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A Different Type of Pre-BlogHer Freak-Out Post

I feel weak and small.

My emotions are big and strong, like the blazing sun on my shoulders.

One false move and I’ll burn to dust.

I’m not afraid of meeting new people.

Or important people.

I’m afraid of meeting old friends.

I know your secrets.

Even scarier, you know mine.

It will be hard to look into your eyes.

I might avoid them.


  1. thenextmartha

    Well isn’t that profound. I am not an old friend and know none of these secrets you hold. If you have some secrets about others that you would like to share, I’m all ears.

    • Neil

      I had another post, a funny one all ready, but went with this one instead. I don’t think anyone will get this one other than myself.

  2. Kim

    If I rub my big beautiful boobies on you will it all be ok ?

    : )

    Can’t wait to say hi. Boobies or not.

  3. All Adither

    Can’t beat that last comment.

  4. kris

    And this, right here?

    Is why you need never worry about meeting me at one of these blogging conventions.

    Not even.

    The only eyes I want to worry about meeting?

    Are mine. In the mirror.

  5. Kim


    Apparently my comment and my breastages are enough to derail your post.

    Sorry. OOps.

  6. Sandi

    Aw, makes me wish yet again that I was going to blogher. One day we’ll meet 🙂

  7. Mamie

    Now I want to make you a pillow or something to hug… And I don’t have time to do that before blogher. I may not get this but am still looking forward to meeting again. Just think of me as one of the newbies.

  8. Deer Baby

    You’ll be okay. Think of all the hugging. Or are you hug-averse?

  9. headbang8

    Why are you ashamed of the past?

  10. kgirl

    Smarten up. We’re all idiots.

  11. Finn

    And… we’re back. That big c*ck you had yesterday just crawled back up inside your pelvis.

    • Neil

      Sad but true. Not used to the swagger yet.

  12. Shelli

    I’m not going to be there, so you won’t have to look in my eyes. If you’re missing my eyes, you can look here: my eyes.

  13. Miss Grace

    Stop being such a pussy.
    Also? See you in a couple weeks dude.

  14. Aunt Becky


  15. Tara R.

    Lotus is right. So many people will be feeling those same insecurities. But, it will be fine, it will be like hanging out with old friends, and those secrets will only be a knowing smile between you and them.

  16. flutter

    well, now aren’t you being poetically neurotic! Everyone will be too busy freaking out about their own crap to judge you. Trust.

  17. Lisa Rae @ smacksy

    You’ll definitely need to hang in the Serenity Suite.

  18. Pammer

    No one there knows my secrets. Besides, isn’t fun to make some more? That’s what NYC is all about.

    Hope to meet you.

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