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Next Stop, Maryland

If you remember, in the beginning of March, I took at bus trip to the Berkshires to visit Jenn.  The bus trip was like therapy, pushing me to change.  It was the open road — the moving landscape, the assortment of characters sitting across from me.  Who are they? Why are they taking the bus?  What is their story?  Are they in transition?  Divorced?  On the run?  Starting a new life in another state?  Is everyone in America escaping from someone or running toward something?

But I needed more.  I wanted new insights into life.  And there is even one journey better than a bus trip to Massachusetts.  A bus trip to Maryland.

Bloggers I’ve known for years.  Cyborgology conferences.  A long-time online friend that I have never met.

Blue Crabs.

Baltimore Whores.


  1. Irish Gumbo

    Hey, I’ve lived near Bawlmer for over 20 years now, I didn’t know about the whores! Well, I mean, I didn’t need to know, is all I’m saying. Not that I would go looking for them or anything.

    Hey, when/where will you be? I’d like to say hi in person if possible. Drop me a line, please!

  2. Erica Holt

    I asked Maryland just now how she feels about this, and don’t worry, she’s pleasantly awaiting your arrival. Happy travels.

  3. Cristie Ritz King

    Yay! Maryland my Maryland. Have a great trip and enjoy the blue crabs.

  4. Mel

    Greatest motherfucking state in America. I say that as someone who can name all the Lord Baltimores. Who has a black-eyed susan instead of a heart beating in her chest. Or something like that.

  5. Amanda

    Baltimore whores? Should be an interesting trip. I hope you blog about it.

  6. Danny

    I think Baltimore is a very cool city and the crab and odd conference sound like fun. But as long as you’re there I hope you’re also planning on visiting D.C. unless there’s a padlock on the door because of the current shenanigans.

  7. Slow Panic

    Travel safe and have a wonderful trip.

  8. Megan

    Happy trails… and I won’t even complain how your mother winters practically next door to me and you don’t come and visit me. No, I won’t do that at all.

    Have fun.

  9. Jane Gassner

    Gee, I thought I recognized that song. The Hot Nuts did a version of it in the ’60s. Theirs was, of course, straight urban rock.

  10. Dana

    Call everyone “hon” and tell them you’re going down to the “shore” and you’ll fit right in. Enjoy!

  11. anna

    enjoy your trip! my ancestors arrived via baltimore (or baldimore as they call it) many years ago and it is a fantastic city. and not just because of the crabs and whores.

  12. nic @mybottlesup

    heh. hope you’re enjoying your trip. if you’re feeling all hipster, check out hampden… and definitely nosh at the golden west cafe…

  13. flutter

    sounds like you are wanderlusting

  14. Quemagrasas

    Hey take one of two of those blue craps for me!!

  15. subWOW

    Did you get crabs? Did you enjoy the crabs?

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