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Dressing for the Cold (Before and After)

Current Los Angeles Resident
New York City, December 4th, 2006


  1. Leesa

    Such a tease πŸ˜‰

  2. V-Grrrl

    The coat’s so sexy…did you borrow it from your mother? ; )

  3. Fitena

    Such a grand tease! Missed eing around here! Missed me?! πŸ™‚

  4. Charming, but single

    Hot. Hot. Hot.

  5. Lynnster, yeah


  6. Mr. Fabulous

    You are bringing crazysexycool back, aren’t you?

  7. kristen

    you are getting so bold! imagine wearing your winter coat and being naked underneath!!

  8. Scarlet

    You and this camera;) out of control.

  9. justrun

    Well, I know I haven’t been able to read blogs as much lately but I certainly didn’t expect this! πŸ˜‰


    mmmm, MMMMM, ggrrrll

    wait, are you in your mother’s bed?

  11. M.A.

    I like the coat. A lot.

  12. Becky

    Wow. ‘s all I can say.

  13. EEK

    Your photo-shop skills are really coming along.

  14. Neil

    Margaret, what’s the matter? You never jumped on your mother’s bed when she was out playing mah-jongg?

    And it is an authentic wool overcoat from the 1950s!

  15. psychomom

    Mom is out and you are making porn on her bed. OMG!

    Love the coat.

  16. ms. sizzle


  17. Neil

    PsychoMom — Porn?  It’s art! I need a more intellectual bunch of readers. You didn’t understand my subway photo art, my garbage can art… Here, I’m showing the dichotomy between man in his natural state (the nude) vs. the “costume” we wear in society (the coat).

    Now do you understand?

    Besides, it was too cold to show you myself competely nude for reasons I don’t want to get into.

  18. deannie

    That is a way cool photo! Loved it

  19. he's dead, jim!

    I had the pleasure of seeing the man and his coat in person today. Thanks for stopping by my office, Neil. It was great to have met you!
    ~HDJ (aka Claudette)

  20. Neil

    Claudette — It was great finally meeting you. I should add that I WAS wearing clothes when we met (in case any other bloggers are too afraid to meet me).

    C, are as interesting and thoughtful (and funny) in person as you are on your blog. I wish you would blog MORE. I know surgery is an important career and all, but really — where are your priorities?

    Next to meet: Caitlin and Sandra!

  21. treespotter

    it’s so cool being in that part of the world where you get to dress up in different themes every few months.

    we get all the same tropical sunshine every single goddamn day!!

    ah so boring.

  22. tiff

    Next up – a trip for Neil through the South to visit his fans “over yonder.”

    Please? You could maybe even ditch the coat.


    You are a fascinating weirdo.

  24. peefer

    what Margaret said

  25. Neil

    Margaret — I’m not that fascinating.

  26. Laini

    Funny — how did you do that? I get how you replicated yourself, I mean, you obviously used a replicator machine, but then, how did one of you tilt sideways like that? That seems to defy physics. And which one is “you” you? I mean, which one is your new clone? And what did you do with him after the photo? And, have you seen The Prestige? I’m sure my line of thinking has nothing whatsoever to do with that movie.

  27. Dana

    A two-dimensional and literal attempt at “flasher”?

    I thought you stole my favorite vintage autumn coat, which is a laughingstock in my family. Mine is longer, tho. $8 fifteen years ago at a veterans’ thrift shop. 1950s, wool and silk tweed blend? Zip-out lining, bottomless on-seam pockets, leather buttons, very comfy? Mine has been borrowed for the wardrobe of Fagin in “Oliver.” After the great way you advertised the excellent coat, maybe now’s the time to sell mine on eBay!

    Oh, yeah–you are that fascinating. Especially since one of your socked feet appears to be missing . . .

  28. Hilly

    Um you look like Ben Folds today, without his five.

  29. Churlita

    Will you soon star in “What Not to NOT Wear”?

  30. sara lee

    Is it me or did you brush your hair for the 2nd pic? Or were you going for the “just got out of bed” look?

  31. psychomom

    Art? I thought your name was Neil.

    Oops, my mind was in the gutter, as usual.

  32. Neil

    Sara — I’m wearing one of those pullover hats that my mother used to make me wear when I went to school, and then I shoved in my pocket so I didn’t look like a dork.

  33. Two Roads

    So are you back to discussing size again with the comment: “Besides, it was too cold to show you myself competely nude for reasons I donÒ€ℒt want to get into.” ;D

  34. sara lee

    aha…got it…wasn’t so clear on my computer…glad you were careful not to look like a dork! πŸ˜‰

  35. Neil

    From a kind blogger who hates the overcoat: (via email)

    Neil, this is the 21st century. You are a young guy. Nice looking guy. You should dress better than a street person.

  36. JanePoe (aka Deborah)

    I just figured out you’re standing on the bed!!

  37. Dating Dummy

    Hey, it’s not even Thursday yet and you’re already flaunting the HNT! Way to go!

  38. "said" woman

    Neil – It’s not THAT cold here. LA has made you soft. Okay, perhaps it is a tiny bit cold here…but regardless, I love telling people lalaland makes them soft. nice coat!

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