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Los Angeles Traffic – Instagram

If New York is symbolized by the Empire State Building, the iconic image of Los Angeles is… traffic.  Sure, the Los Angeles Kings just won the Stanley Cup, the supermodels are at the private beaches of Malibu, and the Hollywood sign beckons from Rodeo Drive, but when it comes down to our daily conversation, it is all about, “Jesus, avoid the 405 today.”

I took some traffic shots today.  One of them, taken on the freeway, could have earned me a hefty traffic ticket.  Look what I do for you, dear reader.  And for ART.



  1. Gurukarm

    You are a *master* of Instagram! and inspire me every day….

  2. Misty

    Well, you can’t really talk about the weather, it never changes, so I guess you have to talk about something.

  3. sweetney

    Love these, Neil. LOVE.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: so glad you’re posting these here.

  4. Marcy

    I think these are among my recent favorites. Really lovely.

  5. Alma

    I like the first one…in midst of conversation.
    And the one reflection of you in that red little number, nice.
    Have no desire to visit LA again…in person. Coming from NY, I see enough traffic.
    I can live it through you.

  6. Stacey

    You make me wish I had an iphone, just for Instagram.

  7. Fran

    I just bought an iPhone. I am awed by your instagram art and so timid in my own first efforts. Forgive my ignorance, but what’s ticketable here? Unless you’re driving….in which case, probably not a good idea anywhere (though that hasn’t stopped me from taking pictures while driving).

  8. sarah piazza

    What an eye you have. There’s at least a short story in every single one of these.

  9. Juli

    I love your photos. SO MUCH.

  10. sarah

    You have such a great eye, Neil. I remember when you first went back to LA, I thought of how much I’d miss your NY pictures and wondered if LA had even 1/2 the character for you to capture in your pictures. But you’ve really done it. I love when you pop up on my IG stream.

  11. tracy @mamacreates

    love, love, looooove your photos & the story they tell.

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