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If I Hold It, They Will Come

On advice of her agent, Jennifer Love Hewitt will pose with anything for a publicity shot.   And I mean anything.




(via Digital Kitten)

Last installment of Celebrity Weekend.  Back to the important issues of the day, like sex and boules. 


  1. Egads, She’s just one step away from posing with you smiling…

  2. How lame. Funny, Bad Maria!

  3. My goodness, what a little trashy media whore!

    Thanks for Celebrity Weekend Neil!

  4. Ahaaaaaa that cracked me up.

  5. She looks at these magazines in hopes that she will be in one of them…that is why she is so happy to pose for the media. The person who took these pics is unfortunately, just a photographer who can’t break it to her, that she isn’t famous anymore. :(. Poor JLH

  6. LOL! a girl after my own heart! ahahahaha!!!

    hey, just like her, i read your blog, right?!;)

  7. Can we at least celebrate the fact that she’s holding all of them the right side up? Yay JLH! Yay you!

  8. She looks better naked. Well, in my imagination she does anyway.

  9. Hey, at least she reads.

  10. She so needs to get a job. LOL.

  11. Wow. This is just…I have no words.

    Neil… You could have at least thrown in a pic of her in her Hanes–the latest thing she’s hawking…

    Have a good week!

  12. BTW, Tussauds has a $500 reward for the return of her…the joke’s over, bring her back

  13. You are the MASTER of photoshop.

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