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Happy 2006!



  1. Student Nurse

    Happy 2006 to you too Neil!!

    …and the picture of your two ‘dates’ for tonight is HOT. Have a great time. *grins*

  2. TWM

    Happy New Year Neil and Sophia!

  3. erin

    right back at ya, babe!

  4. Sanora

    May 2006 bring health, peace & prosperity! Party down Dude! (Nice to see your resolution for dating other women has begun!)

  5. danielle

    Have a happy one Neil! Hope 2006 inspires many more fabulous posts!

  6. cruisin-mom

    Happy New Year Neil…you and Sophia look fabulous in that picture from last new years eve. Hope tonight brings as much fun.

  7. jenny

    Looks like a lot wilder time than I’ll be having tonight. Happy New Year, Neil!

  8. Leesa

    Happy New Year, Neil!

  9. Bill

    Planning a threeway, are you? Well, that’s one way to bring in the new year. Hope the rest of the year works out as well! Happy New Year!

  10. Wendy

    Happy New Year Neil! That picture above looks way wilder than my current New Years Eve celebration… have fun!

  11. JoeC

    May the new year brings your tons of great fun. Cheers, Happy New Year.

  12. Tatyana

    С Новым Годом!
    С Новым Счастьем!

  13. inky

    Hey how did you get a picture of my mom and Hilda so quickly? I just left those two at the pub.

  14. Jack

    Happy Bleeping New Year

  15. Pearl

    I’m a little late getting here to wish you a Happy New Year. Was hosting a Chanukah/New Year party here: lighting Chanukah candles, eating chili and lots of good Middle Eastern appetizers and salads. And scrumptious desserts! We were waiting for you and Sophia to show up, but couldn’t wait any longer, so we had to bring in 2006 in this part of the world without you.
    But by you, it’ll be 2006 in about 10 minutes… so Happy New Year, Neil & Sophia.

  16. anne

    Happy New Year to you! May it bring you joy and happy surprises, and contentment, and… you know. All that.
    (News and Politics???)

  17. He's Dead, Jim!

    All the best for a healthy and peaceful 2006.

  18. LisaBinDaCity

    Happy New Year to you and yours my friend.

  19. babyjewels

    Happy New Year, Neil. Thanks for stopping by the other day. -bj

  20. Brooke

    You and Ubie have the same picture for your new year’s wishes. Is there something I should know about you two?

    Merry New Year Neil! And Sophia!

  21. MA

    You too, Kramer!

  22. paula

    “Do you like my hat?”

    Happy New Year, Neil! Thanks for the laughs!

  23. ashbloem

    Happy new year!

  24. Melissa

    They are wearing leis, was this taken on your New Year’s trip to Hawaii?

  25. Kestrel

    Happy New Year Neil! Love the picture. 🙂

  26. Sara Lee

    Happy Happy New Year Neil!

  27. Elvira Black

    Oy vey–what are my aunts doing on your blog?

    Happy happy New Year to you and Sophia!

  28. jaimie

    I almost got run over by a mob of senior tourists on Hollywood Blvd. today, so the picture is very fitting. Happy New Year!

  29. modigli

    Happy New Year Neil and Sophia! All the best in 2006!

  30. Yvy

    haha!! what a coincidence!!! i used the SAME pix on my blog too….=P

    happy new year!!! 😉

  31. bella

    Happy New Year!

  32. akaky

    Let me repeat the sentiment of the day, although why we are all celebrating the fact that we are now all officially one year closer to death escapes me for some reason.

  33. Neil

    Or you can see it as having made it through one more year of escaping it.

  34. Tanisha

    Back at you Neil. And I celebrate my 30th bday in April Yeah!!!

  35. Dating Dummy

    Hey Neil, happy new year!

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