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50th Anniversary of the 1964 NYC World’s Fair

As someone who grew up in Flushing, it was very exciting to go yesterday to the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the 1964 NYC World’s Fair. I went with my friend Barry, who I know since grade school. The event at the park was overcrowded (we thought we were going to be the only ones!) and corny (the new york state pavilion is mostly a shell of a building with nothing inside), but the real fun of the day was getting there. Barry’s car stalled by the expressway, which unleashed a whole series of little adventures which reminded us of our high school days, except now we had iPhones to amuse us while waiting for AAA, like searching on Google for the #1 song on the day of the opening of the World’s Fair, which we can now tell you was the Beatles “She Loves You.”

The World’s Fair in 1964 was not a financial success, but it was well-known for introducing to America the “It’s a Small World” ride, color television, and Belgian waffles! The fair was also the inspiration for Epcot Center in Disneyworld.















  1. kenju

    Good pics. I would love to see that! I remember passing it once on our way to visit my husband’s parents, but we didn’t get to go and see the fair.

  2. Ms. Moon

    “And you know that can’t be wrong…”

    Thanks for being another window to the world for me. I appreciate that.

  3. magpie

    Really nice pictures, Neil. I feel like I went there when I was little – but too little to remember it. Maybe my father will remember…

  4. songbird1329

    Great pictures! I was 4 years old when I visited the Fair, so I don’t have a lot of memories, except how special it all felt.

  5. Kizz

    I spent a long time looking at that 2nd to last photo and I finally figured her out. Whew!

  6. Roxanne

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  7. Linda Roy - elleroy was here

    My family went to that Worlds Fair before I arrived on Planet Earth. I’d like to see that globe. I’ve seen pictures of it in family albums and never thought to go see it. Worth the pilgrimage. Great photos Neil.

  8. De

    It’s one of our stops on the Whirlwind Midweek Subway Series Family Tour we’re taking next week. Hoping for warm weather and no Beatles ear worms.

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