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The Not Impossible Dreams

I’m not blogging again until —

1)  I have set up a date for when I am traveling to Los Angeles, and moving my stuff from Sophia’s place.

2)  Decided in which city I’m going to live.

3)  Sat across from an available woman — for at least an hour — in real life, and flirted with her.

4).  Made a decision on my next writing project.

5).  Exercised for at least three days in a row.

These are not impossible dreams.  If I focus, I can be back to this blog by next week.

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  1. Tamarika

    Hm … incentive. I might try that one day.
    Come back soon, Young man! And good luck with it ALL!

  2. sweetsalty kate

    I bet all that would feel good.

  3. Michele

    Buckling down can feel really good. Best of luck with your new goals.

  4. Sherry

    You will soooo much better after #1 is accomplished. I know from experience. And I could help you with #3 but you’d have to come to the boondocks of Virginia! Best wishes!

  5. Heather

    if Rocinante doesn’t turn up lame, you could totally do it.

  6. deezee

    Are you good with dogs? Come to LA end of this month and you can housesit and watch my pooch and have a solid 8 days to sort it all out. (seriously)

  7. Schmutzie


  8. Rhea

    Big, ambitious stuff. Good luck!

  9. Slow Panic

    love the list. good luck. don’t stay away to long.

  10. Genevieve

    See you in a week! Godspeed.

  11. Tuck

    And you need an accompanying soundtrack.

  12. Deven Werthman

    Bravo, Neal. I’ve been watching you for a number of years and I say, in the friendliest way, that you have the energy and motivation to do all of this. It’s amazing what happens when you put one foot in front of the other. Great good luck!!

  13. Varda (SquashedMom)

    Go for it.

    Just make sure you’re back in New York by April 12th for the Mom-bloggers & friends spring meet-up. Also? Quite a number of cute single moms there… if that works for you.

  14. Jane Gassner

    All do-able. Except that exercising three days in a row thingie.

  15. Deer Baby

    From what I remember of Don Quixote (which is hazy) it moved from farce to a more serious and philosophical debate. Very apt. Wasn’t he the sanest of the lot?

    I hope you get your goals. Sounds like you’re at a crossroads. And that’s good right?

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