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Blog Held Hostage: Third Update

1) I have set up a date for when I am traveling to Los Angeles, and moving my stuff from Sophia’s place.

2)  Sat across from an available woman, for at least an hour in real life, and flirted with her.

3) Decided in which city I’m going to live.

4) Made a decision on my next writing project.

5) Exercised for at least three days in a row.


  1. Stasha

    Exercise is overrated. Replace no5, honestly.

  2. Kara

    …so was it time well spent?

  3. ingrid

    well i’m impressed.

    also intrigued by the flirtation.

    yay! small steps are actually huge.

  4. Amanda

    It would seem like the exercising would be the easiest thing to check off of that list. Go for a half hour walk and you’re good. Just don’t finish it off with a Starbucks coffee and large pastry. Congrats on the flirting.

  5. Megan


    And certainly in NY you could manage a walk, which takes care of the exercise.

  6. Marinka

    When are you going to LA? And I assume that this whole check list stuff is pure blog magic.

  7. Matt Canvas

    I would suggest you alternate exercise and rest days. Try not to have too many in a row or you may burn yourself out!

  8. anna

    the suspense is killing me – check off #3 and #4! everyone else is right just take a walk and check off #5. or forget #5. i’m with stasha. excercise is totally overrated.

  9. sweatpantsmom

    Are you moving here to L.A.?

    That would be rad, as the young kids say.

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