Make Serious Web Money

The secret is out:  Here is why New York bloggers are so successful at getting book deals.

1)  They take this “Learning Annex” Free Class I saw advertised on every block in the Upper West Side —  “Make Serious WEB MONEY.  Turn your computer into a CASH MACHINE!”


2)  They blog in their bikini by the pool.   Wait…wait… wait… is this cover left over from when they taught the course in Los Angeles?


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18 Responses to Make Serious Web Money

  1. Lord Chimmy says:

    I’m more interested in being taught joy…

  2. Lou P. says:

    I find it odd that they mention a “free class” but that classes “make great gifts.” It’s also strange that Byron Kane received higher billing than Ed Norton.

  3. Two Roads says:

    Upper West Side – does this mean the bagels and corned beef are on there way????? Yummy. Did you see my brother and sister in law too? How about a visit to Zabar’s?

  4. jamelah says:

    Does it have to be serious web money? Because I prefer web money that knows how to party.

  5. Dagny says:

    I knew I was doing something wrong. I’ve gotta stop blogging in my PJs.

  6. s@bd says:

    that girl looks cold. and also like she needs to eat a little bit.

    And is she IN a pool? ‘cuz that’s just dangerous.

  7. MARGARET says:

    What ecactly is “web money”?

  8. Edgy Mama says:

    That’s exactly how I do it, only my bikini is turquoise. And I have a poolboy who hands me Mai Tais every hour to stimulate my creative juices…or some kind of juices.

  9. EEK says:

    Man. Blogging is such a sexy hobby.

  10. Neil says:

    Lou — I noticed the “give a class as a gift thing also.”

    Happy Holidays everyone. I give everyone a “gift” of a Learning Annex Class — Make Serious Web Money!

    Hey, does it matter that the class is free? It’s a ******* gift, you ungrateful *******!

  11. I just bought a laptop, a pool, and a blue bikini. So far, I’ve dropped the laptop in the pool, frozen my nads off in the cold Chicago weather, and been arrested because men wearing blue bikinis in pools in the middle of winter is apparently against some sort of (really unfair) village ordinance. This method did not bring me success. :(

  12. V-Grrrl says:

    Everytime I insert my bank card into my disc drive, nothing comes out and the computer makes weird noises. Is it eating my “serious money”? Should I hit print and see if sheets of “serious money” appear in the printer tray? Is my connection FAST enough, my printer good enough for serious money or can I only make funny money? Will euros come out because God, the dollar is suckin big time here in Europe? I’m so confused! I NEED the class.

  13. Churlita says:

    Man, blogging in the Midwest puts us at such a disadvantage. I’ve been wearing my blue bikini in the corn fields, and so far all I’ve managed to do is scare a lot of cows.

  14. Pants says:

    I could really use a learning annex class…

  15. Priss says:

    So that’s what my blog needs. A bikini and a pool, and toned abs!

  16. Miss Syl says:

    That shot was taken one minute before the plugged-in laptop lost its precarious balance on her too greasy suntan-lotioned thighs and slid off, falling, before she could stop it, into the pool just below her, electricuting several small children and one “active senior,” forcing her to pay off multiple lawsuits with her serious web money.

    Proving once again the old adage that there’s no such thing as a FREE! Learning Annex class.

  17. SFGary says:

    Does this serious web money work in the real world?

  18. kapgar says:

    Just promise me you’ll never post photos of you blogging in a bikini. Promise?

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