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Our Government At Work

(from my visitor stats)


Were they really looking for this "Citizen of the Month?"

By the way, why do I get so many visitors coming for 0 seconds?  What does it mean?   Do they arrive and are so disgusted by what they see — that they pull the plug from the wall before the full second is up? 


  1. Jim

    Congress is reading our Neilochka! Woo-hoo!

  2. Anne

    Maybe normal people work there and read “extra-curricular” material…?

  3. Lis

    I know, that zero second thing really throws me, too.

    Are you getting lots of Playstation Comment spams?

  4. mrsmogul

    LOL Yeah I never understand the O minutes viewing! It;s all so scientific!

  5. JJ MacMillan

    Hit counters don’t know when you finish looking at a page so the way they measure your viewing time is when you go from one page to the next on the same site. Since blogs are typically one page for all current info, people read that page and then flit off to somewhere else and the hit counter doesn’t know they’re gone so there’s nothing to measure. Ergo 0 seconds.

    But Congrats, Neil, you’ve got the government’s interest. Hmm, maybe congrats isn’t the right word.

    Duck and cover, Neil

  6. M.A.

    It’s probably just an intern (or a famous congressperson) who likes to learn about stuff from Neil. If I were to work for the government, I read Neil’s writing too.

    Or, the government is trying to do research on how to fix things.

  7. modigli

    I think it’s kind of freaky in general how much you can track the traffic to sites! How’d you DO that, anyway???!!

  8. a.m. griff

    I find it creepy to Modigli and those 0 second ones are funny, a little sad, and confusing. I don’t think you can visit a site for 0 seconds can you? Maybe metaphysically, in spirit.

    Maybe they’re gonna investigate J-Lo’s talking boobs. Seem like a national security threat to me.

  9. Jack

    I get a lot of those ‘0’ people as well as the assorted playstation blog spam comments too.

  10. jamy

    That could well be a reader who found you from my site. Congress is out of session in August so the whole staff has a lot of time on their hands, not just the interns. (I’m sure you know that I work for the government too–thanks for not outing me as a day-time blog reader!)

  11. ashbloem

    I use the same counter and JJ M is right. They may be on your main page forever, but if they navigate to another website it doesn’t register when they leave.

    Those crazy representatives! They’re just as bored at work as I am!

  12. psychotoddler

    They’re just here to pick up girls.

  13. introspectre

    Huh. I’ve found them on my blog, too.

    >insert theme from The Twilight Zone here

  14. Pauly D

    Dude, Neil — you and I are on the SAME PAGE, buddy.

    Just a few days ago I put up a piece about this same crazy ass thing!

    They’re out to get us all!

  15. akaky

    You know, it could be worse; I regularly get somebody from the French Ministry of Finance looking for the “ass parade.” The French taxpayer’s tax Euroes at work.

  16. Rachel

    Aha! I just had a visitor from the UK Parliament.

  17. Fun Joel

    Man, and all I get are lousy hits from

    I wonder why each tracking site I use (I actually have three linked up: blogpatrol, sitemeter, and statcounter) gives me different (sometimes VASTLY so) hit counts.

  18. mary

    LOL I’ve always wondered that myself.

  19. communist padi

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