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A Tivo Joke


Me:  "My Tivo is so stupid."

You:  "How stupid is it?"


Me:  "My Tivo is so stupid that when it saw I was watching all these poker shows, it started recommending that I watch "Full House."



  1. Fitèna

    lol! You watch poker shows? I never knew there were such things as Poker shows?!

    Do I get a prize for being first commentor today!!!


  2. helen

    Consolation prize for being 2nd? 😛

    OMG! Fullhouse was soooo long ago… lol

  3. Bill

    Full or not, the odds always favour the house.

  4. mariemm3

    Your Tivo is not stupid —- it’s evil!

  5. Bre

    that is deeee-lightful!

  6. Minge

    Those men look complete hunks.

  7. ms. sizzle

    do they ever play poker on full house?

  8. bettyonthebeach

    I don’t get it…?

  9. DeepThoughts

    That is really dumb – Having said that I am sure your TiVo will outdo itself again 🙂

  10. Kevin

    That was why I shut off the TiVo Recommendations feature. Totally worthless.

  11. cruisin-mom

    Your tivo is only trying to take you down a better path, Neil. After all, isn’t Bob Saget a role model for our time? (not to mention those Olsen twins)

  12. Danny

    To look at the recommendations our TiVo gave us, you’d think that Kendall and I were two gay men living on Fire Island in the 70s. We turned off that feature too!

    P.S. I would rather spend an eternity in Hades than watch a single episode of “Full House.” Of course there are many other sitcoms that I DO like that are at that level.

  13. stephanie


    As an aside, I love Celebrity Poker on Bravo – now that’s classic television.

  14. anne arkham

    No one should watch Full House. Ever.

  15. Dagny

    Your Tivo is sick and twisted.

  16. Student Nurse

    *snort* toook me a minute to get it (forgive me I’m a blonde) …hehe

  17. Rabbit

    I watched lots of bad sitcoms as a kid. That was one of them.

    There, I admitted it.

  18. JaG

    We don’t have Tivos here 🙁

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