. Dang.

    Tamarika sounds like a great date. I’m going to go check out her website this minute.

    Thanks for helping a good cause, I too have been a victim of violence.

  10. Tatyana

    It’s kismet, Neil.
    Looks like you’re perfect for each other.

  11. Charming, but single

    You are one lucky woman, Tamarika. Not everyone gets to go on a date with a man and his talking penis.

  12. Jos

    I was following the aution. . as a faithful reader of the NotGirls Blog. Congrats!

  13. Non-Highlighted Heather

    Yay Tamarika! ::Wild applause::

  14. Leah

    omg! you’re coming to my fair city?! I know it has nothing to do with me…but still i’m excited. you should post an itinerary so that we can all stalk you (at the bowling alley) hehehehe..

  15. Jenn

    Conrats on your big win Tamar! We will all want to hear the date details from YOU first. Don’t let Neil’s penis be the story spoiler…

  16. Bice

    I heard your penis almost outbid her.

  17. V-Grrrl

    Neil–I commend you for putting your mug shot and profile online and submitting to the potentially humiliating process of being bid on.

    What a guy! You’re a winner in every sense.

  18. Ash

    Is your penis going on the date too? 😉

    Neil, you did so well! Did you see, all those young dudes were stuck with $5 bids! Obviously none of them write a blog with a penis as their alter-ego.

  19. luzie

    thanks for commenting on my blog. 🙂 i can’t believe there’s no dunkin donuts in LA! they’re everywhere here in berlin, it’s crazy.

  20. Danny

    Mazel tov, Tamar! I know I had nothing to do with this “shiddach” and yet I feel strangely responsible…

  21. Alexandra

    I’m just catching up on all your funny posts of the past ten days! Can’t remember if I wished you a Happy New Year or not but if not, Happy New Year Neil. Heres to a new year of hysterical, great writing!

  22. ms. sizzle

    i think scrabble makes any date hotter. yay for the winner (you both win, it seems).

  23. justrun

    That was pretty brave, putting a mug shot out there and being bid on. But the Scrabble will make it all worthwhile. 🙂

  24. tamarika

    Well, Danny, in a way you are. Because I “discovered” Neil from a comment he once made on your blog. Yes, in fact, I would categorically say you are responsible. Yes indeed!

  25. Mad William

    I’m crushed. It was the “Repairing Injustice” posts wasn’t it?
    I will try to go on with out you.

  26. Churlita

    Is that a picture of the lovely winner at the top of this entry? How adorable. Who wouldn’t want to bring their wife with them to Philly for a hot date of museuming and playing Scrabble with her?

  27. Amy K

    You forgot the food part of the date. Eating cheesesteak whilst playing Scrabble is a must!

  28. Brooke

    Take her somewhere nice, Neil. No Philly cheese steaks!

  29. Mr. Fabulous

    She is one lucky gal!

  30. Two Roads

    Take Tamar to Benny the Bum for wonderful crabs! Yummy… Congrats to you both – bowling, scrabble, food all sounds like a wonderful time. I’m so jealous!

  31. Tim

    Perhaps you should go to the Mummers Museum instead.

    Ask her. It’s a Philly thing. And kind of hard to explain.

  32. Karl

    Congrats, Tamar!

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