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Watching the Fishermen

I’m not a fan of the ocean.  It is too big, vast, dark, and scary.  The tide will come in and swallow you up like a shark.  But I am a Pisces.  Two fishes swimming in opposite directions.  I am drawn to the water.  The grubby little pier in Redondo Harbor is so small that it feels like it belongs in some run-down New England seaside resort that has seen better days.  Hollywood is far away.  The celebrities go to Malibu, the tourists to Santa Monica.  I like to watch the lazy fisherman, who spend the day dreaming of nothing, and catching even less, waiting for the sun to set.


  1. sarah piazza

    beautiful — the words, too.

  2. Rainbow Motel

    You’ve inspired me to take more pictures with instagram. I think I can… I think I can.

  3. magpie

    really evocative. wonderful.

  4. Deborah ~ Westlander Poetry

    Neil … love the pics here and in the previous (traffic) post. You’ve got a great perspective!


  5. Marie Nicole

    It’s too bad you’re not a fan of the sea when you live by one. A beautiful one at that too! Years ago for work I went to Nunavut (trust me, you do not know the north until you’re way up there eye level to Greenland and surrounded by true eskimos – but don’t call ’em that, it’s their N word) and spent some time in the snow desert. It’s endless like any desert wether it’s snow, sand or water. All give you the same feeling of powerlessness – and it’s a good thing. Very zen. Very releasing (?).

    Sitting on the boat when no land is in sight – is awesome. I just sit there and stare out at the waves and their forever’ness. And once in a while you spot something utterly cool like a whale or a buttload of dolphins and stand and scream with joy and excitement instantly killing whatever zen you’d just built up.

  6. sarah

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful words.

  7. Alma

    I love the one of the two fishermen. Love the colors and graininess … you almost can’t tell what year it is.

  8. Deb @ Bright and Precious

    Love your words and your pictures, Neil. Beautiful.

  9. Deborah ~ Westlander Poetry

    I love the ocean Neil … about to spend a week in your lovely state and can’t wait to soak up some sun and enjoy the beaches 🙂

    lovely photos!!

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