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Holy Holy Elevator

It’s a little difficult publishing real-life posts lately, but I do enjoy fooling around with writing, mostly because it is relaxing, and I feel like a schoolkid doodling in a notebook.   So consider this a doodle.

Holy, Holy Elevator

Oh Lord, if these my final days
Of gray and cloudy weather
Take me to your Heaven’s Door
Aboard your Elevator.

I climb aboard; there is no fear
My hair has long been graying
I think I hear the Beatles
Ah yes, Muzak is a-playing.

I feel the gears are shifting
I tense to feel more steady
I hear the carriage lifting!
Oh, King, I am so ready!

Rising, Rising, Rising
We ride upwards so so high
I cannot tell you how or what
Or who or when or why.

Holy Holy Elevator
One button, one address.
I yearn to see my final home
And feel my wife’s caress.


  1. They say getting there is half the fun, but I’m hoping for a swift ride. The express elevator, if you will.

  2. i love the line “one button, one address.”

    It’s a really beautiful doodle, Neil.

  3. Very nice doodle indeed. My doodles used to involve penis flowers. I think I need therapy.

  4. Not sure I am getting in any elevators with you at Blogher.

  5. the very first poem i ever wrote was about elevators and escalators, both of which were discoveries i made during a trip to the “big” city of Halifax in second grade. i still remember most of the poem.

    yours is better.

  6. Can’t decide if it is more fun to go up or go down.

  7. I hope your elevator goes all the way to the top 😉

  8. You’re sweet, Neil. This is too.

  9. It’s curious what doodles reveal. Can you tackle penis flowers next? Those sound neat-o.

  10. I like this doodle, it meanders nicely

  11. I am not getting in any elevators with you at Blogher, okay?

  12. 2 things from my early morning “would be therapist” head….

    1. You always quantify your poetry….as doodles, etc. shouldn’t do that, my friend.

    2. an homage to your father in law? so very touching, funny, and kinda nostalgic. I
    know it has me thinking that I hope my husband would look forward to my embrace, rather than a break from my nagging.

  13. That was a pretty deep doodle. I wish I could doodle like that.

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