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Alone #3 or Sophia Who?


After our weekly Marketing meeting in the conference room ended this afternoon, I took solace in a quickie with the V.P. Publicity.


  1. justrun

    That’s cute but I think SOME people might say you’re blogging too much.

  2. ruby

    hope she’s not all bruised and scraped up, like me… 😉

  3. Charming, but single

    One more puppy picture and we’re having a SERIOUS blogger boob intervention for you.

  4. schrodinger

    Enough with the puppies! Bring back the penis!

  5. Rebecca

    Is it wrong that I’m enjoying the puppies? Not that I don’t love all the chat about boobs and masturbation and of course, the talking penis.

  6. Neil

    Rebecca, unlike the previous two, this one was not supposed to be cute. It was supposed to symbolize the wild animal sex I had with this woman on the conference floor today, living it up now that Sophia is out of town, and out of mind.

  7. Pearl

    Neil, who was around to snap the picture while you were doing it…doggie-style?

  8. cruisin-mom

    “living it up now that Sophia is out of town, and out of mind.” Uhhh, yeah, right Neil, like we believe that. I think doggie one and two are more like it.

  9. Rebecca

    *Sigh* Clearly, Neil, I’m not as deviant as I should be. What’s wild animal sex like anyway? I mean, hopefully, it doesn’t really include an animal, right?

  10. Neil

    Rebecca — No, but after searching for this photo on google, let’s just say — you’re not going to want to know some of the other things I found.

  11. Rebecca

    Yeah….maybe no more dog pictures then. You don’t want to attract the wrong element. This blog is wholesome family fun, not some pervert’s playground after all.

  12. Jack

    Someone call PETA, an animal is being abused. 😉

  13. Fitena

    I think this is cute! And I think you’re hoping Sophia would see this and come running back home. But she’s smart.


    PS: Anything I can do, let me know. Oh, I mean I read Sophia’s list so anything I can do just holler :-p

  14. Kevin

    I suddenly don’t feel so bad about my friend’s dog dry humping my arm a few months back.

  15. kristen

    Instead of doggy style, I’d have thought you’d go for the pussy.

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