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Blog Appreciation Day


Happy Blog Appreciation Day! 

Why is today different than all other blogging days?   Because today we reflect on how wonderful all the other bloggers are in our virtual lives.   Don’t you frequently feel closer to a blogger than “real” friends and family, even when you haven’t even met the person?

If I sent you a photo of your blog, I apologize for the awful yellow tint.  It is a combination of three factors — a mediocre cell phone camera, ugly halogen lighting, and the fact that I’m a terrible photographer.  Ask Sophia.  I always take photos of her with her head chopped off.

Now this is a little embarrassing.  You weren’t supposed to send me photos of you reading my blog.  I’m supposed to send photos of me reading YOUR blog.   What kind of meglomaniac asks others to send him photos of his own blog?

That said, I’m not going to complain.  You are truly kind.  And I’ll put up all the photos in a few minutes. 

Now, spread the love around.

V-Grrl in Belgium! (look at the cute guy pissing on the Eiffel Tower)

Ms. Sizzle of Seattle kissing me where the sun doesn’t shine

Sarcomical loves Chinese food almost as much as blogging

Stephanie in her local coffee shop.  Is she wearing her new Crocs?

Dr. Psychotoddler reads his blogs on his PDA — and can get you Viagra for cheap.

Pearl of Humanyms sings “Oh, Canada” every morning in the shower before blogging.

Paperback Writer is the hottest thing in Pittsburgh since Flashdance.

Miss Syl of Sexeteria reading blogs in bed.  What stories that bed could tell!

Maitresse in Paris.  Do I really need to say more?

Leesa and a wild animal of Montana.

Acumamakki is all girly-type, until she plays with her roller derby team.

Everyone knows or should know Kevin Kapgar of Chicago.

Jocelyn proves that she is all-Canadian!

Fringes is a real yellow rose of Texas!

How edgy can Edgy Mama really be living in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina?

Meeting Claire was the best thing about my visit to the Berkshires.

The glamorous Caryn from the great state of Virginia!  Check out her tiara.

Newly engaged Alissa rocks the Motor City!

Ali has become a Southern tease, just showing her foot. 

Brainy and beautiful Elisabeth may have been born in France, but she loves Pennsylvania!

The Psycho Therapist is ready to see you in her office.

Tamarika is an early childhood educator and author, and loves to drink coffee while reading blogs.

Tara in Iowa has trained her pig to read blogs.

Karl is so brave he went to BlogHer and lived to survive it.

Blundering American loves Florida sunshine, Florida orange juice, and blogging.

Bill proves that there is blogging life in Canada outside of Toronto — in bohemian Edmonton, Alberta.

Nics of Belfast has Irish eyes that are always smiling and an Irish wit that you can see on her blog.

(I’ve Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo — and her name is Cynical Girl!

Bre of Pottsville, Pennsylvania better call up her firefighter father, because she is a smoking hot blogger.

Fashionable Wendy is also known at Charlotte’s most astutute “Observer” on life, family, and blogging.

They call her JustRun, and Denver’s favorite runner/blogger writes some high altitude goodness.

Denise is America’s Finest Blogger from America’s Finest City, San Diego.  Notice the Padres cup!

The mysterious ChickyBabe from Sydney loves to blog “Aussie” style.

Ken of Manhattan is the youngest reader of Citizen of the Month.  He also enjoys playing with women’s boobs.

Can you guess why Elle‘s photo is my favorite?


  1. Peter

    I found your blog just in time. I love bloggers too.

  2. Caryn

    ok, I take it back then. Actually I wasn’t even reading your blog, it was the cat.

  3. Alissa

    Spreading the love from here!

  4. Rhea

    I loved the Jewish-style opening to your post today (“Why is today different from…”). Anyway, thanks so much for sending me the photo of my home page with the California theme. My friends will be impressed. Your readers may want to know that Neil has inspired a worldwide Blog Day, in which bloggers recommend 5 blogs to their readers on Aug. 31. (Actually, Neil didn’t really inspire this, but I wanted to trick him into thinking he did.) To learn more about Blog Day 2006, see

  5. paperback writer

    Huh, I guess I was confused! 🙂

    Oh, well.

    I appreciate your blog and now I know you appreciate mine.

  6. trouble

    Great idea. Thanks for doing this. It’s always good to spread some love around. 🙂 This will probably make me sound like a dirty hairy hippy, but the world needs more love. And hugs. And good red wine. And deep tongue kisses.

    Okay, I’ll stop now.

  7. Roberta

    Apparently posting the picture broke my blog. Word on the street is the only one who can see my blog is me.
    More on this as it develops.
    Ohh, the holidays.

  8. Bre

    I forgot my freaking camera (sigh) but I’m appreciating bloggers in my own way today – this is a fabulous idea!!

  9. tamarika

    Well, well, Neil … embarrassing eh?

    We all deserve a bit of embarrassment of this kind now and again.

    Thanks to you, this week has been a riot with all this appreciation stuff. I mean, you should have seen the twisting and turning I did to try and photograph myself with your blog on my computer. Finally Tom came home and took the pictures. By then though, I could hardly walk. Thanks for the pleasure it’s been.

    I read this somewhere earlier today, and so I share it with you here:

    “… thanks for being a cool blogger!”

  10. M.A.

    You make me want to be a better writer, or at least a funnier one.

    Happy Blog Appreciation day.

  11. e.

    Ah, Bre, I forgot my camera, too! This means no one will recieve pictures of their blog on my work computer (where I guess I shouldn’t be reading their blogs anyways…). I’ll have to steal a few minutes at home between work and happy hour and send out pictures…

  12. fringes

    Well, see, I knew you wanted us to send a picture to someone else’s blog that we appreciate (and I did that), but when you said you were very excited about receiving pics of your blog the other day, then I thought…oh never mind. Sorry for clogging your email box. At least you know you’re loved and appreciated! Thanks for such a great idea.

  13. justrun

    I plan on participating later today, when this 9-5 crap is over!

    Thanks for Blogger Appreciation Day, dude!

  14. Tara

    Hey, thanks for the pic. I was so distracted by the panties, that I forgot to see if it was really even my blog you photographed. I’ll have to go back now.

  15. treespotter

    Neil, since everyone seems to pretend like they didn’t see the picture on top, then let me shoot first – okay beg – who is the lovely girl on top? does she love all bloggers equally or she only loves you specifically? what do you need to do to merit her posing that picture? what do i need to do? what??

    what have i NOT done? please, enlighten me…

  16. Jim McKee

    I’m voting for Trouble for president. She’s got all the answers!


  17. Trix

    Sad, so very sad. I go away for a couple of days in order to move homes, and I find out that I’ve missed all of this. No picture from you…nothing.

    I’m going off to cry now (in my HUGE new apartment).

  18. diana

    too funny… happy blog appreciation day neil

  19. yellojkt

    This is a great idea. Do I get the day off? We should have this every month.

  20. Nics

    Happy Blog Appreciation Day, what no pics of hot men who love bloggers?

  21. Pauly D

    Great idea, Neil!

    Now who’s the girl in the picture? Send her my way if you can.

  22. bookfraud

    another great idea in a long list of great ideas, neil. it was too bad i was offline for a few days, otherwise i would have snapped away…

    and i’m with pauly re: the girl in the picture. how did you get her to take off her top?

  23. elle

    I got it… I think. One can never be appreciated enough. Deal with it.

    I can (ahem) appreciate many at once. Yes, I am that talented.

  24. V-Grrrl

    Who’s buying the first round of drinks to celebrate?

  25. Akaky

    You photographically behead the always lovely Sophia?! There are any number of technical reasons why cameras do this, Neil, the first and most important of which is that in order to include Sophia’s head in the frame you have to point the lens at her head instead of her breasts. Try it; my guess is that this small adjustment in your technique will do wonders for your pictures of Sophia, who will, no doubt, appreciate you finally getting her head into the picture.

  26. paperback writer


    Oh, gosh, Neil. I’m not really the hottest thing in Pittsburgh since Flashdance!


  27. rach

    i loved this idea neil, put a huge smile on my face after a while away.
    happy blog appreciation day

  28. Roberta

    Love the photos, love the captions.
    Still no idea if I’m up and running. I look up and running to me, even when I log out and try to sneak up on it, but my sister tells me she can’t see my blog.
    But I did receive a comment today, so maybe it’s just my sister.

  29. Jill

    Hey Neil! Look at me looking at you!

    Here’s the flickr, but soon it will be up on my blog as well…

    Happy Day!

  30. better safe than sorry

    happy blog appreciation day to you!
    i almost sent you a pic of me reading your blog, guess i must have missed reading the instructions along the way as well, but my camera battery died, so i wasn’t able to. but i sure am feeling the love today!

  31. kat

    deja vu. must be a glitch in the matrix.

  32. Karl

    Happy Blog Appreciation Day, Neil. Look at all the love. Wow.

  33. Dan

    Even I’m a little afraid of the picture I’m going to take when I get home. Let’s just say, it might involve whipped cream and my large, Russian neighbor. Because nothing says appreciation like, “That made me vomit a little!”

  34. mrs mogul

    Oh no and my digital camera is not charged!!

  35. *pixie*

    I played along thanks to Postcards from Nowhere.

  36. Grins

    What a great idea! Something I’ve come to expect when reading you actually.

  37. Tara

    Bloggers are hot! No wonder Neil keeps asking women to send pictures of their boobs.

  38. Alison

    I spread the love!

  39. The Cynical Girl

    Better late than never, especially when it’s from a remote and exotic location like Kalamazoo, MI.

    Check your inbox, dahhhling.

  40. cruisin-mom

    Neil, you are the best! Look what you’ve created!!!

  41. WittyGuy

    Neil, this is fabulous, therefore I have to officially appreciate you! Dunno if I can trump Elle’s nickers and honestly, I doubt you would want me to try.

  42. Bill

    I’ve had a week that’s been rather more than full than usual so I had I kind of fell behind on this. But I wanted to point out that I’m not a big newspaper fan – that’s why I use a bill from the city rather than the local paper.

    By the way … this was an excellent idea. Silly, but excellent.

  43. emma

    You should ask Elle to send you the panties in the mail, so you can, um, wear them. Or was that just a one off that time you wore Sophia’s knickers?

  44. ChickyBabe

    What a brilliant idea Neil! It should become an annual event so we can spread the lurv around.

  45. kristen

    I LOVE how this turned out. It’s great that we all thought we were supposed to send you photos of US with your blog (that’s really what you wanted after all isn’t it? Admit it!) and that you (like me) suck at taking photos. Not that I’m complaining……I could see the Cali panties perfectly and it made me a little homesick. The next time I visit So Cal (October) I’m getting a pair of Cali smalls so I can feel connected to my home state AND my blogging friends.

  46. Janet

    How did I miss out on all the fun? I feel so…unappreciated:(

  47. The Foo

    I miss out on this too! but i’ll be in my calendar for next year! 😉 Nice idea. Thanks! And thanks to all who read or/and comment on my blog.

  48. Celina

    I love your blog! I appreciate you, Neil, although I did miss BAD. There are just too few hours in the day and too many projects/deadlines I have to meet… ACK! Will it ever be over? Thanks for being so awesome. Oh, and I don’t comment very often because I just don’t feel like I’m in the same class of wittiness as you and most of your readers. 🙁

  49. mckay

    p.s. re: the topless gal who loves bloggers. i love her shade of lipstick. do tell…!

  50. Kevin

    Does that mean we rescind our photo bloggy love?

    Nah, couldn’t do it.

  51. psychotoddler

    LOL! This is fun.

  52. Bon

    OMG, I LOVE this!!!!!!!! I so want to do this! How very very very very cool! Heeeeeeeeeee!

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