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I Sing, I Dance, but Dooce is Still Funnier

(another famous Jewish entertainer)

Bloglaughs rating:  92.2, the exact same mark I got in my high school calculus class. 

My two favorite comments:

“He has an entertaining style of writing, but I believe he and others think he’s more entertaining than he actually is. However, I do like the talking penis.”

“In true Jew form, his writing is impeccable.”

Ha, no one ever says that about Mormons.

But can I really trust a review site that says this? —

“…most of his readers seem to be pretty smart.”

If they only knew.

Thank you Bloglaughs!

A Year Ago on Citizen of the Month:  Blog East, Young Man


  1. Charming, but single

    Everyone loooooves the talking penis. He should have his own blog.

  2. Danny

    I’m glad that they’re giving you press and have incredibly positive things to say but who are these putzes? Did you know you were a “semi-intellectual?” It strikes me as very bizarre to review blogs in this way but at least they recognized your brilliance (and the innate intelligence of your readers!).

    P.S. You’re ten times funnier than Dooce!


    Maybe Dooce would comment on you penis’ blog if he had one.

  4. melanie

    Iwant to be cool like you when i grow up.


  5. Rachel

    “In true Jew form”?

  6. Mo

    I like the comments on the sidebar. Harumph. I do think you are funnier than Dooce, although I like her a lot as well. I don’t find your posts too long. I agree with Danny, those reviewers were a bit putzy. At least some of them understood your genius. You rock, Sir Neil. A well-deserved “A”.

  7. Dagny

    Hey! You beat out the ladies at GoFugYourself. And they crack me up daily.

  8. plain jane

    “If they only knew.” Geez, thanks a lot Neil. It isn’t even insecure Friday yet. What, now that Sophia’s home you don’t need to be nice to your loyal readers?

  9. justrun

    Oh we are for sure the smartest of them all. Lest you forget!

  10. Karla

    No WAY is Dooce funnier than you. You are the funniest Jew around.

  11. Phantom Scribbler

    What Rachel said. Um.

  12. brooke

    At least you have the internet talking about your penis. Wasn’t that your goal in the first place?

  13. Janet

    I dont know what is more amusing…the blog being reviewed or the reviews themselves.:)

  14. Two Roads

    Keep up the great work. Perhaps they had the wrong people reviewing you. You are more funny than Dooce any day!

  15. Monkey

    You are infinitely funnier than Dooce. And I for one, am grateful to Bloglaughs, as that is how I came to your blog. Semi-intellectual that I am.

  16. littlepurplecow

    Maybe you need a pet? Dogs are a bit over-used… perhaps an iguana or a hampster. Regardless, you top Dooce in my book. You’ve got that positive energy thing going for ya and I don’t mind scrolling to the punch line.

    And yes, we are smart.

  17. Fitena

    Who is this Dooce guy? I wish I had half your sense of humour! Really Neil, you make my day and i even don’t understand everything you talk about! And I am intelligent! 🙂


  18. Churlita

    I thought the penis was Neil’s pet…or is Neil his penis'(is that the plural of penis?)pet?

    Maybe if I were as smart as the rest of Neil’s readers, I wouldn’t be asking such stupid questions.

  19. ally

    congrats on the high score!

  20. Jocelyn

    Obviously I don’t blog around much ‘cuz I didn’t know who this Dooce person was when I read the reviews. So now I know. I mean she’s ok, but she’s no Neilochka!

    (psst…how’d I do, Neil?)

  21. V-Grrrl

    I bet your penis is totally jealous of your “rich and enhanced vernacular.”

    And you got a 92 in Calculus? You sexy thing!

  22. lux lisbon

    I think you are one of the best out there! Great job!

  23. othurme

    Huh? I don’t really get it.

  24. The Retropolitan

    I would’ve given you at least a 93, Neil. Dooce, maybe a 91.


  25. s@bd

    she’s only a teeny-tiny bit funnier. i think you’re gaining on her …

  26. wendy

    Highest marks on your writing… wanted to see the marks they gave dooce..but couldn’t find em….I also must comment ..That I enjoy your range…From silly to Painful to thought provoking…to poems… That’s why I read….

  27. Trixie

    Meh. I certainly don’t think Dooce is funnier than your penis.

  28. fringes

    Will this review bring you lots of exposure? Will I arrive here one day and be commenter #300 on a post about your choice of peanut butter brands? Sigh. I don’t have a good feeling about this. Congratulations, but I am feeling trepidacious and sad.

  29. Neil

    Don’t worry, Fringes. The exposure seems to be more for my private parts than myself.

    (Skippy Brand peanut butter: the official peanut butter of COTM)

  30. mmariem3

    Does Dooce have a talking penis too? Well then – you win!

  31. M.A.

    Your writing is quite good, and your readers are brilliant.

  32. Heather B.

    Ok, you sing, you dance, you have a talking penis (which is something in itself) and yet you’re not funnier? What does one have to aquire to be funnier than her?

  33. laurie

    There is an entire blog website that does nothing but dissect and rate other blogs?

    Really? Is this a joke?

  34. BlogLaughs

    No joke. That’s what we do.

    The ratings are meant to be taken with a big grain of salt because the numbers vary greatly depending on who decides to respond to my review e-mails. Some people have blindless appreciation for every site we review. Others seem to hate everything.

    Our main goal is to have open, honest discussion about the quality of the blogs people read (specifially humor blogs).

    Neil’s blog probably only had two or three people who don’t really care for it. Does that make them a putz? Probably. 🙂

    Still, it’s just one anonymous person’s comment. Is it any more valid than another reviewer who gushes endlessly about Neil’s greatness?


    Neither is right or wrong. It’s all subjective.

    Our main goal is to have place where people can go to find humorous blogs. That’s it.

    BTW, here is the link to our review of Dooce:

    If any of you would like to be on our reviewer’s list, we’re always looking for help. The more opinions we can get, the better. Send an e-mail to and I’ll put you on the list to receive our weekly e-mail. It’s all very simple and easy. You can also drop in or out whenever you want. No pressure.


    Congratulations, Neil. Keep up the good work.

  35. V-Grrrl

    Skippy is the official COTM brand?

    And I took you for a Peter Pan man ; D

  36. Felicity

    I don’t know how many more times I can stand to write this, but DOOCE SUCKS.

  37. Neil

    Oh, Felicity. I know you are trying to win my heart, but she doesn’t suck. She is good. I just use her as a “straw (wo)man” — the type of blogger who hardly interacts with anyone but still is immensely popular. I get bad at times in commenting on other blogs, and it is hard at times keeping up, but I always try to comment when someone new comments here for the first time, just to acknowledge that they have a blog, too, and it is polite. So, for her lack of blogging spirit, she deserves to be made fun of a little. But her content is good.

  38. Roadchick

    Congratulations on your rating!!!

  39. laurie

    Ah. Okay. well then! I have learned something new today!

    It’s good to learn that the innernets isn’t just for porn anymore. My parents call me probably once a month to remind me not to meet any “predators” from “the online.” I laugh at them, but my understanding of “the online” isn’t that advanced, clearly. Bloglaughs indeed.

  40. Hilly

    LMAO – in true Jew form? Classic but an odd thing to say.

    All I care about is that they said your readers seem smart. I wonder if “seem” is the operative word?

  41. better safe than sorry

    why does everyone rave about dooce? i’ve been to her blog, i must have missed something, i’m really not seeing the fascination with it.

  42. wendy

    You beat her on writing Neil…thats all that matters to me….9.2 vs 9.3…I am amazed at the wrath for Dooce..You know how I feel about it..(YAWN) But still..she must be doing something right… I think the difference here is best vs MOST POPULAR. Dooce is the prom queen. Neil..are you feeling the need for a tiarra?? I let you borrow mine if you need it…

  43. Rhea

    Perhaps you should read some Mormon blogs. I heard they are pretty good writers. Congratulations on your high score!

  44. paintergirl

    Mormans shmormans. You are the tops baby with me-candyman!

  45. Mr. Fabulous

    I had three comments in that review and none of them were among your favorites?

    You son of a bitch!



  46. Jessica

    Tank goofness th3 peeple tink you’re reeders our smart. i wuz startting to wurry that we where holding yew bak.

  47. nelumbo

    I think it’s also amusing that Bloglaughs was afraid we’re going to string them up…yes, that’s us loyal fans…violent yet semi-intellectual

  48. Scarlet

    They’re correct…I am quite intelligent.

  49. Two Roads

    Skippy, Peter Pan – Geez people the only decent peanut butter is JIF!

  50. plain jane

    I agree with FELICITY and BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY about Dooce (I too have said it many times). She is ultra self-absorbed in the most annoying way. I have gone back a number of times to see if I might change my mind…I haven’t.

    Congrats on the rating, but of course we all know that you are a terrific and witty writer.

    I swear by ADAMS peanut butter, if I ever start a blog I will have them as my first ad. 😉

  51. Wendy

    With the exception of myself, you are the funniest Jew I know (said with love, bubbelah..said with love)

  52. kapgar

    I don’t give a rat’s patootie what the ratings say and whether you’re Jewish or not… you kick Dooce’s ass from here to eternity.

  53. JavaCurls

    Neil, I had no idea who Dooce was until you mentioned her! I checked out her blog and yes she is funny but I find you so much more interesting. You’re incredibly funny! YOUR blog is the one I check each & every morning for my daily laugh! 😉

  54. BlogLaughs

    Nelumbo, maybe “string us up” wasn’t the best choice of words, but I think some of the comments here are rather proctective of Neil.

    That’s all I meant. I knew some of you would find things to complain about just because the final score wasn’t perfect.

    Honestly, the numbers mean nothing. The main thing is helping people find good, new blogs. Well, at least new to them.

  55. Mo

    Dooce wrote me back once on an email I sent her. Woot! I felt SPECIAL!

  56. Neil

    Mo — she did? I take back everything I said. There is hope!

  57. LilMissIndie

    Congratulations, Neil. Your place on the honor roll was way overdue.

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