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Freedom of Speech

Before he got the Ten Commandments, MOSES is seen coveting his neighbor’s wife.



  1. TWM

    The good old days.

  2. Student Nurse

    How can you tell the men from the women?

  3. cruisin-mom

    Student Nurse, that’s easy…the woman has a better moustache.

  4. psychotoddler

    You’ll burn for that, Neil.

  5. Pearl

    I so wanted to write something witty in response, Neil. But like Moses, I’ve been left stuttering…

  6. Me

    Um ok — that was random 🙂

  7. helen

    I’ll come burn down your blog….

    Hope CNN is giving me as much coverage. Or could you repost this after I lose some weight?? (I heard the camera add an extra 10lbs…)


  8. Doctor Bean

    That’s it. Now you’ve done it. I’m rioting.

  9. Jack

    Holy Moses!

  10. Michelle

    You stole these from Jim Henson’s studio?

  11. Leonardo

    stupid danes. hey, let me ask you this, you guys are so loud mouthed over so called ‘freedom of speech’, now tell me if you can “freely’ chooses your childs name or you have to be approved by your gov’t first?

    yah. that’s right. in denmark, you can’t choose your childs name unless its approved by gov’t. how pathetic. ain’t it?

    s. holes.

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